The Trembling Heart of Gaia

The Trembling Heart Of Gaia

A strange feeling crept through the air, the eeriness of it all dictated colors of a reddish grey, nothing more than Gaia would expect from self-destruction. The emotional distress forming heavier through the atmosphere, the earth sediment performing juggling acts from the dust kicked up over the disturbed soil. As the seconds went on, there were vocalized vibrations emanating among the wind current flowing through the sandy air, the natural world's only thought, "What will become...?",

The thoughts of the energies, the one's that power Gaia with all it's glory, but with such saddened and horrified frequency's now. The wind whipped up faster now, the blue sky's now a painting in what was never to be imagined, a picture filled with shades of red shapely mysticism, one with a passion for death. The earth rumbled loudly, the winds seemingly drawn now to the destructive beauty, but without satisfaction now, as the soil seemed to turn into a reflection of the sun and the gaining radiance engulfing the now saddened blue background.

Gaia looked on, it's composition at the source now of a spectrum of glass, the radiant voice now overpowering any voices of passage once heard, as the energy came to it's finale. The roars of lions now became the slice of potential scythe but by evil itself, the air now stale and bland. Emotion's looked on in various ways, unable to place a pin into how to partake such unspeakable catastrophe. Only one statement could be heard by the masses, one by Gaia herself, "I have died, When did I let you lose your way?".

Mark H. Baker Jr.

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