The Science of Face Reading

The Science of Face Reading

The science of face reading says Rahman Malik, now Interior Minister of Pakistan is not a house robber. But the science of face reading says Chief Justice Khwaja Mohammad Sharif of Punjab, Lahore High Court cannot give rightful justice since his mouth is pulled to one side on his face and he is an Aaibi – carrying defect with him and justice is a virtue that resides in the faces of the Non-Aaibis. God is just and He is without Aaib.

One Hashim Raza Mir of Lahore accused Rahman Malik in August 1994 of entering in his house with others and robbing him of 7 lacs in cash and valuable jewellery and the NAB court in his absentia, declared him an absconder and a proclaimed offender and convicted and sentenced him to three years sentence. Rahman Malik appealed to the court against his conviction. The counsel of Rahman Malik on 17th May 2010, argued before the Lahore High Court bench that conviction in absentia had no existence in the eyes of law as the alleged offence was committed in 1996 and the NRO did not exist at that time. But the court consisting of the division bench of Khwaja Mohammad Sharif and Waqar Hasan Mir dismissed the appeal and upheld the sentence passed by the NAB court in 1996 and ordered his arrest. The shield of the NRO was withdrawn by the 17 member SC bench on 16th December 2009 and Rahman Malik was trapped between arrest and abuse.

The President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had to come to Rahman Malik’s rescue. He immediately annulled the sentence upheld by the Lahore High Court and Zardari was right. Burt he did not do enough, he should have also disbanded the judges from practicing law and giving judgements, but he cannot do that because he is President of Pakistan where people live in a world of illusion and donot like to face reality. Only he dampened the fire of hate taking Punjab in its grip, but the hate cannot be extinguished unless the people of Punjab take up the moralistic stand they ought to take. The zealots of Punjab in the Pkpolitics blog/ Jang Blog were pampering the SC that in a tit for tat, it should declare ‘Zardari Pardoning Malik’, unconstitutional. Whereas the case in the first place was the FIA was at the back of the reference and had helped Waqar Hasan Mir complain to the National Accountability Bauru.

The existence of hate and extremism is related with the frame of mind and belief. The regulatory element which creates balance in life is Adl – the justice. This is included in the Fiqah-e Jafaria, but not in the Fiqah-e Hanafia and the larger number of the people in the country are the Fiqah-e Hanafia followers with the result the larger number of imbalance appearing in the national handling of the matters. There are no suicide bombers to be found in the followers of Fiqah-e Jafaria, but all in the followers of the Fiqah-e Hanafia. This Fiqah has been on for only 1200 Hijri years but the Fiqah-e Jafaria has been on since the Islam was given as Deen to the Muslims.

It is therefore high time to declare the Fiqah-e Hanafia has failed, and the need is either to reform it or dump it. The easiest is to include the Adl in the Fiqah and bring it at par with the Fiqah-e Jafaria, with indeed the Imamat from the House of the Prophet SAWW included in the Fiqah and Tabarra and Tawalla given place in the Fiqah and the Hadees-e Saqlain followed in letter and spirit. What a beautiful world it will be from that day on. There would be no one to tear the books of anatomy in Kabul, no one to throw acid on the faces of the girls going to school against the edicts of the Taliban in Qandhar. No baker in Lahore murdering the Ace artist there because he drew pictures of the living and drank wine in his household setting. No judiciary to let allow him survive so far. No Transparency International, portraying Pakistan the most corrupt nation in the world. No foul tongue of Rana Sanaullah as Law Minister of Punjab. No Chief Minister in the shape of Shahbaz Sharif protecting the banned Sipah-e Sahaba who freely murdered Shias and attacked their Muharram processions and their offshoots attacking the revered Aulia’s shrines.

Aayet 2.223 says; .........wa bashshiril Momeneen.

O Messenger, give the Momeneen – the believers carrying strong faith, the good news of salvation.

Can the suicide bombers, the murderers of Muslims, the intriguers, the conspirators, scheming through foul means the fall of a government, consider them a Momin. Their self will speak out ‘no’.

It is a small price then for the belligerents to pay in exchange for permanent peace entering in their towns and cities and indeed in the world, with exchanges of niceties traded if they include justice - Adl in their Fiqah.


Sayed Athar Husain Naqvi

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


Wednesday 19 May 2010


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