The Search for a Leader

The Search for a Leader

There is a desperate search for leadership in Pakistan. They want to find a leader behind whom the heterogeneous thought bound men and beasts in Pakistan can rally round and change and form their destiny.

The leadership is a bred of mind after the worth of man is satiated by a satisfying home life and he leading his own disciplined life and he backed by a devoted and satisfying life partner. Then his bred of mind has to come from an environment of virtuousness around them which is tied with the unquestioning devotion with the pious and the holy of the house of the Prophet Mohammad Mustufa SAWW. Among them was the longest devoted wife Bibi Khadija and officially designated sons Imam Husain and Imam Hasan AS and the holy daughter Fatimah and his extreme example in all virtues countable, Hazrat Ali. They created such an environment that if a prospective leader looks beyond them into another guide and idol, that leader is not and is never without deficiency and cannot rise and lead to be a leader. He will only be a compromise.

No Imam and no Prophet of God and no Wali of worth and of significance was deprived of a life partner who were not ready to support and stand behind to prop the faculties of the leadership in them through their chastity and firm support provided to them from within the house. We see how our Prophet had a period and a phase in his life marred with disturbance when his two respectable wives Hafsa and Aisha conspired and disturbed him, criticising and objecting and alluding that a repugnant and bad smell was coming from his mouth when he ate honey, which used to be served to him by a third wife. Now this could not continue any longer and the leadership could not be perturbed and though the Prophet curbed his natural desire to appease the wives and abandoned honey but God warned that a Halal cannot be abandoned and issued admonishment to the ladies to keep them within their limits and the matter was settled soon. Therefore, the wholesome life partners are a necessary component for the exemplariness and the God virtue of the leadership and the partners have to be ever impeccable not a part time performer.

In Pakistan there is a search for a leader. Such a leader cannot be created unless a soul is found bound by an island of peace where his life is conditioned in a cheerful ethical environ and with a life at home enjoying marriage with the virtuous and the principled feminist and he contended and protected from external attack of fallacies and he choosing his mantel and guide who set the highest example and not from a created myth of the Khalifa-e Rashid conception with claim of absolute veracity associated with them indistinguishably, he will fail or stumble. These Khalifas except one were basically perturbed and torn with illicit ideas of controlling and channelizing customs and ways of the world to a vision they saw from the scopes of their venue of vision and ventured into it not necessarily authenticated by God and his Prophet. And therefore the leader lacked moral authority if he followed them.

Imran Khan is a follower of the first three Khulfa-e Rashedeen and he cannot be a leader with unlimited vision. In a leader there are three evident factors controlling his moves:

One: Capability of administration

Two: Capability to produce ideas

Three: God consent in the form of endowment to him of vision and capability in him of its lucid deliverance.

This vision is seen in Zardari but not in Imran Khan. And Pakistan is stuck with Zardari if it wants progress. But he should be allowed and by general consent blessed with a chaste life partner. Imran Khan with his support team of Qureshi and Hashemi, with one twitching his body on the rostrum and the other calling him Baaghi – the rebel, does not speak well of omens preceding him, but only of the ominous streaks following Imran Khan. The leader is not surrounded by the dramatists but by staunch of faith and by conviction.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shias (Shia Thought)




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