Oil Spill 2010 Will Be The World's Worst Ever And It Is All Caused By BP

BP's Criminal Man Made Diaster Is Causing Widespread Economic And Environmental Destruction The Likes Of Which Have Never Been Seen And Only BP Can Help Resolve

I know my title is scary, but it is better to hear it honestly like this since actually nothing has been done.   BP and all those associated with it including the federal government and Obama who took funds from BP and all the other guilty terrorist oil companies. 

This is a terrorist attack on the United States of America by the oil companies and our own government. 

 It will now be months before something can be done. BP says they will pay for the cleanup but this should have never happened in the first place. BP will not be able to pay for the cleanup unless gas prices rise to $5 a gallon . BP will claim the costs will bankrupt them if they have to pay for everything.  They are now talking about bankruptcy by the end of June.

Obama will do nothing except feign anger and hope just to get sympathy from the public and still do nothing. He needs to get his ass in gear and take charge completely or resign and let Joe Biden do nothing except spread the oil more.

They will still spend $50 million on ads on TV per week and give their shareholders $10 billion in dividends next week.

This will be a terrible disaster which the government and BP is helpless to control unless the broken pipe is nuked like they have done in russia six times already with perfect success without any problems at all. Or we will have to wait until around October to plug the well not August like BP says. They have to take their time doing this.

BP wants the government to take over then when the government screws it up like they will with healthcare then BP will come in like heros and they cannot be blamed anymore since they were just doing like our President says.

The oil spill which was caused by the oil companies greed to only have more and more profits without respect to human life or anything else except their own profits. I might agree sometimes money is nice but there is more to just having money. You have to think of disrupting peoples' lives and all life in the ocean. BP and all the other oil companies are just as greedy.

So far only BP has been caught being worse than a murderer who may only kill around seven people at the most usually. BP will kill much much more unfortunately.

This is not just BP's fault it is all of our faults for being so dependent on oil. Also the government is at fault since they were just watching online porn and not paying attention at all to things going around them. Also BP and others bribe them in many different ways.

Now it is time for the blame game. None of these companies involved - BP, Horizon. or Halliburton will take any blame. They are all blaming each other. They should man up and take the blame. Don't be like little bitches. Then just fix the problem and stop making excuses. Do they think they are Tiger Woods?

Now I heard that BP is saying it might bankrupt them so can they have a bailout to pay for their feeble attempt to clean up their mess! How dare they try this. They have a lot of nerve. Had they just done routine maintenance on a $4 part all of this would have easily avoided included the exploding oil rig. This in turn somehow made a fail safe not a fail safe. The Blow Out Preventer is not what it is. Just because they tell the government something is going to work. They lied because it did not and they had no plan if it did not work.

Someone forgot to do something and they will not fess up to it yet. In time all will come out. I suggest BP do some soul searching quickly and fire the cheap dude or dudes who tried to cut corners. Also let us arrest them and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

BP has been told this many times but like mine companies they forget to listen. They were not prepared for an oil spill this massive. It is also their fault since they want that oil money. I cannot blame them but just because everyone else before them does it still does not make it right.

I still do not know how those people sleep at night. I guess I do they just take a few Ambien and pass out.

I have heard it is a great buzz to take 2 or 3 Ambien or generic Ambien and then smoke a cigarette. Wow do people get dizzy! I guess that is why the President cannot stopped smoking. Hey someone should tell Obama do not smoke by an oil spill while on Ambien. He will not take full responsibility because he has to blame Bush. Bush seems to have done everything. Is Obama going to blame Bush for global warming so he will not have to do anything.

Back to the real problem if you have read to here this spill is the worst ever. It cannot be stopped for at least 4 months and that is only if everyday is used to the fullest possible extent. Also if the cheap drill bits keep breaking then they will have to retool from China and that will take an extra 3 months at least to retool. This is a mess for everyone from the oil companies and government who caused it to all of us who will be paying much higher prices for everything including gas at $5 a gallon soon.

Now they have to do something that they have done many times in the past but it takes time. Right now there is no time to waste, but they will because of costs.

They just have to find alternative energy now. Not later now!. This again shows if we just get off our addiction to oil we will save the planet. It will cause peace in the Middle East. We do not need oil... We are first Americans. WE CAN SURVIVE! It will just take sacrifices but it has to be done.

The problem will be the oil companies want money. Screw the public they will say. Our government will support them. The government says BP will pay, but who will pay for all of the jobs lost in the South at least and then it will head up north. All the seafood will come from other sources from now on until at least 10 years before it will be safe to eat again if ever.

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American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

poor misguided liberal, first of all the gulf naturaly seeps up to 3000 gallons of oil from the ocean floor, Yes Im sure BP one of the few oil companies who have spent millions going green and saving the environment (they thank you for your support in their time of need) did not want to lose a billion dollar rig nor their emloyees,! This is dangerous work! Beside you typical liberal, Did you write about the greedy mine owner that just killed several of your union workers! You libs love to hammer oil the only product that is saving Americas future right now but you seldom come down on your own. closing speaking of greedy didn't Goldmans make 3 BILLION dollars last quarter! arent they a liberal supporter of yours? write on them!

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

You are a liberal and a liar, but I heard you are a nice guy so I will educate you. Screw oil it is dangerous and expensive . Solar power is free you greedy conservative. By the way read my other hubs I of course have a hub about GOLDMAN SACKS. I plan to write about the greedy mine owner shortly. They killed more than a few union members. I love the unions you are right. The unions are America . How dare you be against unions? Are you a communist too?

Cathi Sutton profile image

Cathi Sutton 6 years ago

American Romance, would you PLEASE get off the 3000 gallons of oil the ocean seeps PER YEAR and wake up to the fact that way more than that is GUSHING from a BROKEN PIPE in the Gulf EVERY DAY! And would you please stop all the "liberal" blah, blah, blah? This isn't just a political issue. This is an environmental issue, that NO ONE has ever dealt with before.

So while you are spouting off about how green and wonderful BP is, tell me why they leased a rig from Transocean which had recieved inspection violation citations, concerning the EXACT PIECE OF EQUIPTMENT, the BLOWOUT PREVENTER, that failed in this manmade disaster. Yeah it was leased, so BP didn't OWN the "billion dollar", Deepwater Horizon rig. Transocean actually "lost" that rig.

I guess you have buried your head in the sand as to the very real consequences of this horrific disaster. You can chant "3000 gallons" until your *ss turns green, and that won't put one single fishing boat back into the Gulf. That won't save one single marine animal that's dead from this. And your warm and wonderful feelings toward BP sure as h*ll hasn't stopped the oil from continuing to contaminate the sea.

To tell you the simple truth, American Romance, you make me sick.

Great Hub bfishgold!

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 6 years ago Author

Thank you Cathi Sutton.

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