Our Criminal Government In The United States Of America


So you think that you love the United States more than me, and that I am not a patriot because I say that our government is almost entirely criminal? Well, it's my hope to examine your thinking here, and take you along with me for the ride. The only people who could possibly think that our government is not an altogether criminal organization are those who are under the influence of it's fourth, and unofficial arm, the United States Ministry of Propaganda, the media; and aside from that, those who just simply think that the world is in need of world governance, and believe that the ends, in fact, justify the means, as Machiavelli so sarcastically proclaimed in his book, The Prince .

Now, forgive me for insulting your intelligence if you are not from here, but here in the Untied States, where there has been a successful and deliberate effort at reducing the neural activity of all of the citizenry, few people have heard of Machiavelli, in fact, most folks my age would tell you that it's a TuPac album; and that would be altogether perfect as far as examples go, towards proving my point. Even worse, as it is taught here in the United States of America in most English or History classes, in The Prince , should you even remember that five minutes of American Public indoctrination that they call School, was taught as something that the author intended as serious, and not sarcastic, even though he'd written, somehow, with two broken arms, injuries incurred by the wrath of elitists, the intended readers of the book.


Manufactured Distraction, and the theft of TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS

Now, I don't know about you; but it has not been something that I've been able to leave alone, despite the obvious, so obvious events of the next day. TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS came up missing, and this was leaked to the press on September the tenth, two thousand and one. I think you all know what happened the next day, and until someone can prove to me that it wasn't a manufactured distraction created for the sole purpose to cause YOU to forget about the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that was reported to be missing from the pentagon, no, not "stolen" like in a bank robbery, just completely unaccounted for, which also means "stolen," the very day before a plane crashed not only into the two world trade center towers in New York City, but, most importantly, into the accounting wing of the pentagon, which killed the employees who had leaked that the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS had been stolen just the day before.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney



Ecclesiastes 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry; but money answereth all things.

The Hebrew King Solomon, was known throughout the contiguous world for not only his wisdom, and his many wives and concubines, but also for his money. Solomon was also thought to be the author of Ecclesiastes, and that book is often the favorite book from the Bible of many an atheist, or other intellectual; or as I should say, person trying to be intellectual . When Solomon says that "money answereth all things," I do not think he is saying that money is the answer to each and every problem. I think the context should lead you to see that Solomon was simply saying that if you were to follow the money , then you'd always find your answer to what the trouble in this world is.

Instances of Dick Cheney orchestrating increases in his personal fortune coinciding with the deaths of millions of innocents, and the misuse of the American military, and the complete lack of regards for even the lives of our own have become so very unsurprising in their sheer numbers and scope that it goes without saying that Dick Cheney is as close to Stalin or Hitler as America has ever got. Of course I have to leave Andrew Jackson out of this, as his Native American genocide was very real, and were it altogether effective I wouldn't even be here today; but at least Jackson killed the Rothschild bank in America at his time as P.O.T.U.S.; and damn he was lucky, every other P.O.T.U.S. has been killed that even thought about it; and every last one since our greatest presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy, has been the proverbial Rothschild, and now Rockefeller bitch. And speaking of those wonderful, "Godlike" international bankers, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, before the invasion of Iraq, where Dirty Dick Cheney and his Halliburton made so much money in reconstruction contracts, there were six nations in this ENTIRE WORLD that did NOT have a Rothschild controlled central banking system. Now? Now, there are only five. Look it up yourself. I'll give you the five remaining nations, and we could place bets on what the United States war machine invades next for big poppa Rothschild and David Rockefeller, those five remaining nations are Cuba, The Sudan, Libya, North Korea, and Iran. Who wants to bet? Which one are you betting on?

Halliburton Contracts Balloon Despite being under an investigative cloud, company gets $4.3 billion in 2003

By André Verlöy and Daniel Politi

WASHINGTON, August 18, 2004 — The oil services company Halliburton, largely through its subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root, has received more revenue from government contracts in the last year than from 1998 through 2002. In 2003, when the company had record revenue of $16.3 billion, Halliburton received contracts from the Department of Defense worth $4.3 billion, while in the previous five years it obtained less than $2.5 billion from the military, according to an analysis by the Center for Public Integrity.

Although figures are not yet available for 2004, government revenue is bound to increase as a result of the contracts the company has won for work in postwar Afghanistan and Iraq, which so far potentially totals $11.4 billion. Some of that work was actually awarded earlier; many of the company's contracts extend for multiple years.

In 1998, Halliburton's total revenue was $14.5 billion; that year, the company got contracts from the Pentagon worth $284 million. Two years later, revenue had dropped to just under $12 billion while work under DoD contracts more than doubled. In 2002, DoD awarded Halliburton tasks worth $485 million while the company's revenue was $12.6 billion.

Of the more than 150 American companies that together have received U.S. government contracts potentially worth more than $51 billion for postwar work in Afghanistan and Iraq, Halliburton is by far the largest recipient of contracts awarded in the two countries.

As part of its continuing Windfalls of War project, the Center for Public Integrity has been compiling information on contracts awarded by the U.S. government for support in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Center has compiled its list of contractors and contract awards through information obtained from 95 requests and appeals filed under the Freedom of Information Act or through official government and company sources.

So you see, there's gold in them there hills, just send in the wrecking crew, and we'll then make our elitist friends some more money! Oh yeah, let's not forget about lowering excess population levels either. No, no need to spend that money on education, we've already built the bombs, and this way is much faster! Don't forget those terrorist! You know, the ones you see everywhere? Or maybe like me, you only see them when you look into the mirror!

Osama Bin America - central intelligence generated boogeyman


Corporate Fascism and Corporate War

Who among you can justify the war in Iraq, especially after the Presidential smirk, and those weapons of mass destruction that we found everywhere? Who among you can plainly, and with a sound mind state that our actions there were just, and that the profits that Halliburton received from reconstruction contracts were NOT the reason for the war in the first place? Did you think that the 52 million dollars that our good capitalist friend and patriot, Dick Cheney, got to run as the Vice President of the United States of America was NOT intended towards this end?

I have no need or desire here to defend my assertion that the war in Iraq and the 9/11 were both criminal and manufactured events, one to cover up the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that "was lost," and the other to make Halliburton and the Military Industrial Complex some more money. In fact, if you disagree with these statements, then I am actually DYING TO HEAR YOUR EXPLANATION.

But please, if the word "terrorist" is used, I'm going to look at you like you are the village idiot, but go ahead anyway, I enjoy the banter of brainwashed mass media nuts. Sure, there are certainly Islamic extremist, and they've got TWO POINT THREE TRILLION MORE REASONS TO HATE US now that we've blamed the manufactured distraction on them that was. . . ..SURPRISINGLY scheduled for the DAY AFTER TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS CAME UP MISSING and a plane crashed into THE ACCOUNTING WING of the pentagon where the people who had reported the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that were missing were, and were killed.

I've provided the link below for any doubters out there, from it you can "launch" the project, and see for yourself the Corporations that have "won" contracts in the wars we started in Iraq and Afghanistan as a reward for their campaign contributions to our almost entirely criminal government. I only hope that if you work for those one of those criminal and murderous corporations, that you do not claim to be a practitioner of either Judaism or Christianity, and it goes without saying that you are not a Muslim; but should you claim to be either a Jew or a Christian, then look in the mirror, and know that you are a damned liar not only to yourself, but to your fellow man, and that you do, in fact, support murder of not only innocent brown peoples, but also you support child molestation as we've seen through DynCorp in Afghanistan, sexual slavery (same); and the slow death of our own soldiers and innocent civilians both here and overseas through depleted uranium poisoning. I hope you sleep well, pig, and and I could recommend a suitable, and painless manner of transcending your current realm where you enjoy profits, and a sick, parasitic lifestyle that you've adopted through corrupt mass media.

Perhaps you are naïve and don't recognize the tremendous evil perpetrated worldwide by the United Corporations of America; I pity you, and your black soul. I hope that you can find forgiveness for your sins; and I hope that you'll forgive me for my limitless hatred for you.

It does get worse, Monsanto, the "no food shall be grown that we do not genetically make unsafe, force on you and also own" corporation now owns Blackwater, or XE, the mercenary army by neocon "Christian" Eric Prince; you know, the soldiers that aren't classified as soldiers, so as to sidestep their murders and crimes in the name of genocide, xenophobia, and corporate fasicism?

read on:

He Works for The Elites, not "US"

Does anyone else remember Osama Bin Laden? You know, our former employee who is no longer on the books, but probably still getting paid with your tax dollars? That boogyman that we never found, guess he's hiding next to Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" in Halliburton and corporate Ashkenazi media never never land. Now, I have to admit that having come from big oil makes Mr. Bin Laden a perfect target for big oil internationalist with no regards for their nation of birth, like George W. Bush and Dick Halliburton Cheney; but I still don't believe it for even a second. Those planes crashed into the twin towers and killed the accountants in the pentagon for the sole purpose of distracting us all from the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that was reported the very day before Osama Bin Laden was conveniently blamed for the distraction that our own government surely created to cover up it's own thefts. The Twin Towers? To make the deal look like it wasn't about the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS or the dead accountants that reported that the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS had come up missing. Oh, so sorry about the dead from the towers, the firemen, the police, the asbestos, the trauma. . . . .Corporate America and Global Government is more important, and sometimes the death of a few is for the greater good of us all! (you believe THAT don't you?)


If you watch the video above, you'll see the rather strange, and certainly "lucky" coincidence that a large group of F.E.M.A. personnel just "happened" to be in NYC the same day that the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS was reported missing, which, incidentally, was the day before the plane crashes that destroyed the twin towers, and the accountants that had reported that there were TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS missing. What a stroke of luck that must have been for the people of New York City! Who says that everything went wrong that day? I mean, it's just simply amazing, and certainly convenient to have had all of those guys there on that day. What were the chances?

But according to the Criminal Missouri Information Analysis Center YOU might be a terrorist, and I am DEFINITELY a domestic terrorist based upon the facts that I support ONLY third party candidates, or none at all, for a completely corrupt government in a bankrupt and completely corporate fascist nation!

The February 20 report titled "modern militia movement," mentions such red flags as political bumper stickers for third-party candidates, such as U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, who ran for president last year; talk of conspiracy theories, such as the plan for a superhighway linking Canada to Mexico; and possession of subversive literature.

Subversive Literature? What next? A good old fashioned book burning? How bout we just burn the United States Constitution and the Bill Of Rights while we're at it? We could even throw a witch tied to a chair into the nearest pond, and if the woman dies, then I guess we've made a mistake. Fuck it, bring out the gimp!

The North Central Texas Fusion System bulletin states that it is “imperative for law enforcement officers to report” the activities of lobbying groups, Muslim civil rights organizations and anti-war protest groups in their areas.

God knows that here in Texas, the death penalty state, where Governor Goodhair Perry, a felon un convicted of violating the Logan Act, as he met in Istanbul in secret with leaders of foreign governments. .. . we don't give a fuck about civil rights and Muslims in the death penalty state! Come on!

As For F.E.M.A., and their bullshit emergency Gestapo relief, second and fourth amendment to the Bill Of Rights violations, and other criminal activities both in Louisiana, and elsewhere in the United Corporations of America, and that total farce of a relief mission by many an American company in Haiti; peruse the following.

The Tapi Natural Gas Pipeline, the REAL Reason For The Afghanistan War.

The REAL reason for the war in Afghanistan
The REAL reason for the war in Afghanistan | Source

Meanwhile, Back At the Police States of America

Since the Bush/Cheney "Christian Values" administration that orchestrated not only the theft of TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS from the American taxpayer, and then started two illegal corporate and genocidal wars due to direct campaign contributions to Dick Cheney via Halliburton, not only have we destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan for the sole purpose of rebuilding those places at a profit, bankrupting the United States of America so as to conform the populace for Global Governance, and reduced some of that less than desirable excess brown people and poor soldier population. We've also deposed the Taliban and brought back male child sexual slavery via good old DynCorp in Afghanistan, while at the same time constructing the Tapi natural gas pipeline! Don't worry, that Osama Bin Laden crap on corporate Ashkenazi Mass Media and Associates by extension garbage was only meant for dumb people!

As you well know, we now have our very own department of homeland insecurity that spies on US, and the creation of these Orwellian organizations is as a result of the total farce contrived and carried out on September the Eleventh 2001, which was a murderous cover up for the theft of TWO POINT THREE TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS on the day before. So now we have "fusion centers" which profile law abiding American Citizens, there are 72 of them, and should you support Senator Ron Paul, or other legitimate third party officials as you have a right to do, then these homeland security "fusion centers" consider YOU a possible domestic terrorist. America is DEAD.

And let's not forget those F.E.M.A. death concentration centers, that are VERY WELL DOCUMENTED all across the nation, that are planned to be used to confine people like you, as you've clicked my link, and ME; as I am in total protest against an entirely criminal organization masquerading as a legitimate government. Follow the links below for all the information that you could need at this point concerning F.E.M.A., and that criminal organization, and do not forget their criminal Bill of Rights and United States Constitution breaking activities in the City of New Orleans, and the surrounding areas during the Natural Disaster, Hurricane Katrina.

More To Come

Today, the United States Citizen is largely under the influence of a completely Ashkenazi monopolized and altogether corrosive and destructive mass media, and is therefore more concerned with who wins American Idol , or Dancing With The Stars than they are with the entirely criminal state of their government overseers, and the lives of little brown people anywhere, or even their own American Military personnel. The revelation from whistle blowers in the pentagon revealed that TWO POINT THREE TRILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS had been effectively stolen from the citizens, and in order to distract an already brainwashed people from this, the murder of the whistle blowers, and many citizens of New York City, Afghanistan, Iraq, and soldiers from a world via coalition were also murdered, not only on the following day, but in the years since then, and those murders by proxy continue. In addition to these thefts and murders, the Bush/Cheney criminal administration then illegally passed "the patriot act," and further eroded the rights and liberties granted to the citizens of this nation from the Founding Fathers in the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. F.E.M.A. concentration camps have been created and "fusion centers" still exist which spy on and classify those of us who do not accept the corrupt Ashkenazi Monopolized Mass Media lies, and support a corporate fascist government to our own detriment. The prison industrial complex and the military industrial complex continue to thrive as globalist elites are heavily invested in the both of them, and your rights, along with mine, of course, continue to diminish as we head towards global governance.

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justom profile image

justom 6 years ago from 41042

Todd you're fucking amazing. You've wrapped it all up and put a huge bow on it. I always remember the look on GW's face when he found out. It just didn't look like he was surprised by the news. I'd also never heard about FEMA being in NYC the day before. Brother you've knocked it way out of the park with this one. The more I listen to you and 50 caliber the more I think about arming myself. Keep 'em comin'! Peace!! Tom That Steve Earle is the shit man, I got to see him a few years ago and it was a great show. He had a 55 gal drum on stage that had WMD painted on the side. Later!!

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Thanks Tom!

Man, I've ALWAYS LOVED Steve Earl!

LOL@the 55 gallon drum! Nice, and totally symbolic!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Amen. I've written some of these same statements and people will not care. America is in deep slumber. People are concerned about where Obama was born. Yo Wes. Americans are dumb sheep and they are shearing themselves. Americans do not care about the truth. When I write about things like you have here I'm besieged with attacks about my patriotism. Son!

You have the truth right here.

But will Americans, who love money more than morals, and politics revolve around money, business, cutting costs, stealing more money - will they care about 2.3 trillion dollars if they have to THINK!?!

Americans elect lawyers who are taught how to lie, they live lying, they get paid big bucks from big buck people and companies, they are paid to get around the law, and Americans keep electing these lying thieves to office. Christians and or other religious keep electing Beelzebub to Congress, the presidency and they raise all raise hell every four years to keep half of America at the other half. And Americans are too stupid to see through it. Americans are not smart enough to figure this Rich man/Lawyer/Cayman Island thing out at all.

God bless you Wes for bringing the truth out here but - Americans can't figure it out if you draw them a map. I'm not saying other sheep in the world are smarter or can outsheep our sheep but Americans cannot figure it out. The thing about "American inginuity and know how" must have been a myth all along.

Sorry Wes. You have a great hub. I see the stark naked truth all the time and say WTF! How many times does history have to repeat itself? Our government is incapable of any thorough investigation of an assassination of a public figure like Kennedy, Martin Luther King, the World Trade Center, Etc.! Barny Fife is smarter than the FBI when it comes to high profile investigations.

America cannot figure it out. It's too complicated.God bless you and the truth!!!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Yo! I just left so I could come back and jump on your buttons a second time! God bless!

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Hey Thanks, Micky Dee; I know that hubs like this one really only preach to the choir, and that the folks who are always in the middle of that "liberal vs. conservative" crap won't see, or can't see the real deal. . . .I wonder why I do these things, but I guess I can always HOPE that somebody wakes up from it.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Yo Wes. I get a mind flock from the flack. The truth is so far out of reach for folks. They would actually have to seek an alternate source of news. Of course the major news distorters are always sabotaging the truth or the people who give it. Free speech is freer if you own the media. God bless!

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Hey, I like that last line! I'ma use it!

Tex Shelters 6 years ago

Is the government wholly criminal? Well, I will cogitate on this a bit more and get back to you. Will the government act in a criminal way if they don't get what they want. You betcha. You listed enough examples above for anyone to get that: the wars, torture, detention, bailout their cronies, etc.



Tex Shelters

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Hey Tex, I've always thought that you were one of the most talented bloggers in the universe; of course I don't always agree with you, and that's probably because I'm not as smart as you. Man, I mean it, I really appreciate your feedback!

Malcolm_Cox profile image

Malcolm_Cox 6 years ago from Newcastle, England

Quite simply the best Hub I've seen. You Americans seem to have a very complicated relationship with your governmets. We suffer from terminal apathy here in the UK. As the Brits are always lead by Washington, I guess we should be worried as well!

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

That's one hell of a great compliment you've given me, Malcom! Thank you very much!

You can tell already that I'm always trying to dig through the subterfuge, and I definitely see you POV, but there are some here who even claim that that is a game, and that we here in the U.S. are led by the U.K., and, in fact, nothing more than a bully colony led by Lord Rothschild's banking interests.

Claire Evans profile image

Claire Evans 6 years ago from South Africa

Oh, I love this blog and your style of writing. Thanks for the promotion of my blogs.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

I've got trackers in my links to your blogs, but not in the body of mine; do you know about those? Let me know if you do not know about them, and I'll tell you about that, but hit me on facebook about it, I can tell exactly how much traffic has hit your hubs from links that I've distributed because of my trackers

Thanks for the compliment! I know I've got more hubs than you could look through, but there are definitely a few that you'd like

profile image

DoItForHer 6 years ago

And we encourage it. In the local paper several months ago they had the question of the day, which was, "Do you favor more restrictions on your freedom in order to increase safety?" I can't specifically remember the stats, but the pie chart that showed all the yes's and no's showed around 75% supported more restrictions in order to be safer.

I was floored. When I saw that, I understood much better why the world is the way it is; most of us choose to have it this way.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

People willing to give up freedoms for safety deserve neither. I can't remember who'd said that originally, but that motherfucker was dead on.

profile image

DoItForHer 6 years ago

Benjamin Franklin

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Glad you said that, because that is who I wanted to say said it, but wasn't sure.

I've no idea what his perspective was when he said that, but it doesn't matter. It is what it is, and it is absolutely true.

Willie - it is a lack of faith in the creator(I'm sermonizing, I know) that would lead one to such an extreme lack of confidence as to fear "Muslim terrorists" so badly as to trash the fucking constitution. WTF? I'm not scared of no fuckingbody, and I'm positive that you aren't either! Where the hell is all of this fear coming from?

The media, and that contrived, manufactured 9/11 display that "proved that we're under attack from invisible extremists that walk among us."

fuck fear, I don't have it. I'm generally ready for an assault if it comes down to it. I wonder where all these fat, scared pussies cam from. I'm ashamed.

digitalthinker profile image

digitalthinker 6 years ago from Southeast USA

Dayum! That's a masterpeice!

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Hey Digitalthinker, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

profile image

DoItForHer 6 years ago

As I've gotten older I've lost a lot of my fear, which is odd, but while I'm less fearful, I definitely take much greater steps to avoid battles that I can't win. Not visiting with children at the park when I'm playing with Waffles is a good example. People do NOT like tattooed, white, biker trash laughing and visiting with their kids while they are petting my dog.

But when it comes time to drop the hammer, I have been surprised at how I react now that I'm older. With my lack of fear, my anger has also decreased; the combination seems to intimidate quite a number of people. Or maybe as we get older, most of us become pansies? Have you had the same experience now that you have a few years under your belt?

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Very similar; but I swear to you, if someone said something that implied that I was abusing a child, or even thinking about it. . . .I think that might really piss me off.

I don't get angry very often, I don't get scared, or worried so much. I also don't get out very much. It's not all bad, but it's not all good that most of my social life is on the other side of a keyboard and a monitor.

Yeah, picking our battles is definitely a point of wisdom that comes with age.

profile image

DoItForHer 6 years ago

I get out a lot. When all people do is go from the comfort of their sheltered house to the comfort of their sheltered car to the comfort of their sheltered work and back again, they don't get to enjoy the encounters with feral dogs, drunk people, etc. Also, walking around gives one plenty of opportunities to unwittingly trespass and otherwise do things that people get testy over. This happens so often that I cannot go for one year without having the cops called on me. Sometimes it happens as much as three times a year. I've only been to jail once so far, but I can't keep doing this and expect to not run across another cop having a bad day and end up in jail again.

When I was a kid I actually did some bad things and I only got caught twice. I should have been in trouble more often. I wasn't anywhere near being a troublemaker, but I acted like a hormone-filled kid just like all the other kids, but I was far more mellow.

Now that I'm older and don't do anything wrong, seems like someone's got to keep busting my chops. Karma's a bitch.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Well. . . .ha!

I've been to jail too many times to remember them all all at once; but guess what? I'm having a very lucky streak right now, it's been over a year since I've seen the inside of one.

I do contract labor, and odd jobs now, and write hubs. That's it.

I do get out on my cheap mountain bike, and bike to town some, but I generally just go visit a few friends there, and go home.

I keep waiting for my "pussy karma" to bring some of that back around.. . . .wish me luck.

profile image

DoItForHer 6 years ago

"Pussy Karma" lol That's the best kind!

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

I know it. I'm working really hard at building up my pussy karma. I think it's essential to my future happiness.

Tex Shelters 6 years ago


Whenever I see phrases like "entirely criminal" I start looking for exceptions and wonder why such an overarching characterization needed to be made in the first place. Not even Hitler was "entirely criminal". I could list many crimes of the United States government and how I want it too change, but that doesn't mean it has never done any good ever.


Tex Shelters

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Funny, I do the same thing; but I'd never thought about it when I wrote this thing. Maybe I'll edit it at some point.

Thanks Tex!

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over

Awesome article. Great info and well written. This line is a classic. ‘But please, if the word "terrorist" is used, I'm going to look at you like you are the village idiot, but go ahead anyway.’ I’m actually working on a Bradley Manning article myself, and the research involved is quite time consuming.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Outstanding!! He's sometimes the forgotten man in the Wikileaks deal. I hope that he's not in too bad a shape when he goes to trial.

That video of the helicopter gunship blasting away at everyone - civilians, is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen!

lone77star profile image

lone77star 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Such gluttony! Such a greedy feast of dollars, drinking up the blood of our citizens to fatten the beast.

More and more, the outrageousness is becoming more open and public as the likelihood of stopping them diminishes. They are dancing in glee on the bones of our fellow citizens, ecstatic in their stolen prosperity.

Corporate fascism: corporations are legal entities with Supreme Court-given "rights." They have the ability to influence votes (which is as good as voting multiple times), and they have the ability to commit crimes, but hide behind the corporate shield. But no corporation has ever gone to jail. Hmmm-m-m! Imagine that! Maybe I should be a corporation! (Not!)

And I love the pix of Obamabush! Obama was our "solution" to Bush, but he was only the opposite side of the same coin (may Gaddafi rest in peace).

Just remember:

-------))) Without ego, you can't be a victim! (((-----------------------

The Lord knew this day was coming. This is the grand separating of the wheat from the chaff. The chaff will be blown by the winds of greed and fear. The wheat will be pulled by the gravity of God's love toward Him.

I only hope I have the sense to remain a kernel of wheat throughout all of this mishegas.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Thank you, Sir, for reading and liking one of my earliest attempts at creating a good Hub Page.

I often forget about this one.

The world is definitely changing quickly, and there is most certainly some lines being drawn along various and sundry bits of sand.

It's going to get harder and harder, I think, to be a part of society while maintaining an adherence to what we know to be right.

profile image

Flickr 4 years ago

wow, great article. Who really are the terrorists then?


Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 4 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Hey Flickr, anyone who owns Monsanto stock is truly a terrorist so far as I can tell.

brian 3 years ago

The safest thing to be in america is a black male. The white man should go black face. Real talk.

Lee 2 years ago

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I am Lee lee563@ykcwb.com I am a victim of US Covert Obama Gov. The unknown operation for electronic mind control of the US and world.

Violated My Constitutional Rights, Freedom of Speech, Invasion of Privacy, Demonic Wifi Mind Possession!Demonic Hate Darpa Wifi Micro Implantation Of US Citizens and myself. US Darpa Exe. Barack Obama-Howard Raymond from 72310 Blue Ridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA. 92260 his wifi death Threats.

Gov. DARPA - (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Invisible Wifi Advaned Alien Tech. (Invisible like a computer program download) retina right eye implant from comp. monitor using a Gov. Computer Howard Raymond wifi's your house then can view and sell members at his thousands of Gov. Porn and Gov. Sites. Installing an invisible micro program implant from the net his home to your computer's monitor into the retina of your right eye, he said doing millions of other porn viewers from thousands of his porn sites and Gov. Sites.

Darpa invented the Internet using Advanced Alien Invisible Tech. surveillance and mind control he said it's not a 666 implant but a warfare surveillance micro for he said Darpa Exe. Obama to use for warfare Microwave Wars. Invisible Retina Right Eye Implant can be installed from your computer, cell phone, radio or TV and use Gov. and porn sites.

Greatest crime. Raymond said Gov. Darpa invisibe alien tech. invaded my home - body, privacy, electronically invisibly implanted us and sold our sex from our privacy to Virtuagirl.com, and wifi Darpa Warfare Dept. tortured us then implanted all my relatives and local police and DA. They use Gov. records and authority of the President to null Constitutional Laws.

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pan1974 2 years ago from Columbus,Ga

10 thumbs up for this hub.

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Wesman Todd Shaw 2 years ago from Kaufman, Texas Author

Thanks! This is at least 4 years old, I've been thinking of how I might update it. Lots of new info in these past 4 years.

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