The Rise and Fall of Disaster Capitalism in Our Popular Culture

     I have read the books and watched the movies on how our government involvement and how they profited off the Iraq War. I suggested to my friends and family watch or read about this subject that has been introduced into our popular culture. The one thing that comes to my mind is it just be another gimmick to be seen and than forgotten? How can books or movies based on this subject only by those who just want to get their word in or is it to get our attention? What is the real reason behind all of this hype is it for money or glory?

     The number of movies or books that came out to the public on the Iraq War had in creased, since the US invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003. This sudden movement that has swept through our country like a virus invading any news, TV, or book, just added to our popular culture. It became part of every conversation we had with friends, co-workers, or a stranger on the street corner. Wherever you looked either on the side of a bus, bulletin board, or newsstand their was a story about what was happening in Iraq or to our soldiers.

     So, that is how it starts by just word of mouth. Than books starting coming out on how the war was started and the reason why the US invaded Iraq. The TV News talked about weapons of destruction, chemical aides that would spread disease through our water that we drank or in the air we breathe. This cause us to fear the unknown and each other. Than movies came out later on explaining that the US's invasion in Iraq was wrong and that the amount of money that government gave to privatization organizations was in the billions of tax payer dollars. As you see it doesn't take much to get our attention when it is ourselves on the line.

     The hype continues to grow today with what will happen to those who were involved or behind the planning to invade Iraq. The authors of the books on what happen in Iraq and the US government involvement in other countries due to profit are being called heroes. Any director of the movie that is out at the moment is called a true citizen, but why haven't we heard from the soldiers themselves that were there and saw more of their share of death or destruction in Iraq. Why isn't there anything from the point of view of the soldier and will we ever see this in books or movies in the future? The question is it depends on what is popular now. Maybe down the road it will all disappear. Our attention is now about ourselves and how we will live from day to day, pay our bills, and just try to make it through this rough economy.

     It now depends on what is at the hype of news mania and if it will affect our personal lives. Popular culture depends on the now and not later. We live for the moment of pure excitement, but than it frazzles out. Our views are only drawn to a quick out and let someone else worry about it later. The need for glory is a adrenaline high, but for some financial needs falls behind. Than there are those who crave the attention of others, are called a hero and get a slap on the back or a firm handshake by friends or colleges, and than the financial that comes from their passion becomes the reward. Than there are a few others who do it just to get our attention and open our minds to what is happening around us. This is just a antidote to how popular culture can change our outlook on what is changing in our community, how we view things, and what it will mean for us in the future.

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tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

You must have read " The Shock Doctrine " by Naomi Klein . I did too It Is very disturbing .

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