The Prime Minister is Right

The Prime Minister is Right

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani is right in refusing to submit to the judgement and to the persuasive demand, rather an obsession of the Supreme Court for the government to write ‘that famous letter’ which will undo the President of Pakistan. It will have satisfied the political acumen in the judges, never mind if it violated the letter and spirit of the constitution. It will also have satisfied the day dreamers and racier to the corridors of the assembly and the presidential palace and their ambushing at the Prime Ministerial post – the nibblers of morality, snarling for the last four years.

The issue is write a letter to the foreign court, since the country courts cannot try the President and when they tried for eleven years they failed to convict him because of lack of any erstwhile evidence.

Why this rush and sustained demand to force write a letter, it is to scuttle the PPP which has a simulation of opposition to the Talibanization. The rest of the parties, prominent among them the PMLN and the PTI and Jamat-e Islami and the Jamiat-e Ulma-e Pakistan have a unionist view with them. They, the Taliban want Wahabism in Pakistan, the graves flattened, the Imambara(s) demolished, and Shias killed, which to a limited extent the PPP resists. So the issue is religious bigotry rather than moralistic fair play or the issue of sixty million Dollars to be brought home from Asif Ali Zardari’s account to the coffers of the Pakistan government.

The constitution of a country is a contract between justice and decency and the will of the people of the country ruled by it. And each branch of the government, more so the judiciary is law bound to respect the constitution and conduct themselves by its wordings. But look at the judiciary, the clauses 2 and 3 of the article 248 say:

“No criminal proceedings whatsoever can be initiated or continued or process for arrest or imprisonment can be issued against the President in any court during the term of his office.”

And yet the judges demand that this has to be interpreted by them, construed, as they wish. What mockery they are making of the constitution and of the peoples’ will – the very basis they are ruled by.And the bold and righteous Prime Minister has turned down the fallaciousdemand to write the letter. Therefore he was convicted to thirty second of jail punishment. What misuse of authority by the judiciary! Have they no fear of the people and of God! The total power this universe has is of God and that backed by the people – His creation. But here the judiciary brings out the poem and verses of Khalil Gibran and they did not go to ask him whether to quote his verses coated by their malice.

The judiciary cannot bypass the article 248 and yet they are arm twisting of the nation to bypass it. And the myopic media and representatives of its faculties the like of Dr Danish of Sawal Yeh Haai TV show are crying hoarse to implement it. Has not their knowledge gone to the bed rocks of fallacies? Has not rationality been shut and locked in the room of prejudices. And are not the judges becoming exuberant with their verses and their myopic far sight, ruining the status and the standing of the country.

The Political parties on the short order of the court are gearing up to road march to the capital of Pakistan to force the Prime Minister leave the office and run to his home town. They are so dedicated to short sighted politics that they have forgotten, each word of prayer and worship. They use foul languages in which Rana Sanaullah and Shabaz Sharif have obtained PhDs. Woe to them for their mischief and for their love to edge in, in the corridors of power in Islamabad.

In all fairness the judges overruling the constitution of Pakistan should be tried in the court of law, it’s an open and shut case and they should be sent to jail terms according to their contribution to mischief. Or least they should be sent to schools of ethics in Najaf-e Ashraf and Qom to sit leg folded before the Aayetullahs there to learn of justice.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


16 May 2012

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Sparrowlet profile image

Sparrowlet 4 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

I don't know much about the politics of Pakistan, but your article was well written and I have a better insight into what is going on.

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