The Power of Awareness

We can do better than this!
We can do better than this!
The world can be such a wonderful place.
The world can be such a wonderful place.
Stick your beak in and see what happens!
Stick your beak in and see what happens!

The Power of Awareness

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

If you are a devotee of my work or just someone who drops by occasionally, you will have notice a common thread in my writing. Whether I write an article, prose or poetry, there are ideals and beliefs that I simply cannot withhold from my thoughts and therefore my work. If you’ve read hubs such as ‘Shit happens, but why does it always happen to me’, or ‘Thought Structuring’, these repetitive thoughts are presented loud and clear.

The reason for my persistence is that I believe that much human misery can be averted with some basic understandings and by following some simple principles. Having experienced a perhaps eccentric life on one level, I have continuously sought to understand the complexities of life and how it all fits together. On this journey I have discovered many truths that I have experimented with and eventually applied to my life to better appreciate and utilise what we have all been afforded.

The first reality to grasp is that humanity is separated from other forms of life on earth by one fact only, the ability of reason. Because of this we have somehow bent the natural laws and in doing so have elevated ourselves to a position of power over life on earth. The natural or universal laws that govern life are based on balance. As Einstein expressed it ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ This law governs everything in life, balance the ultimate state of everything we know that exists. If it were possible to remove just one atom from the universe without affect, the fabric of the universe would collapse. Every particle, every organism, every animal, insect and habitat exists in a perfect state of balance, or is in flux to reach a state if balance.

This natural law that has been established on a scientific level, also dictates our power of reason, thought and action. What we think, say and do has an affect both mentally and physically on the outcomes of those actions and of the law that dictates balance and equilibrium. The state of the earth, the misery, confusion and destruction that man has created is all because of not understanding this simple, plausible principle.

If you knew that your thoughts were to create human misery, actual ramifications that could be seen and measured on a physical level, would you then want to change those thoughts? It is that simple. I give you an example; if you wake in a crappy mood and are negative about everything, spitting and generally be obnoxious, how does your day develop? It comes back at you with the same venom. Whether you see it as attraction or Karma or whatever, this is balance at work. Conversely, if you wake positive and apply that thinking to the world, you get it straight back, opening doors of opportunity and positive outcomes. This may sound simplistic, but we complicate everything when the answers are so often within reach and available. The trick is to change your thinking, to adapt your thoughts to more positive and affable ones, thus ensuring better outcomes. This idea supports the power of prayer, group belief and the power of change through the will of people.

It is not always easy to be aware of ones thinking. We are all subject to inner leanings, subconscious motivations and biases created by experience. If you are prepared to look at your thinking and become objective about where your responses come from, it won’t be long before your personal awareness soars. If we can become aware of our thoughts on a minute to minute basis, we can then make informed decisions about how we think and therefore what happens in our lives.

I believe that life is like a piece of woven fabric. On that fabric are certain designs that give purpose and meaning to our lives of learning and progression. But the embroidery with which we apply, their colours and designs, are the day-to-day experiences and responses to life we ourselves affect. We produce those designs, those details of our lives. Not God, not fate, but we alone are responsible for the detailed blueprint of our life experience. Perhaps the parameters are chosen but some Omniscient being, perhaps not, but I know we have far more control over our lives than we think.

In keeping with the balance, we as inhabitants of earth are collectively responsible for what is happening around us. We can complain, write to our congressman or whatever, but in the end it is our collective thinking that has brought us to this point. Blame is therefore irrelevant. If the people of the world wanted wars to cease, they would have. The authority that make such decisions make them with a consensus of opinion. If a country’s people rose to protest a conflict decision, the government would either bow to opinion or be throw out of power and replaced by a less aggressive government. You see we are all to blame for the mess we’re in, and we have the capacity to correct it.

I know it all sounds oversimplified and it is, because it is true. Collective thinking can change the world. The easiest way to disarm someone who is aggressive is to treat them with love and kindness. The negative cannot flourish within the positive. If you respond aggressively toward someone who is attacking you, you simply escalate the conflict. So you may say, what if a dictator invades another country, shouldn’t they be stopped to protect life, violence against violence. No, because you are propagating violence. Dictatorships exist through oppression. If the people stood up to the dictatorship, the sheer numbers would disarm that dictatorship and they would be replaced. It is the inaction of people that allows negative oppressors to take hold. Voiced resistance can disarm oppressors, but not by violence. As I said, collective thinking is a massive power that cannot easily be thwarted.

Think about this; we are all made of the same stuff, our existence a combination of atoms and molecules arranged in certain ways. A rock is just as alive as we are, from that viewpoint. Appreciating life from that perspective goes along way. Because we have reason, we assume that we are superior, but we are not, just different. What people call God, I call that spark that is the foundation of life, what created and holds a single atom together. Look what happens from splitting a single atom. The energy and life force within all of us, all things, is all powerful and miraculous. We as humanity need to change our perspective on life, so that we gain a respect that then prohibits our arrogant stance. We must learn to live with not destroy that which we don’t understand.

In conclusion, I have given some minor examples about how this law of balance works and I make no claim apart from saying that I believe it to be true. What I suggest is that you explore the possibility and discover for yourself what I have discovered. Awareness is something that will help you to understand not only yourself, your motivations and biases, but also how this world works. Gaining some control gives you the opportunity to make your life richer and follow a path that delivers what you want out of life, rather than be the victim of it. I wish you well.

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Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Thanks for reading pixienot, and all your kind words

Pixienot profile image

Pixienot 5 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana


Bravo! Excellent hub. I tend to think you have learned the art of talking to yourself in a positive way. I agree with Diana Lee.

What an awesome and refreshing approach to life and living.

Voted up, useful and awesome!

I loved the pictures!

Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Thanks for your comment, Diana.

Diana Lee profile image

Diana Lee 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

If only the world could see your way of thinking maybe peace could prevail. Good hub.

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