The Nobel Peace Price for President Obama

American President Receives Nobel Peace Prize

What is wrong with the President of the United States receiving the Nobel Peace Prize or any kind of positive award from an organization not located in the United States. I would think that we as Americans would be proud of any of our citizens that received these type of award. We can all say that he may not have done anything to deserve this award yet, but we should still be happy for him and the country.

I have been on the same job for over 25 years and I cannot tell you how many times someone has been promoted which I felt did not deserve the promotion. That does not mean that I do not congratulate the person. It is not like the President nominated himself for this award. Why are we so quick to act as though he put in for a job that he got which he did not deserve. It almost sounds like just sour grapes. 

What Are WeTeaching Our Children

I have lived in America all my life.  I was always taught by my mother that if you don't have anything to say good about someone, don't say anything at all.  We should really adhere to this motto in this instance.  How would you respond as a parent if your child came home and told you he received an award for best student on Friday.  You would congradulate him right.  Now on Monday he comes home and tell you that the school newspaper reported that he got the award but did not deserve the award.  What would you say?  What could you say if you are one of the people who was so outspoken about the President not deserving the Nobel Peace Prize.

We should really be careful about how and what we say when ever someone wins such a prestigious award and he is our President.  Our children learn by example.  We should be their biggest role models.  This is the worst kind of unsportmansmanlike conduct I have ever seen in the United States.  We may never know the reason the committee nominated President Obama for this award but we should be glad that he won.  To be anything other than glad in my opinion really is unpatriotic.  As so many people like to say the President should represent the United States, but when he wins an award that gives prestige to the Office of the Presidency we the people of America have the audacity to say he does not deserve this award.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  This for once is not something that should be looked upon as a black/white issue; Republican/Democrat issue, or male/female issue.  It should be celebrated as an American Issue.


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