The Toxic Donald Trump Incites

I was a Trump supporter and still a part of me does like his "bulliness". But, like many former supporters, the more he acts like a dictator and irresponsible presidential candidate, the more I think he would make a horrible president.

While many scoff at the past, just look WAY back into the pre-WW2 years when both the Facist Mussolini of Italy and Nazi Adolf Hitler were coming into power via elections in Italy and Germany. Some of the political rallies have a close resemblance to those of Donald Trump's, with elements of violence from those opposing them and supporters who use brutality. Of course, all of Trump's supporters are ignorant people to a certain extent- only concerned about "Making America Great Again" and at all costs, basically in street language it is , "Fuck the world".

Trump refuses to accept any blame for his supporters acts of violence. Of course, he is. He incited his followers using the tone of his language, his toughness, his racism, his rudeness. His followers love this because it is refreshing after eight years of passive, PC-correct, professor-like Obama. Like I said, I found it refreshing. But, as President, Trump would create many more enemies than friends, just like Hitler and Mussolini. A Trump president would be a powerful ego trip for him and his iron will would make many angry Americans as well. Instead of working with others and compromising, I fear Trump will want to only win and compromise is a lost to him. Hitler was like that. Very little room for compromising and working with opponents on foreign, national or domestic issues. With Trump, it will be more like, "It is the Trump way or No-way". Trump's iron will may work in certain ways and circumstances, but overall, this attitude tends to create more unrest and opposition as time goes on because Trump will appear like a King or a Bully to challenge and overthrow.

Trump rattles on about how he will make America great again and provides little details about this renovation. During interviews, he often bullies those commentators he does not agree with. Sure, some of the agitation of recent violence at Trump's rallies is from groups seeking their own fame and seeking disruptions, others are simply against what Trump stands for. Yet, because of Trump's overall attitude, his followers literally take whatever he says to dictate their actions using violence to squelch opposing supporters.

Even though he states he is not to blame, he is. Only a fool would think he was not. If it is between Trump and Clinton, God help America. I might not vote.

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emge profile image

emge 11 months ago from Abu Dhabi

Well I hope it is so simple. Can we wish Trump away? Do you think he won't get the Republican nomination?

perrya profile image

perrya 11 months ago Author

I do think it will come down to him and clinton. Odd things can happen like clinton being indicted for her email scandal that is being minimized, which might really hurt her, or Trump's guilt in his Trump university. If Cruz is the person, Clinton will win.

lions44 profile image

lions44 11 months ago from Auburn, WA

I'm no Trump supporter (supporting Kasich), but I have to admit, he is probably the only guy who can beat Hillary. What a choice. She won't be indicted. Just won't happen. Rubio is an empty suit and Cruz is a bit of a fanatic. This century so far has been terrible for Presidential choices. Great article, Perry. Shared.

Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis Cogwell 11 months ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

Sadly, it will probably be like voting for the lesser of two evils. This election is depressing. Thank you for your opinions, especially since you were originally a Trump supporter. I agree that we need the a little bit of the "bulliness" you talk about, but he's taken it too far lately and is now creating violence.

emge profile image

emge 11 months ago from Abu Dhabi

The world is watching, especially the Muslim world and some are apprensive that Donald may really do what he says. But to non Muslim nations fighting Islamic terror like India, Burma and phillipines, Trump may be a saviour

perrya profile image

perrya 11 months ago Author

I agree with you all. It is a choice of lesser evils. I think if Trump is elected within the first 100 days, many nations will challenge him to see if he is as tough as he seems. China, Mexico, Russia, Turkey come to mind immediately. We could have a military action within that period if Trump acts. Trump is a nationalist and that appeals to many. America is still #1 in many respects but for the past eight years it appears otherwise to many because Obama has been passive allowing others to take the lead, which is not always a bad thing, IMO. But like all things in life, too much of a single thing is bad overall, and Obama has just been to reluctant and passive. Clinton is actually a little more willing to get into it if she has too, Trump is on the other end, too much of being a bully and making America great again as he sees it, which may not be the same vision as other Americans.

bradmasterOCcal profile image

bradmasterOCcal 11 months ago from Orange County California

This hub is not one of your better hubs.

And it is really sad when you have to include Hitler along with Trump.

Your verbiage is also below your level of writing, it appears to be too emotional and not based on facts.

perrya profile image

perrya 11 months ago Author

Who knows, I may change my mind about Trump, it depends how he acts. Hitler and Trump have things in common if you truly know history and not just talking points.

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