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The Swiss Ban Minarets

Europe is facing a crisis. Recently, the Swiss voters banned the construction of Islamic minarets in Switzerland, a country that has always been known for its neutrality. Other surrounding countries such as Belgium have been sited as possible followers of the Swiss example. France is considering banning the burkha, the head-to-toe covering worn by conservative Muslim women.

"Their practices--burkhas, long beards, prayer calls--separate them from the rest of our culture," a French politician said recently. "They refuse to integrate into our society. Perhaps they should remove themselves to an Islamic country. That is, if those countries would even take them."

In the mean time, most Western European nations are facing the same kind of nervous twitch. Does Islam represent a threat to Western culture and autonomy? Do the fundamentalist radicals speak for all of Islam? They seem to think so. Last week, it was reported that the major radical sects have sworn to eliminate any Muslim who cooperates with the "infidel."

The US has more than two million Muslims, more than some Islamic countries. Both sides of the Atlantic will ultimately have to confront this major issue of the early 21st century. Do we stand on the right to freedom of religion for all, including Muslims? Or do we allow fear and intimidation to cause us to go against one of our most cherished beliefs?

I would be interested in your comments.

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research canadian 7 years ago

What about the rapes? Unveiled women get gang raped all over europe. 5000 cases in Sweden. Why do you believe that Turkey bans them inside buildings? We shouldn't bring these people into the country. Men have no respect for secular ladies. Why should the female population have to live in the dark ages? I now escort my g/f everywhere. She doesn't wear a headscarf. I hate Islam!!!

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 7 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Your comment speaks to the fears that many non-Muslims share. It's also important to remember that men in general have been mistreating women in general--worldwide--for many centuries. The right to beat one's wife in North America only ended early in the 20th century. It's still on the books in some states. I cannot speak for the provinces but you may wish to check that out.

Also, it's important to remember that the majority of Islamic women support their status within the religion. They believe that women should be under submission to men. Those are the first minds that must be changed. When you are in collaboration with your oppressor, it is very difficult to change the outcome, don't you think?

Thanks for the comments.

Anu 6 years ago

Islam is a dangerous and violent religion. They have wiped out a lot of hindus/jews christians after slowly creeping ina society. For all thier rant about discrmination, the Arab/Muslim countries do not give any rights to non-muslim residents.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

I understand your concern. Still, radical religionists from Jewish, Hindu, and Christian countries have also been very intolerant to people of other persuasions. Does The Holy Inquisition ring a bell? Many Hindu sects have been extremely violent against not only other non-Hindu groups but against other Hindu sects. And Jews also have had their share of violent responses and reactions.

It comes down to this: Do we continue to live in fear? Do we rise up against those who scare us? Do we begin an extermination program like the Nazis did in the 1930s? Do we bomb Muslim nations?

The situation is chaotic at best. Still, using more violence is not the answer.

Then again, neither is pacifism.

Any other ideas?

You 6 years ago

Xenophobes!! muslims are there like or not, what?! are you going to kill or evict 50million muslims who work and help to devlop europe because of their religion. So pathetic.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

To You:

Do all Muslims believe that Islam must be the religion of the entire world or else? Or will there be a day when Islam can coexist peacefully with other religions, other nations? Are Europeans and North Americans silly for being wary of the Muslims in their midst? Why have diaspora Muslims not spoken out in larger numbers against the radicals?

One day, there will be no more Middle Eastern oil. What happens to both sides then? Can the Islamic world survive without the West? Perhaps in the 10th century, but today?

What do you think?

kk 6 years ago

Expel all muslims from europe to other muslim countries for the safety of your (Europe) future generation. Do you know there is no right for non-muslims to have citizenship even after a 40 years of stay in middle eastern countries. Kinldy note Islam is not adequate to democracy. How do you think?

RichardSpeaks 6 years ago

On a recent CNN show, an Islamic imam was interviewed and said that democracy and Islam cannot ever coexist because democracy causes sin, especially among women and girls. Democracy is a veil that covers up a corrupt Western world. And only Shar'iah law can cure the ills. He said the aim of Islam is to conquer the entire world with that Law. And the war will never end. Even after conquering, the clergy/government must always be alert to those who would subvert the Law of God.

Can a non-Muslim world sit back and watch such things happen? Your call...

James Thomas 6 years ago

Islam Regards all unbelievers (Kaffirs, Kuffar,

Kufrs, Kafirs) as ritually unclean subhumans to be killed, subjugated, enslaved,exploited or parasitised. Kafirs are described by the Arabic word ‘najis’ -literally ‘filth’. That’s why Muslim hatred of Kafirs is intrinsic to their‘religion’. A Kafir doesn’t need to DO anything to offend a Muslim, his very existence is enough of an affront

The ethical system applies only to Muslims.

Allah encourages rape, pillage, extortion and enslavement of non-Muslims.Morality does not extend beyond the global gang (ummah). Muslim ethics are the

ethics of the Mafia.

Muslims are forbidden to befriend Kaffirs except for purposes of deceit or where conversion may be possible.

Treaties and agreements with Kaffirs are made to be broken (Hudna). The word of a Muslim to a Kafir counts for nothing in the eyes of Allah. Allah is The Father Of Lies.

The world is divided between Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb (the domain of war, the Kufr lands).Muslims living in Dar-al-Harb must work to disrupt their host nations until these can be brought into Dar-al-Islam.

Muslims have no obligation to their host

nations and in fact are encouraged to parasitise them. Welfare fraud, identity

theft, forgery etc are endemic in Western Muslim populations, and serious crime against Kaffirs is regarded as normal and justified. Extortion rackets against Kafirs are mandated by the Koran (‘jizya’ is the Arabic term for ‘protection money’ payable by Jews and Christians to Muslims).

Would you allow people who want to kill you into your country?

Would you allow people who want to rape your women into your country?

Evidence does not lie.These people have a track record of rape and murder and theft and atrocities spanning thousands of years.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author


Those of you who read this and think it's some kind of distortion, simply take the time to read the Qur'an and supporting documents. The aim of ALL Islam is to take over the world. No matter the cost. Period.

True of Christianity as well.

Dave Bishop 6 years ago

"True of Christianity as well."

This isn't an article about Christianity and this isn't a discussion about how public policy should be changed in response to Christians, so what's your point?

That Islam's goals are somewhat more acceptable because of those of Christianity? That we ought to ignore Muslim attacks on European society because of Christianity? If not that, then what? Because I fail to see how Christian theology or Christian actions of the past should influence decisions we make about Islam today.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Christianity's goal is to evangelize the world, not simply to live a 'good Christian life.' All Christians are called to witness. And Christians have been forcing their religion on all parts of the world for at least five centuries. The apparent fact that Christianity is no longer as radical as it was in the 16th-19th and early 20th centuries does not preclude the real fact that Christianity has been an aggressive force (if that's not redundant) and not always friendly. Same with the Muslims. The two are peas in a pod. Both Children of the Book.

Any religion that believes it is the Only True Religion automatically creates resistance and then counter-resistance.

You are right about one thing: Christian theology should have nothing to do with the way we deal with the Middle East in general or Islam in particular. As I mentioned in the article, American Muslims are American citizens. They deserve the same consideration as any Christian or Jew or even atheist.

Islam is not AntiChrist.

Arif Hussain 6 years ago

Islam teaches the path to righteousness

Islam has all the solution to all the problem in the world

The west society is adultrated

Those people donot have asocial life that is. Practisim Nudism, live in relationships, breaking virginity, multiple marriage

So, islam shows the right way how to be happy and peaceful in this world, but practising sainthood and as well living in a society.

The problem is that SHAITAN (the devil) which lives in their minds and urge them to do naked activities fears islam.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

All religion is man-made. Claiming one religion is true while others are not is the reason religion is criticized. As long as radical religionists continue to rant and rave about how good their religion is, the more the world will rise against them.

Free speech is a tool that religionists sometimes use to take away the right of free speech from others.

profile image

funababbit 6 years ago

It's God's fault. He has designed us so that we die. Some people are so frightened of that reality that they will die in the hope of eternal life. Such people will act in defense of their "true faith." For this reason I despise churches and all their ilk, as they are corrupt, political, corporate entities who survive by fear. lies and superstition. . The current phase of violence probably arises from the West's abandonment of the Palestinians and their desire for independent statehood. We may blame ourselves to that degree. Nonetheless, it appears that militant Islam, through fear and intimidation have radicalized that faith, so that Western values are at risk of Jihad from within. Political correctness overturning freedom of speech - the blasphemy petition to the United Nations - which began with a bill to suppress "blasphemy against Islam." For most ordinary people it takes only one visit from a couple of hard eyed radicals, to intimidate them into becoming soldiers of Jihad. Islam is winning the war. Al Qaeda has turned America into something approximating to a neo-fascist police state and sent G.W. Bush shuffling back to Crawford Texas with badly bruised hindquarters. To try to speak seriously today of the "American Dream" would be an exercise in the farcical. I am a liberal - but radical Islam is using the liberalism of the West to overturn our values and out ways of life. If the time to think of pulling back the welcome mat to Islamic immigration, is not now it soon will be. No doubt there are millions upon millions of decent Muslims but the movement to bring the authority of the Sharia to all the world, makes Islam a threat to all we have held dear and fought to preserve. Radical Islam has no good will - its purpose is to convert us or destroy us.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Let's not forget the rise of militant Christianity as well. Preparations for Armageddon and the Second Coming are on the rise in unprecedented ways.

Mandy Baldwin 5 years ago

I get sick of hearing Islam compared to other religions in terms of the past misdemeanours of Christianity in particular. christianity experienced the Reformation and the enlightenment, so that now, tolerance and freedom of belief if the god standard of our civilisation. It is the Islamic 15th century in fact as well as action. Islam is not compatible with liberal democracy and any who complain or demand other than the basic permission not to be persecuted for their faith must be removed to those islamic states which they consider "holy". But of cours,e they prefer to leech off the wonderful societies which the tolerant west has provided, because life is hell in Islamic states. A recent poll in the UK, the most tolerant of EU nations, found that 48 of the population would actively support any political party which was specifically anti-Islam, and 60% wanted all immigrations by muslims ended completely. Europe kicked the muslims out in the 17th century and it's time they went again. There is no place for them among us.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 5 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Mandy: A large contingent of Americans feel as you do. And you are right about one thing in particular: Islam is incompatible with democracy. And most Muslims are the first to admit it.

Thanks for your comments.

Martin 5 years ago


I hope you move and live in middles east arab shit place and say things what ur saying now...

or else shut up

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 5 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Martin: To what part of all this discussion are you referring? And saying 'shut up' is anti-free speech. I could have simply deleted your comment, but I believe in free speech. So, speak as you will. Just be fair.

Shalv Kumar Shah 5 years ago

My dear Richard , read history. I tell you what. Visit Osama web site . Look at the verses he quotes then look them up yourself.

The world nations , some 190 of them , can be catagorised by religion i.e Islamic , Christian and Hindu. Check the treatment meted to the minority religons in these religious majority country. That is see how muslim countries treat their non muslim minority. You will see the non muslim population would have decreased tremendously.But in non muslim majority countries i.e Christian and Hindu, you will see the muslim rate of growth is faster tahtn the national average. You see Islam grows by taking advantage of the non muslim liberal values but denies the same to its non muslim minorities in theri own country. Richard if this does not open your eyes then you are doomed.As we Hindus in India are doomed.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 5 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Shalv: I understand your concerns. So, what do you suggest that people in the West do--turn on the Muslim minority? Should Christians, Jews, and Hindus begin attacking Muslim community centers, mosques, and other Muslim gathering places? What would that look like and would it really help at all?

Puntu Capunku 5 years ago

The problem is, that if they do not change their mindset (apathy, violence, atavism, etc...) a tragedy of descommunal proportions will ensue. We have to make sure that these people accept and obey the nation's common law, no sharia, no burkha, no hate speech demanding the killing of people that not share their cult, no halal killing of animals, etc...

If they cannot accept that and continue to whine, demand and think in superiority terms, islam will disappear, like that indonesian imam said. The issue would be then, how would it disappear? By bombs? Gas chambers? Or by the realization that islam means submission and misanthropy by most of their followers?

There's also the issue of China being christianized, even with the support of the communist party of China, which sounds pretty weird, but it seems to be true, meanwhile we see that Uyghurs are being slaughtered and decimated for being muslims, there's a system behind it. Now imagine what will happen if millions of chinese go on missionary work... Chinese torture, slicing?

You can be multicultural with hindus, with buddhists, with animists, but it looks like whenever you get some devout muslim community somewhere, big problems are sure.

Muslims have to evolve, you cannot stone, behead, cripple people in our times, nowhere in this world, it's a crime against humanity done by mischievious people.

GERALD MAHINDA 5 years ago

Why is it it is always the muslim immigrants that have a problem with the rest of the population??why not the chinese in france? why not the indians and kenyans of Britain or the Italians of Germany?One wonders why they are allowed to immigrate to Europe in the first place.If Anything Europe should be offering refuge to the middle east christians who are under constant persecution in their home countries.Not the muslims who refuse to assimilate and tend to abuse the hspitality of their host nations

In australia a white lady was spat on by a group of lebanese just coz she didnt cover her hair.Intolerance of the highest degree

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 5 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Here we are, many months later. Islam is still under fire all over the world. And yes, they have some annoying habits when mixing with non-Muslims. So, how does the West ultimately relate to these strange religious practices? How do we allow the integration as the Muslims continue to practice gender oppression? How do we live with people who, at the core, seem hell bent on bending the non-Muslim world to its will? What's next? Is there any kind of answer that will salve the emotions on both sides? It seems unlikely but I may be wrong...

unknown 5 years ago

I am afraid to see growing number of Muslims in the west!!!

We have to do something soon otherwise our countries will be destroyed............I don't know what to do.............where is our policy making politicians??

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 5 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

It's difficult, in a free nation, to legislate against a major religion. It may end up taking a very violent turn before it gets better. I hope, again, that I'm wrong...

Cecily Jones 4 years ago

Do people understand that there is a difference between fundamentalists muslims and normal practising muslims? When we criticise Muslims for being terrorists and for wanting Sharia law, this is the view of fundamentalist Muslims which is an extremely small minority compared to the whole Muslim society. There are millions and millions of Muslims who are being oppressed because of the stereotypical fundamentalists! There are fundamentalists in every religion yet we don't criticise the whole religion in itself.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 4 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Cecily: Things are changing worldwide. Radical religionists are causing vast numbers of people to question the religion. In the US, more and more people are trusting evangelical Christianity less and less as it gets more radically political. My suggestion: If what you say is true, and it is, those who stand for peace and justice rather than bloodshed need to stand up, quit being afraid of the extremists, and speak out. Many Muslims are too frightened by the threats of radicals to do so. Hence, the continued and growing distrust of the Muslim communities everywhere.

Gus C 4 years ago

Europe must return to its traditions and its national culture. If it means deporting millions and millions of muslims then so be it because if nothing is done we will not recognize our motherlands and that will be worse than death. Islam has no place in modern society and especially not in the Christian western free world. As muslims kill Christians and burn down churches in the Middle East and northern Africa, leaders of the muslim communities stand by and stay silent. In my opinion, Islam is not even a religion and there was no such person in real life named Mohammed. Arabs adopted a twisted ancient fable and called it their 'religion'. Muslims have brought only harm and strife to wherever they settle and now its time we stand up and get rid of this scurge before another Holy Crusade takes place.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 4 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

I'm wondering if many Europeans feel this way. I would love to have more comments on this issue.

inevitable 4 years ago

i am a catholic, but have a few muslim relatives, this has given me a birds eye view of how islam operates, i hate muslims now more than ever. My aunt is married to a muslim, something dat is frowned upon in my country (india). Her husband has 4 brothers and 2 sisters, and all 4 guys are married to non muslims( heaven guaranteed with 14 virgins), but the women are forcefully married within the muslim community, this is their ideology of converting wombs of non muslims, and thats why they are spreading like rats. Muslims they spread crime, filth, break all rules, will support Pakistani team over india, dat to living in India, The only people i have seen celebrating during the 9\11 plane crashes in the long will people tolerate this ...sooner or later this religion will perish, if they dont change. Their future generations will have to bear the burnt...they will be wiped other religion criticizes other religion and spreads soo much voilence.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 4 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Inevitable: Thanks for your comments. You seem to feel as many do around the world.

guest 4 years ago

See and

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 4 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Guest: Do you mean

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 4 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

It is true... The bottom line of Islam, radical or reverent, is to spread the Faith in whatever way possible. Is that a threat to the world? Only time will tell. It's important to remember, though, that there are radicals in every major religion including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Scientology! Religion, turns out, is not always a good thing, if ever.

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