The 'True' List Of Victims In The Pursuit of Integration (Civil Rights)

QUOTE:: "After the march [on Washington in 1963], many laws were passed to give blacks equal rights."

I think it's now time for both Whites and Blacks to finally acknowledge that the phrase "equal rights", when it is used to describe the motives of those who participated in the civil rights movement, is actually a misnomer. In other words, the movement was not about being "equal" under the law. Blacks, prior to the landmark Civil Rights Act (1964), did have equal rights with respect to contract rights and any other legal document which came under the jurisdiction of US courts. The exception was the insistence of a color line many White people demanded for living and working arrangements (Blacks were, of course, free to build their own towns, cities, industries, tax base and political environments for their own people).

CORRECTION: " many laws were passed to give blacks equal rights " ... The phrase "equal rights" should be changed to read "integration rights". Using the word equal as a substitute for integration is intended to conjure up an image of a people (Blacks) who were being oppressed and, by inference, being denied their Constitutional rights in America -- by White Christian males. This is in fact patently false. People of African descent in America prior to 1964 were not an oppressed people, nor were they being denied any Constitutional rights; nor were they being denied any rights created by Acts of Congress.1 One distinct people living separate from another distinct people was the established norm in American history. It was also the established norm throughout human history. The Black race did in fact demand integration rights into the established political and economic arenas of the White race --a demand from one people toward another that was unprecedented in human history..


In 1910, the NAACP was created (created by White Christians) and thus was born the radical new concept of racial integration. By the mid-1950s, many Blacks (and quite a few White people as well) across America were working to achieve the “dream”, or the “eye on the prize”, which was across-the-board integration of the Black race into the political and economic environments of the White race -- including residential communities of the White race. During this great struggle, and, again, a struggle completely unprecedented in the annals of human history, there were more than a few who lost their lives as a result of this across-the-board integration pursuit by the Black race (oddly, into the very group Blacks are also labeling at this time as their brutal oppressor). Un-officially, the “dream” pursuit began with the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955,2 and lasted through 1967.

Note: All the victims below appear on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s site Civil Rights Martyrs’. (LINK) I need to also point out ... that Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), if you click on the link I provided, indicates many more victims than I've listed below. However, if you read the descriptions of how each died, you can see that (1) SPLC is clearly adding names of people (even a Black male rapist!) who obviously did not die in the pursuit of compulsory integration; (2) Blacks were added to their list perhaps to have more Black victims of the “dream” pursuit than White victims.

The list below are the names of the actual murder victims in the the pursuit of Compulsory Inclusionism.

1955 - (b/m) Rev. George Lee --(Belzoni, Mississippi)
* 1955 - (b/m) Lamar Smith --(Brookhaven, Mississippi)
1961 - (b/m) Herbert Lee --(Liberty, Mississippi)
1963 - (w/m) William Lewis Moore -- (Attalla, Alabama)
1963 - (b/m) Medgar Evers --(Jackson, Mississippi)
1964 - (b/m) James Chaney, Andrew Goodman (w/m) and Michael Schwerner (w/m) -- (Philadelphia, Miss.)
1965 - (b/m)Jimmie Lee Jackson --(Marion, Alabama)
1965 - (w/m) Rev. James Reeb --(Selma, Alabama)
1965 - (w/f) Viola Gregg Liuzzo --(Selma Highway, Alabama)
1965 - (w/m) Jonathan Myrick Daniel --(Hayneville, Alabama)
1966 - (w/m) Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer -- (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)
1967 - Wharlest Jackson --(Natchez, Mississippi)
**1968 - (b/m) Samuel Ephesians Hammond Jr., Delano Herman Middleton and Henry Ezekial Smith

* There is no existing evidence - other than the SPLC's claim - that Lamar Smith was murdered because he was participating in, or an advocate of, the black race's compulsory inclusionism demands. Nevertheless, I decided to include his name. You can judge for yourself whether he should be included in this victim's list.

** These three Blacks were killed by [White] police officers during a mostly Black mob protest against a segregated bowling alley. However, it should also be noted that preceding the police officers opening fire on the protesters, was a violent assault on a White officer. 1968 was the beginning of the Black Power movement, which, among other things, advocated violence toward White people and , particularly, White police officers.

Total number who died to achieve the compulsory integration “dream”:: 13
-- Blacks who died:: 6 (not including the three who were killed in 1968)
-- White people who died:: 7


1. There were a few voting irregularities in the Deep South prior to 1964 (e.g Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas). However, in 1963, more than 43% of eligible blacks were registered to vote across the South.

2. In 1956 racial segregation on buses was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court - who were all White male justices.

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B-Dawg 4 years ago

S Leretesh,

As you know I am a biracial man that has been studying race for 6 years. I know that the white man is under attack in america. I am trying to convince white men to atleast be open to getting some sort of a black spray tan and passing as a black man. I am telling you black skin will protect the white man from what is going on right now. Todays white man really inherited a bad situation. The white man has a bulls eye on his back and it is getting bigger everyday. The good news for the white man is that black skin can and will protect him moving forward.

Black skin would also help the white man with the ladies as white women love black skin. With black skin a white man could protect his fellow whites better from the black mans racism. Black skin = Protection for the white man. White skin attracts trouble. My mom tod me straight up that she wanted to make sure her kids had pigmentation so that they would not have to deal with all the BS whites are dealing with. She was right. That is my take peace.

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 4 years ago Author

Bizarre ...

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 3 years ago from Southern Clime

Blacks and Whites will always find ways to create believable justification of what they believe and support. That is a prime example of why we need a Mediator. Human beings do not seem to have the capacity to end the race wars because they have been battling so long. One Great Day when the Mediator ends the war, the fools will still be fighting blindly. So, I suppose they will have to be collared and smacked.

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