The Rosewood Massacre (1923): The Real Truth

Rosewood :Fiction & Fact


Between 1900 and 1964, there were 31 racially motivated riots initiated by white Americans and against Negroes (that's all I could find >>Link). One of those racially motivated incidences was the Rosewood (FL) riot on January 1st, 1923. Six days later an American mob burned the small predominantly Negro town. Regarding Wikipedia's version of the Rosewood riots, I would advise people to be on the qui vive and do your own due diligence research (Note: On Wikipedia, it states that in MacClenny, Fla. ..."whites removed four black men from jail, who were suspects accused of raping a white woman... and lynched them.". This is false. Here's what really happened >>LINK. Also, Wikipedia's version of what happened in Ocoee, Fla, ... is blatantly misleading. The real version is here >>LINK. )

Now let’s get to the 1923 Rosewood riots: Fiction & Fact

Fiction: The town of Rosewood (Florida) in 1923 was an entirely Negro town and boasted a population of about 300 or more.

Fact: In the book The Chronological History of the Negro, a far left-leaning, pro-integration recounting of Negro experiences from the 1700s and up until 1968, it describes Rosewood as “mostly Negro”, therefore, there were some Americans living in the community. The book also tells us there were “six buildings” burned down in the town (the town had just recently been vacated due to news of impending mob violence). And after the buildings were burned, then, a few days later, “the 12 remaining structures” were burned. The 12 structures were obviously residences (homes). Doing the simple math here, it tells us that most likely there were only seven to eight black families living in Rosewood, and maybe four to five white families. The typical black family back then would have consisted of about six or seven. That would put the black population of Rosewood at approximately 50 to 56, and the total number of adult black males at seven to eight - maybe nine. (Source: The Chronological History of the Negro - pg 407)

Note: Despite Wikipedia's claim, produced from someone I consider to be an unreliable source (African American Prof. of History, Maxine Jones), that Sumner and Rosewood had a combined population of "344 blacks and 294 whites", there is no existing census data that I could find to support this claim. Rosewood shared a census tract with Sumner, so there is no way of knowing exactly how many people (White or Black) lived in Rosewood. However, the "12 structures", or homes, in Rosewood gives a pretty accurate clue. Assuming the 12 homes were the total number of homes in Rosewood, Americans were said to be less than half of the Negro population in Rosewood. That would put the American population at maybe 30 to 40 (4 or 5 families) ... So, taking the high number of Negroes - 56 - and adding to it the high number of Americans - 40 - that would make the total Rosewood population about 95 people. (Of further note ... There is no way to find out if all 12 homes in Rosewood were actually occupied January 1, 1923).


Fiction: From Wikipedia: "South, Florida had imposed legal racial segregation under Jim Crow laws, requiring separate black and white public facilities and transportation.[6] Blacks and whites created their own community centers: in 1920, the residents of Rosewood were mostly self-sufficient. They had three churches, a school, a large Masonic Hall, a turpentine mill, a sugarcane mill, a baseball team named the Rosewood Stars, and two general stores, one of which was white-owned."

Fact : "Jim Crow laws" : South Florida, as well as the entire country, was actually operating under Plessy v. Ferguson (1896 Supreme Court decision allowing for the separation of the races). One distinct people living separate from another distinct people was the established norm in America at that time. It was also the established norm throughout human history. i.e. American society as well as all societies in human history were structured under Historical Group Recognition (HGR). Blacks were a free people, free to build their own towns, cities, industries, or, if they truly felt oppressed, they were completely free to colonize a place in the vast expanse of unsettled land in America (e.g. like the Mormons). Regarding the buildings in Rosewood, this has already been covered. There were "six buildings" burned ... the "six" being the total structures in Rosewood that were not homes. The quote above indicates there were nine structures in Rosewood that were non-residences. The existing structures in Rosewood at that time were:: Two churches (white and black); two schools (white and black); a likely abandoned turpentine mill ; and only one daily operating business, which was the general store operated by a white male (John Wright).


Fiction: Mrs. Sarah Carrier (Negro-American) worked as a maid/ laundress for Mrs. Fannie Taylor and was going to Mrs. Taylor's home (with her 7-year-old daughter Philomena) on the day of the assault. As Mrs. Carrier was approaching the Taylor home on that fateful day, she witnessed a "white guy" exiting Mrs. Taylor's premises. Many years later, Philomena told her son, Arnett Doctor, that she also had seen the white guy that day coming out of Mrs. Taylor's home. Arnett Doctor then gave this information to freelance (unemployed?) reporter Gary Moore. Moore then wrote a revised version to the Rosewood riots in 1982, claiming the white guy was actually a secret lover of Mrs. Fannie Taylor and it was he who assaulted his lover (Fannie Taylor)...then fled the premises toward Rosewood - hoping he could escape the county before the sheriff and a posse caught up with him.

Fact: Unfortunately, there is no way of finding out the truth as to whether Sara Carrier (with her daughter Philomena) was in Sumner on the day of the assault, or even if she worked as a maid/laundress for the Taylors. And we'll also ignore here whether the Taylors could even afford a maid/laundress (Mr. Taylor likely worked, like most men in the area, at the sawmill in Sumner for about $1.00 a day). But let's consider this: The revised version of the Rosewood incident first appeared in 1982 (created by freelance reporter Gary Moore, who used as far as I know, only one source, which was Philomena Goins' future son, Arnett Doctor)). The revised version alleges Fannie Taylor had a "white lover" and it was he who did the violence to her - not the Negro escaped convict. However, in order for the revised version to work, the revisionists had to have an eyewitness to the "white lover". Sarah Carrier and her 7-year-old daughter Philomena are - magically - added to the scene as eyewitnesses ... who allegedly watched as the white lover left Mrs. Taylors home on the day of the assault. This is just way too coincidental for me to buy into. Also, add the fact that there is no logical reason for Fannie Taylor's white lover to be fleeing for his dear life (just because he struck his lover in a quarrel?). This makes the "white lover" version too unbelievable. Finally, here's what Philomena Goins Doctor had to say about her son and Gary Moore's 'new' version to Rosewood:

" [Philomena] ... called her family members [after watching 60 Minutes recreate Arnett Doctor and Gary Moore's new version of Rosewood] and declared Moore's story and Ed Bradley's television exposé were full of lies." (Source:: Michael D'Orso: Like Judgement Day: The Ruin of a Town Called Rosewood - pg 79-80)

What more needs to be said about Arnett Doctor and Gary Moore's 'new' version to Rosewood? Also of interest here... is why Gary Moore didn't go straight to the source for the Rosewood incident ? i.e. Philomena Goins. Well, the above quote from Philomena gives a clue, doesn't it?

Bottom line:: The alleged affair in the new version is simply not to be believed.

Fiction: Six Negroes, perhaps many more, were murdered -- many of them being lynched. Also, sadistic white people actually cut off body parts of the blacks and took them home for souvenirs.

Fact: According to the book Chronological History of The Negro, as well as every legitimate newspaper account of the incident at that time, and all the way up to 1982, four Negroes died:: two adult males and two adult females. Also. no legitimate source up until 1982 reporting on the Rosewood incident claimed any of the four Negro victims were dismembered for souvenir body parts, or that anyone had been lynched (hanged). The expanding of black victims, the souvenir body parts and the lynchings all magically appear after 1982.

Note: One newspaper account indicates that another black male, James Carrier, was murdered by white males after the second riot. They accused him of an unknown offense. source

Day 1, Jan.1st : (virtually all Internet sites agree here) A couple hours after the assault on Fannie Taylor, an American posse with bloodhounds tracked a scent from Fannie Taylor's home in Sumner to the home of a Negro male, Sam Carter. This piece of information, which is beyond dispute, is of vital importance. Where did the bloodhounds get the scent they tracked to Mr. Carter’s home? They got that scent from the clothes of Fannie Taylor ... which the Negro male left when he physically assaulted her. The bloodhounds, which can track a human scent up to 36 hours after it was left, had no trouble tracking the scent to the residence of Mr. Carter. At Mr. Carter's home is where the scent stopped. The group of armed Americans, ergo, believed Mr. Carter had met with and aided the fugitive to escape by wagon. A rope was tied around Mr. Carter's neck and he was threatened with being hanged if he didn't reveal what he knew. However, Mr. Carter remained uncooperative and, much to the consternation of the posse, an American (unknown ) shot and killed him with a single gunshot to the body (or head). Mr. Carter was left where he fell and the mob moved on (Mr. Carter was NOT hung).

From the official coroner's jury inquest, 1923:
"We the Jury after the examination of the said Sam Carter who being found lying Dead, find that the said Sam Carter came to his Death by being shot by Unknown Party so say we all."

Day 2, Jan 4th : (virtually all Internet sites agree here) In the evening hours, hearing rumors that the fugitive was at a house in Rosewood, a small group of armed Americans (no way of unknowing how many) descended on the home of Mrs. Sarah Carrier. Two American males went to the front door and knocked loudly, demanding everyone inside come out. NOTE: What happen next is the most important related to the mob attacks on Rosewood. The two white males who knocked on the Carrier's front door were in fact gunned down. And it was this incident that set the stage for the torching of Rosewood.

Most Likely scenario: Two American males knocked on the door of Mrs. Sarah Carrier's home and demanded everyone inside come out. The fugitive, Jesse Hunter, was inside and likely holding a gun on Mrs. Carrier (And how did Jesse Hunter get to the Carrier's home? There is only one way he could have got there. Sam Carter [who was earlier gunned down] took him there by wagon to hide him). When Mrs. Carrier opened the door the fugitive ambushed the two posse members, shooting them at pointblank range. Gunfire immediately erupted from the posse and Mrs. Carrier was killed in a hail of bullets. The fugitive was also mortally wounded, however, he still returned fire. After a period of time the posse members, running low or out of ammunition, and also not sure if the person in the home who had been shooting at them was actually dead, decided to leave and return the next day. Upon returning the following day the two dead posse members are claimed; and also found dead inside the Carrier home are a Negro male and Sarah Carrier.

There is no known source that positively identified the Negro male found dead in the Carrier home. The new version to the Rosewood riots claims that the victim was Sylvester Carrier (the old version assumed the dead person was the fugitive Jesse Hunter). The new version states that the two white males who approached the Carrier home, kicked down the front door. The two white males then, starring at a helpless and frightened Sarah Carrier, and for no reason whatsoever, simply gunned her down (hint, because they were racists). Sylvester then, to avenge the death of his mother, retaliated by gunning down the two white males; and the posse then retaliated by killing him. However, it is Arnett Doctor himself, and ironically, that seems to verify the original version (i.e. refute his own revised version). "Arnett Doctor [son of Philomena Goins Doctor - whose grandmother was Mrs. Carrier and killed by the posse], in his interview for the report given to the Florida Board of Regents, claimed that his mother received Christmas cards from Sylvester Carrier until 1964" >>>> Ergo, Sylvester Carrier was alive and well after the Rosewood incident. In other words, he was not the black male lying dead in the house with Sarah Carrier.

Day 3, Jan. 5th. : (virtually all Internet sites agree here) A large group of Americans (no way of knowing how many) set fire to six buildings in Rosewood. These were not homes. No person (Negro or American) was killed or injured in this incident.

Day 4,
Jan. 7th : (virtually all Internet sites agree here) To avenge the slaughter of the two American males, Americans from nearby towns gathered in Rosewood and burned the remaining 12 structures - specifically the 12 homes in Rosewood.

Note: Wikipedea’s version states that a black male was “shot in the face” and then “hung…”. This alleged incident is another of the many that appear for the first time after 1982. However, NO credible evidence - that I can find - exists to support this claim.


Fiction: One Negro is known to have been forced to dig is own grave before he was killed. Another Negro male, minding his own business and doing some hunting, was gunned down when he was spotted by some white males while they were driving to Rosewood (Jan.7th).

Fact: There is NO existing credible evidence that a Negro male (some claim his name was Mingo Williams) was gunned down by a group of Americans who were on their way to Rosewood to burn it. James Carrier was said to be the one forced to dig his own grave. Again, American's retaliated against him after the burning of Rosewood. He was killed for unknown reason(s). Most likely they blamed him for the death of the two American posse members.


Fiction: All the Negroes who formerly lived in Rosewood had remained silent about the mob attack over all those years (1923 to 1982) because they decided (by collective telepathy?) that it was just such a terrible event ...that they would all just blot it out from their memories.

Fact: When news of impending mob violence reached Rosewood all Negroes fled the small town, with the exception of Mrs. Carrier , a couple young kids (actual number unknown) and the fugitive (Jesse Hunter), who was holed up in Mrs. Carrier's home. Since Mrs. Carrier and the fugitive died in a hail of gunfire from the posse, and the kids were too young to actually recall what happened, there were no other Negroes left in the tiny town as eyewitnesses to report on the incident.


So let’s sum up what we have as to the true & ironclad facts concerning Rosewood:

1. Fannie Taylor, an American female, was attacked and beat-up by a Negro-American male.

2. The most likely perpetrator of the attack was Jesse Hunter, who had just escaped from a nearby prison work-crew.

3. According to the book Chronological History of the Negro (published in 1969), and whose sources are newspaper accounts from the Rosewood riots period, stated "four Negroes and two white people were killed." Only ONE Negro male (Mr. Sam Carter) is known to have been deliberately shot and killed by someone who was certainly an American (white). Three more Negroes, Mrs. Sarah Carrier, fugitive Jesse Hunter, and Miss Lexie Gordon, were also killed. Mrs.Sarah Carrier and Jesse Hunter died in the Carrier home from a hail of gunfire from the posse ... after two posse members were murdered. The other Negro female, Lexie Gordon, stricken with typhoid fever and bedridden, died by fire or smoke inhalation when her home was set afire.

4. Because a Negro-American killed two [white] posse members, this caused a fury among the local American population, and they took out their rage against the physical structures belonging to Negroes in Rosewood: six buildings and 12 Negro homes were burned.

5. Mr. Sylvester Carrier, whose mother died inside their home, presumably in a hail of gunfire after the killing of the two posse members, according to his nephew, Arnett Doctor, Sylvester was still alive after the Rosewood incident. Arnett Doctor claimed in his interview for the report given to the Florida Board of Regents, their family received Christmas cards from Sylvester many years after the incident (until 1964).

>>>> Proof that Sylvester Carrier was NOT defending his house against white males breaking his door down: "Arnett Doctor [son of Philomena Goins Doctor - whose grandmother was Mrs. Carrier and killed by the posse], in his interview for the report given to the Florida Board of Regents, claimed that his mother received Christmas cards from Sylvester Carrier until 1964" <<<< Ergo, Sylvester Carrier was alive and well after the Rosewood incident. In other words, he was not the black male lying dead in the house with Sarah Carrier. (notes)

So who was the dead male on the floor with Mrs. Carrier? It had to be the Negro fugitive Jesse Hunter.

6. Two other deaths allegedly related to the Rosewood burning were added after 1982 - likely so those surviving family members could cash in on any settlement that was in the works.

7. The new version to the Rosewood incident was created in 1982 by a freelance reporter, (white male) Gary Moore. Moore relied on Arnett Doctor as his only source. Arnett was the son of Philomena Goins Doctor, who was 7-years-old at the time of the Rosewood incident. Arnett claimed that his mother told him all about the Rosewood incident. Really?

QUESTION (which apparently no one has ever bothered to ask Gary Moore): Once Moore heard the "new" version to the Rosewood incident, and from from a source (Arnett Doctor) who was not even alive during the event, why didn't Moore go STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE? In other words, why didn't Moore verify Arnett's new version with his mother - who was still very much alive. Why? Read below...

" [Philomena Goins] Doctor called her family members [after watching 60 Minutes recreate Arnett Doctor and Gary Moore's new version of Rosewood] and declared Moore's story and Ed Bradley's television exposé were full of lies." Source:: Michael D'Orso: Like Judgement Day: The Ruin of a Town Called Rosewood - pg 79-80)


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platinumOwl4 profile image

platinumOwl4 5 years ago

First of all I don't think you were alive in 1923 therefore everything you state in base on what you wish to believe. The majority of what you present is nothing more that speculation and innuendos. And what makes you believe you are an authority on this incident? Your article indicates a person in need of attention.

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 5 years ago Author

The facts I've states are facts. I've read all available material on this black male massacre/atrocity. I have also given sources.

And where I speculate I make it clear that that is what I'm doing. Since this event happened so long ago, and almost all of the "facts" were derived for the minds of children, common sense has to be used to filter out the bias and the embellishments.

Re-read my 6 summation points - "the true & ironclad facts concerning Rosewood".

platinumOwl4 profile image

platinumOwl4 5 years ago

Even it black males committed any crimes at all it would not overshadow the crimes committed against them for approximately 400 years. and to use your expression, not in human history has any human allowed another human to continuously abuse them with out eventually reacting violently. If you provoke a canine long enough you will reap the consequences.

me1 4 years ago


Brian 4 years ago

my aunt was married to a mr meldon hogan a life long levy county resident born in 1899. I was working for the st petersburg times as a newspaper carrier when the story broke. after much prodding he started telling me what happened, and he pretty much verified what the newspaper was writing, he said that the boys had been drinking most of them were drunk when they approached him and asked him to go with them to make things right he declined he said he knew that they were going to get in trouble. also who ever wrote this shit unless your native american quit refering to yourself or any other person of european decent as american, my grandmother was native american.

Guest32 4 years ago

I read through this version and I don't see anywhere the claim that Jesse Hunter RAPED ANYONE. All I see is that Jesse Hunter was an escaped fugitive who logically needed a place to hide and would most likely want to grab a bite to eat as well.

And the "racist" blood-hounds of the 1920s agreed with that version of events.

From the moment I saw the very racist riot-provoking downright obnoxious full of hate piece of garbage movie based on this incident, I wondered when/where it was ever proven that a black man did NOT beat up Fanny Taylor, and sure enough, that was never proven anywhere. Everyone here just wants to believe she was a lying b*tch so they can continue hating white people and killing them at a rate 22 times more often than they murder black people.

Go ahead and be offended by common sense and logic you racist haters. I am extremely offended by your hateful racist rewriting of history in your movies to fit your victim mentality and then shoving that crap on our schoolkids, both black and white, selling it as fact. No the writer of this blog was not there and guess what: NEITHER WERE ANY OF YOU!!! But I guess it must relieve your conscience when you torture and burn innocent white kids like Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian and when you drag an innocent man like Reginald Denny from his truck and permanently dent his skull in with a fire extinguisher, to know that in your own produced movies you are always innocent and it is only whitey's lies that make you ever appear guilty.

I hope every white moron who participated in that hateful movie against white Americans gets raped for real by ALL of you. They need to learn to research their history before they agree to appear in a movie acting such atrocities out. So be my guest and search those whites out and get your "payback".

Rosewood Fact vs Fiction 4 years ago

Its sad that there is still so much speculation about an event that obviously happened. Do I believe a white man assaulted ms taylor? Yes and no way white people who still were allowed to lynch blacks without any consequences not do so! And of course its true ms taylor lied and this what started the riot. There indeed were white men killed but black men, and women were mssacre

phil 4 years ago

good read. food for thought. i'm not buying into all the online versions of this event. common sense says it's closer to what you wrote. again, good work here.

weusi2 4 years ago

If the events of the Rosewood Massacre of 1923 is not true, then why did the Florida House of Representatives grant reparations to the Rosewood families? The OP is just another classic example of a racist bigot trying to distort the truth. I guess he can't handle the fact that their were good white men back in 1923 that stood up to the Ku Klux Klan and wasn't going for their racist BS. R.I.P. to all the victims, black or white, that lost their lives to pure evil.

Hello1 4 years ago

First and foremost... I would like to say that I can't understand why It is so important for someone to go through the trouble of trying to rewrite history and slander people that aren't here to debate fact or fiction. What is even more disturbing is that reading through the blogs that there are some writers here that are offended by others who disagree with the blog. Why is it ok for Blacks, African Americans, Colored what ever you wanna say (you really wanna say nigga don't ya) to die? but when its noted died innocently by the hands of white ppl this upsets you but you wanna bring up genoicde? Lynching Happened! Rosewood was just one of many stories just face it. Then someone mentioned a victim mentality ? Yeah right only an impotent genius could even dream that up? to who ever said that. You know good and well when you broke your moms vase you blamed it on the dog or your little sister you didn't own up to it. The same way its so easy to blame Jesse Hunter... Why because its easier to blame it on a nigga than to reveal the truth just like the character Aunt Sarah in the movie said the word nigga meant guilty. I'm glad now it means Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. To the writer of this blog You get an "E" for Effort and a "T" for nice try. And to everyone else think for yourself and realize right from wrong like your parents should have taught you. Don't fall for the bullshit.Let Go and Let God the world is bigger than black and white but its just that simple. I am glad I read this it just lets me know that there must still be white only and colored only places in this age of information some people are just mentally dead in 2012 of all places. What the hell would y'all do if there were aliens...smdh

Breanna 4 years ago

You're reasearch paper is obsured. I strongly Disagree with you're scenarios. I do not think that the newly found story of the 1923 Rosewood Massacure is a lie, In fact i beleive that The Lady was Raped by the "SECRECT LOVER" and instead of facing the pain of being ashamed because he beat her she made up the story and caused alot of lives to be lost. I really would suggest that you go Back over you're reasearch paper and think over some of the scenarios that you came up with. But in the mean time you should keep you're mouth shut and talk only what you have proven to be true. Tbh I think you need "SPECIAL HELP"

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 4 years ago Author

The "secret white lover" makes no sense. Again, no plausible scenario can be created to explain away the white guy 'fleeing for his life'. If the white guy was Fanny Taylor's "secrete" lover, why flee at all? No one knows he's involved in an affair, right? He could have easily gone to a local restaurant. Also, when Fanny Taylor does report the incident, she has to know that the sheriff is going to go after him, and likely with a posse. The LAST thing Fanny would want is for her "white lover " to get caught. That would reveal to everyone - including her husband- she is having an affair. The "white lover" version, invented by freelance journalist (white male) Gary Moore in 1982, under analysis, makes no sense.

Finally, and the CLINCHER, who was the black male lying dead with Mrs. Carrier in her house? It wasn't her son, Sylvester. It had to be black male Jesse Hunter.

Lylakoimoon 4 years ago

While I believe the movie is a bogus piece of crap, I also believe that you ,Sir(?),are a racist. I was looking for a real account of the events because I wanted to know if Sylvester Carrier survived. The movie was tripe and while my husband enjoyed it immensely I was skeptical (my husband is white and I'm black). I came across your website and couldn't believe what I read here although I shouldn't be surprised since I live in Texas and I've seen this type of smoldering racism my whole life. The link that you put in the first paragraph of this article goes back to a blog and then ANOTHER blog that you host and not to a credible source!!!!!! What the hell is that??? I don't understand...I'm all for people debunking bullshit but you are just spewing more. You don't know for sure what happened and your shoddy detective work is atrocious. It's OK to speculate about what you THINK happened but when you start believing or wanting others to believe your bullshit over the other bullshit, it becomes the same thing, BULLSHIT. Why can't you (or anybody else BLACK AND WHITE) try to look at situations like this with no bias. I do not understand this. Who the hell knows what happened??? All we can go on is this: It was 1923 and black people in 1923 were NOT popular by any means. At that time it had only been 58 years since slavery ended. FIFTY EIGHT years. If white people can't stand blacks today then what do you think it was like then. Also, remember Emmett Till (you do know who that was right???) he just whistled at a white woman (if he even did that) and he died a horrible death in 1955. If you can so flippantly debunk this account without having any kind of credible source or going on bogus statistics, what do you think they did back then? Do you think they actually sat down and asked questions civilly? HAHAHAHA then you are living in a very fantastical white washed world. Open your eyes and start listening to the other side. Set aside your racist ideology for about 15 minutes and maybe you will learn something about yourself and black people.

Lisa-In-Dyer profile image

Lisa-In-Dyer 4 years ago

This was a good read. I think I saw the movie with my boyfriend. Anyhow, I'm surprised that you're getting mean comments. What happened to people believing in journalistic freedom in America? You seem to have done some good research. Your writing skills are also very good. I'm not political at all, so I'm not going to get into the politics of this thing. I'm glad I wasn't around to see it.

Joe 4 years ago

Sir(?), I think you did a good job on this article. I just finished reading wikipedia and much of it does seems far fetched. The part about Philomena Goins claiming her son and Moore's version were "full of lies" say volumns!

Margaret 3 years ago

This 'article' is biased and provocative racism. You, sir, was not alive when the Rosewood massacre happened, so how are your claims 'facts'? What 1st-hand accounts or interviews have you made that makes your version more credible than Hollywood's? You claim that Maxine Jones research is not credible; she is an associate professor at the University of Florida. What are your academic credentials, sir? This post spews nearly 100 years of perpetual hatred, ignorance, continued blindness about what race relationships were like in America. Also, you discredit Wikipedia like you are making some astute discovery. Every legitimate college graduate already knows that Wikipedia is not a reputable source of information!! While your writing skills may be grammatically skillful, your logic about this topic leaves a wide berth in need of rectification.

sankofa 3 years ago

Your intent and true thoughts about the people involved in this incident are very clear when you refer to the "African-Americans" and the "Americans." This article was not written to inform but instead to continue to deny history. the stench of hatred is a prominent as the "Americans" that claim that the holocaust did not happen. SMH.

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 3 years ago Author

"Your intent and true thoughts about the people involved in this incident are very clear when you refer to the "African-Americans" and the "Americans." "

I explain my reasoning for this in HUB#1::

Bobby 3 years ago

Perhaps you need to do a little more research first before you deny the facts sir.

James "Jim" Carrier death cert:

Sylvester Carrier death cert:

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 3 years ago Author

Oh C'Mon! You have got to be kidding me. Right? Show me a legitimate death certificate. Anyone can create a website. If I had to take a stab at who is responsible for creating those phony death notices, Id say it was Maxine Jones - the same person who is trying to sell that phony pic at the top of my blog here as a legit photo of the burned Carrier home. BTW, sir, if you actually believe the source you gave me (family search), I've got the exclusive title to to Golden Gate Bridge that I'd like to sell you.

One final thought. The principle creator of the 'new' version to Rosewood, Arnett Doctor, who was born sometime in the 1940s, it was he who in his interview for the report given to the Florida Board of Regents and, under oath, claimed "that his mother [Philomena] received Christmas cards from Sylvester Carrier until 1964. " This is ironclad proof Sylvester was not the dead black male lying next to Mrs. Carrier. So who was that dead black man? Had to be the fugitive who assaulted Fannie Taylor, Jesse Hunter.

Mimi 3 years ago

This is so ridiculous. How can you claim that since there were children that were witnesses that they had no common sense? Have you EVER been through a traumatic event at a young age like 7 or even 10? It sticks with you for life! Especially since NON OF US have gone through an event like that? How are you to say its not true? Of course Sylester Carrier never died. But in the paper, six blacks died and even if Jesse Hunter had been there, he definitely wasn't among the six. There is actually no proof of his escape in the first place. And in actuality, the SURVIVORS claim that way more than six died, between 40 and 150. Of course, the number is unsure of but I'm pretty sure a child can recall if more than six people died and if their town was completely burnt down! Bogus picture or not, it happened! It's obvious you're racist, and maybe Republican so it's fine to speculate. But don't you dare call your accusations facts! Whether they come from sources, which are probably also racist, or not! Yeah, maybe you're some educated college professor who's into politics but you can't call anything you're saying facts because this is not your story to tell. Next time you wanna research a topic like this, I suggest you go to the descendants of the people that went through it. Because they're the only legitimate proof you can ever have.

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 3 years ago Author

Never said Fannie Taylor was raped.

QUOTE: "Philomina Goins invented the "White lover" to separate the black community from ANY wrong doing, "

Gary Moore and Arnett Doctor invented the "white lover" version.

Mark W Webster 2 years ago

When I was a child, before integration, restrooms were designated 'White Men', 'White Women', and 'Negro Men', Negro Women'. The word 'Negro' was used because 'Black' was derogatory, the opinion of that time was that most Negros were shades of brown, apparently they have gotten blacker since then.

JesusLovesYouALL 2 years ago

@s leretseh

Bless your heart. I will pray for you and those whose hearts are filled with so much hate. It's 2014. We are all Americans. If you pay attention to the beginning of the movie, it says "Based on a true story." It is neither categorized as a documentary nor a biography. Furthermore, there was more than one source used. I am not mad at you. It is obvious you, as well as several others, are very angry amateur journalists. Regardless of the details, there used to be a town named Rosewood in Florida. It was full of self sufficient African Americans. Something quite awful happened there and erased a town. It wasn't the 1st time. There was the Trail of Tears and the Tulsa riots just to name a few. America has a very dark sick history that continues today whether we like it our not. So sad.

Love is the answer...1 Cor 13

St.James 2 years ago

It maybe 2014 but nothing has change.... after seeing this movie and doing research for my class assignment, I am highly skeptical of the information that this individual has posted. It appears the writer might be of European descent. As far as I am concern they are not to be believe on anything regarding history. African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and other races, have suffered at their hands. I can honestly say I am not saddened when I here of tragedies in their community. It is what Malcolm X called....chickens coming home to roost.

kimmy 2 years ago

This is some bullshit....she was a lieing white whore and even if the person wt did assault her was black...INNOCENT WOMAN AND CHILDREN suffer its not right and to think these kids wouldn't remember seeing there family members hanging from a tree....tuhhh damn the money something tragic happen to them to make them scared to talk about wat happen. ..

artie 2 years ago

It is quite obvious that this author is racist. Why do I believe this? Well, very simple. Every time he mentions the possible population of the town of Rosewood, he states there might be up to 56 negros and the rest are Americans. Last time I checked, the color of your skin or the race that you are has NOTHING to do with being an American. With statements like these, how can I believe the rest of your story. Oh, btw, not that it matters, but I'm an American who happens to be white or for the pc crowd Caucasian.

Idk 2 years ago

Just curious... So White Jewish males aren't American?

Cherylp 20 months ago

I notice that the whites are mentioned or called americans and the blacks are not. What's up woth that? So that in itself appears racial to me. Black were and are americans.

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 20 months ago Author


The group designation for African-Americans prior to forced integration (1964)...was Negro. The recognized 'Americans" from 1790 to 1964...were White Christian males and, throughout THAT time period (1790 to 1964), they (( white Christian males)) created ALL the political & economic arenas in America .

White Christians - INCREDIBLY- surrendered their American identity in 1964 with the compulsory integration law (Civil Rights Act). The Romans (i.e. Caracalla in AD 212) did the same thing. The Roman Empire lasted another 70 years. NOTE: My profile gives a more in-depth explanation...

venusfly 19 months ago

i never write on a post but the urge is to overwhelming! the fact that there are actually people feeding into this article is disturbing. all i see is a person trying very hard to down play the crimes of his ancestors, fact of the matter is 40 to 150 people were murdered. who assaulted fannie? who knows? what i do know is if you come over and beat up my husband 40 to 150 white americans will not pay for your crime!!!! everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that i could tell you something and by the time it hits the 10th person the story will be changed (you do no magic be gone)but main factors will survive. people like yourself are the reason why these types of things happen anyway. own up to the fact that this horrible event took place, the who and why does not matter!

once again 40 to 150 people a large majority african american who took no part in fannies affair were murdered. i in no way hold the aurtor of this trash responsible for those deaths. stop trying so hard to discredit this horrible event

stu 18 months ago

Mr. leretshe,don't let angry blacks get to you.

I think this article of your is well written and well researched. I agree with it. The summation points make it pretty clear the mob was after Jesse Hunter. I remember reading an online newspaper account of this incident. It stated that the mob was after Jesse Hunter (negro). It also stated that there were 4 negroes killed. And one negro was killed after the riot - just as you state above.

10 months ago

I am a college profession in Illinois. I went on a dig in 2001, in what was "left" of Rosewood. The dig showed the mass grave where over twenty African Americans were buried, all killed by violent means. Of course the Hollywood movie exaggerates the story. But the bottom line this happened and historical evidence proves that outcome. And for those of you who claim that this article is "well researched" notice they have one source. I would fail any student black or white that wrote a research paper with one source. Also no historical records exist that indicate that a 'Jess Hunter" ever existed. Of course don't let fact interfere with your blind hatred. Just remember Global warming is a hoax, those in the science community have based this conclusion on emotion like you, not science. In other words, learn how to read.

Mark Webster 6 months ago

I don't know your connection to Rosewood and it is refreshing to find a point of view different from what main stream media is trying to hype. My grandpa worked at the Cummer sawmill in Sumner and I live in Sumner which gives me a different perspective of the event. The Rosewood 'Massacre' was a race riot perpetrated by drunks spurred by KKK sentiments but there were other underlying causes. Prior to the incident interaction between the two communities were amicable but resentment was building as Rosewood decayed from its former glory while Sumner was enjoying a measure of prosperity from business created by the Cummer sawmill. The mill was the source of the problem. The major industry of Rosewood prior to the riot was turpintine refined from sap taken from the yellow pine trees. The (black)Goins family of Rosewood that ran the business couldn't compete with the (white)Cummer corporation when it moved to the area in 1910 that was buying or leasing land that was formerly used for turpintine production. When the Goins family left they took the remaining wealth of Rosewood with them leaving the community a virtual slum mostly comprised of abandoned buildings. The decay of Rosewood bred undesirable elements into the community that the 'mob' intended to eliminate using the 'search' for Jesse Hunter as an excuse. It is often mentioned that Rosewood had a black and a white population, the fact that Sumner also had a black and a white population is overlooked. Sumner was the base camp for the mob but none of the black residents of Sumner were accosted and none were interviewed for Mr. Moore's book. The mill superintendant, Mr. Pillsbury, had his white workers stand guard to keep the mob off mill property so that the mill continued to operate through the entire affair, and for years afterwards, using black labor. The riot wasn't against all black people, only one family was targeted, a family with a documented criminal past. Sarah Carrier was suspected of casing houses for her son and nephew to rob, the 'White Lover' was invented to throw people off the real track. There weren't any lynchings, although Aaron Carrier had a rope tied around his neck and was draggecd behind a car, he survived the attack. Sam Carter was tortured but not hung and was shot, his body left lying in the road. There isn't a mass grave, there are about a dozen graves in the 'Black cemetery', three with headstones. The official body count for the entire affair of eight is probably correct, missing people have names, and nobody is named as missing except Sylvester Carrier and Jesse Hunter. Sylvester is the male body found in the Carrier house and Jesse Hunter wasn't ever here. The first set of dogs were just hunting dogs, by the time the official Bloodhounds arrived the area had been compomised from activity and bad weather made them useless. I understand your definition of American to differentiate between the two groups but voting rights don't exclude people from being Americans, children and wives of voting citizens were accepted as 'Americans' and by extrapolation slaves and free blacks were also accepted as Americans before they gained sufferage. Americans of European decent and Americans of African decent is cumbersome, people born in America are Americans regardless of where their ancestors came from. I grew up in segregated America, the accepted terms were 'White' and 'Negro', as was clearly labeled on public restrooms. History doesn't change, just the way people write about it changes the way we think it was. Most people don't want the truth, it exposes the skeletons in the closet.

L. Cook 5 months ago

It is amazing to me, how so many white Americans down play the many atrocities that have occurred to people of color. Whether it was four people killed or 100 people, these were human lives. It does not matter if they were black, brown, yellow or polk-a-dotted. These where human lives. To Mark Webster, in-spite of this unproven allegation about Sarah Carrier, why would anybody deserve to be shot in cold blood? Have some regard for human life and what is right. Do not justify this atrocity. This mob of people were monsters. They killed these people, ran the survivors of their land and now whites occupy the land. How can this be justified? Were the survivors, who were mostly all children, liars? Be a lover of truth. America has a dark history when it comes to the mistreatment and prejudice to people of color. It still continues today.

Lerayne59 4 months ago

To the author. It appears you took some time, and gave a great deal of thought to your fact vs. fiction accounting on the Rosewood Massacre, so as to trivialize the horrors and atrocities committed upon a black community, no matter what size it actually was.

However, I find your summation, somewhat self-serving. From the stories account, there was a Sheriff Robert Elias Walker in charge of the investigation. Apparently Walker called upon some citizens and duly deputized them to assist in the search of the "alleged" suspect.

Now what I find interesting about your fact vs fiction, is how well you gloss over the fact that there were nearly 400 - I repeat, 400 white men (some from neighboring communities), who, in essence, formed a vigilante posse to hunt down the alleged suspect.

in 1924 Florida was not a frontier town and there was no need for a vigilante posse, assuming Walker was capable of doing his job. Nor was there a need for any non-deputized white folks to join in the search, let alone burn, maim and kill folks who got in their way. What justice were these vigilantes serving? By what legal authority were these white vigilantes empowered to kill innocent black people and burn their community to the ground. More importantly, why did they not let the law handle the case, as is customary? Please provide me with your rhetoric on my above-stated issues. . .

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 4 months ago Author

"so as to trivialize the horrors and atrocities committed upon a black community"

Before the 1982 re-write of this incident, only one black man was killed deliberately (Sam Carter). Times in which they lived... Every black man knew the rules that were in play.... Let's not play dumb here...

"who, in essence, formed a vigilante posse to hunt down the alleged suspect."

If you took a little time to actually read the blog here, Lerayne59 , you would easily deduce that the first posse was not a vigilantes group. They responded to a rumor that the fugitive Jesse Hunter was at the Carrier home. Do you really think 400! men showed up there and lone Jesse Hunter was able to fight them all off? Not likely... And WHY didn't the white posse burn the Carrier home when Jesse Hunter gunned down the two [white] posse members? I can think of one pretty good reason... They were informed that there were children in the home. THAT is the only logical reason for those civilized white males to not burn out Jesse Hunter. And ya think Jesse Hunter yelled to the white posse members there were children in the house? I sure do. He knew they wouldn't burn the home.

"What justice were these vigilantes serving? "

Times in which they lived... White males tried to fight back against what cannot be described as anything but a reign of terror... We know it didn't work.

If you would truly like to get educated on what "horrors and atrocities" were continuously committed by one people against another...just google... African American Atrocities 1900... EDUCATE YOURSELF

In that LINK... Lerayne59 , maybe all those victims (all carefully concealed by our democratic-party -run educational system)...means nothing to you. But victimizing a white person and the perp was black, back then, it called for a "group" response. Blacks, again, knew the rules that were play.

Lerayne59 3 months ago

You are too funny. What "rules" are you referring to? Why are you so desperately trying to sanitize this massacre? Are you unable to face reality, or simply trying to justify the insane actions of the vigilatism that was perputrated against the black community. Please explain, how in your twisted mind, a single, alleged assault, could sanely justify such wanton & reckless destruction against an entire community? Again, I ask by what authority? Please take a moment to expound upon these rules that you refer to and in your narration, provide examples of the fact versus the fiction, if you can. . .

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 3 months ago Author

Lerayne59 , either you read and you don't comprehend, or you are not reading. I've already answered your questions... I'll try one more time... White males fought back against the negro reign of terror as a "group." Fighting back as a group when your group, or a member, was attacked by a member(s) of another group...was typical of every people on the planet back then - and even still today (white people being the exception). A group response was the way it was back then...Times in which they lived.

There was NO MASSACRE in Rosewood.

Why don't you google ....African American Atrocities 1900...and count the number of massacres by negroes on innocent Americans. Mind-boggling.

And I am NOT justifying the burning of Rosewood... And let's not forget the town of Tiptonville, MO (white males built every physical structure there). Negroes burned that white town in 1901 as retaliation for the lynching of a negro rapist. What "authority" did negroes have to do such "wanton & reckless destruction"? Oh, and what did the white males do after the burning of their town by the negroes? They rebuilt THEIR town.

AGAIN, white people tried to fight back against the negro reign of terror... Lynchings basically died out in the late 1920s. Negro atrocities against white people NEVER ceased.

Lerayne59 3 months ago

So, it's exactly like I said "vigilantism." Those white folks were acting outside the law. There was no law in the U.S., at that time that condoned their actions - if there were, I'm sure you would have said so. Instead, you are speaking about some non-existent "rules" (see your earlier post); now, you're saying "that's just the way it was." The State of Florida can admit a grievous injustice was wrought upon the black folks in Florida, but for some reason (demented), you can't and won't admit it. Instead, you keep trying to sanitize and justify those horrible and unspeakable acts rendered upon your fellow human beings. Now, you are "shift-shaping" and talking about something in Tipton. The topic on this post is the Rosewood Massacre, wherein you decided to give us your whitewashed - sanitized versus of the events, as if you ACTUALLY knew what you were talking about. Unless you were there, there is no way you can say with ANY certainty, let alone your "fact vs fiction" dissertation what happened. What you do know, is there was absolutely NO justification for those unspeakable acts of aggression against an entire community for the alleged acts of one individual - yet, you persist with your racially-tinged nonsense. What proof or evidence can you offer to substantiate your fact vs, fiction narrative? You have absolutely NO PROOF, just some half-baked rhetoric, rolling around in your head. When you get some actual proof or evidence to substantiate your ludicrous claims, in regards to the topic (The Rosewood Massacre), please post them for further discussion. If the only thing you can tell me is what you "think" happened, don't bother to respond to my post - I have no time to continue a pointless discussion with a demented person in denial. ..

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