The Way Forward


The following three essays where some of the original essays that carved out the scope of purpose motive and intent of the book project. The information is provided, as food-for-thought, to stimulate the growth of the inclusive civil and selfless life experience. The reader has the responsibility to accept or reject the notions proposed throughout the chapters. It is only through pondering, these thoughts, that humanity will evolve to the next level of existence.

Opinions are vital to the understanding of our role in life they are the inventions of our desires. This work was produced first; but it is now last in the order, because it holds the outline for the plan-purpose, goal- motive and objective-intent of the opinions expressed throughout the book.

These essays state the obvious Your Will is Your Way...

The essays are a category of work for a new age. They are a fantasy, a vision set in motion, as fiction becomes reality as it manifest hope into the world. One day soon to be the present the notions presented will stimulate the public in a unification of wellness, social, civic matters and programs to expand the vision of the world to the dimensions of the mind universe. Here in the mind of humanity the realization of the vision will commence the stewardship for the lives we shall evolve.

The target audience for this work is the curious people of the world looking for different perspectives and perceptions describing the theme of life – from a universal monistic singular objective, which we all have in common. This story can be told in many ways to different audiences conveying the same message of love, stewardship and responsibility. Stop here, now, if you do not wish to change the nature of your selfish temperament fore you will only see the error of your way that you prefer.

The information within is provided at a building block level of elemental notions. The reason this story is being told is to tell the world of the origin and purpose for being.

I wish to stimulate the understanding of the knowledge that has evolved through the ages. The information presented is intended to bring consensus to our words and ideas that convey a story for feedback and debate on our collective thought. Presented information will develop the feasibility of the premise that we, as humans, are the tools of thought.

We are derived from a perception perspective of a common element origin with purpose that perfects all and is for the all of life. The purpose of this story is to weave understanding of the available evidence that leads to the conclusion that we hold the answers to the questions about our purpose. Provided here is, food-for-thought, wisdom on the commonality of our purpose, motive ad intent as human emotional animals, to demonstrate we have along way to be what we perceive ourselves to be now - knowledgeable and progressive in advancing the human condition. 

The point of these three essays is to create the perfect string of hope from the threads of purpose, motive and intent to tether the world to the metaphysical plane of existence so we might reap the rewards of our abundant and plentiful universe.


Do we, as humanity, understand our purpose? 

I draw your attention to the fact that, the governments of the world are proponents of greed.

Would it not make more sense if smaller models of industries were located throughout the societies of the world to meet the total need while all the people could share in the rewards and responsibility in the effort of meeting the needs of all people?

Let the full distribution of wealth be made by dispersing ownership thoroughly, as reward for working, a form of stock option sharing.

Is it evident, that self-righteous bigotry and hypocrisy has become the by-product of human greed? Is this greed the core stimulus for the apparent success of our society? 

Does our history show similarity to the group greed that fueled the development and demise of the lost civilizations? Group greed is known to have fueled the ill fate of these lost societies of the world.

These societies would not let their subjects explore and evolve a better understanding of self-control with a relationship to the nature of their lives. 

I mention a few of today’s groups such as: religious, racial, radical, ethnic, political, business, social, economic, fanatical, age, gender, illegitimate, news, advertisement, and governmental; they act as the agents for controlling the expressions of our minds and hearts.

Why do they express subtle forms of greed using bigotry and hypocrisy?

Some groups purport their interest as altruistic but the prime-motivator is apparent, the controlling currency /influence, the basic interest of their altruism - egotistical greed stemming from the desire to control the will of the other fellow.

Humanity appears to be diluted with this greed; we seem to refuse to understand what it has done to past societies. This process appears to be the genesis of the subtle form of greed we experience today.

Will we ever control this greed at some point in time?

I tell this story, with the thought in mind, this world is a reflection of a greater ego than our human ego. Do you believe we are the product of a higher power or placed here by a superior more evolved life form? 

All the effort expended to represent the will of society says its intent is not a unified intent of any one understanding.

Oneness cannot evolve without acceptance and willingness to understand the purpose our benefactor had in mind. 

What is the purpose of societies’ plans, goals and objectives? Why are we avoiding the intent of our existence purpose?

When we mix this cunning and the egocentric nature of our will, with the group mentality of colliding ideas, it is convoluted and becomes a group conscience that does not reflect the individual conscience in the group. The group exploits our propensity for diluting our intent with the selfish purpose. 

Group goals cause alienation and prejudicial behavior between associates and group interaction.

Groups compete against other groups for the money, the manna that sustains and promotes their brand of right. 

When will man know he is his brother's keeper and end the Cain and Able syndrome described in Genesis story? This is when we will evolve beyond greed, to a higher stage of evolved existence here on earth.

The groups of our society have their capacity for using their pervasive hypocrisy and bigotry to further their brands of control in common. They say they are doing what is best for those they control - for their best purpose - ignoring the very intent of the being itself - Being understood to be thought manifested creation.

Ethnic groups use their origin affiliations, as a political manipulative tool to promote their opinions - to control the flow of benefits and influence on behalf of their brand of right. Political groups have their platform lies and half-truths to facilitate their positioning and wrangling for control of the public will - exploiting their brand of right. Fanatical groups have their proclamations that unit them in their terrorist acts to force their brand of right. 

When, will humanity be its brother's keeper an end the Cain and Able syndrome?

All groups have their prejudices, hypocrisy, and bigotry in common. We (The group) function as beast of prey - pack hunters: To make money, have influence, and control people are the primary objectives, of the individual group member, as promoted by society's dictates - to get ahead and prosper at the cost of the other guy. 'It could balance gains and losses so as to balance the forces of greed and stupidity that propagate rise and fall of investments." 

When will governments see they are their brother's keeper an end the Cain and Able syndrome? When will people see they are their brother's keeper an end the Cain and Able syndrome?

Actions that promote war, wealth, and winning are not justifiable, because greed is evident in these acts and not justifiable without the use of some prejudice, hypocrisy, or bigotry to give reason for the desire to control the will of others for other than a selfless purpose - like to promote the well-being of all life.

Humanity is its brother's keeper; humanity must end the Cain and Able syndrome. 

Only bigots and hypocrites will attempt to make right the self-righteous notion that one man's killing is wrong, but man's wars are right. 

Punishment and retaliation for aggression are forms of revenge motivated by prejudice, hypocrisy, and bigotry. 

Resolving to circumvent killing and war is the way for agreement to tolerate the changes necessary to reach a world order that will realize the needs of all the inhabitants - that means the sharing of wealth, resources, and effort to promote a world without prejudice, hypocrisy, and bigotry. 

Nations must be their brother's keeper to end the Cain and Able syndrome.

The distribution of wealth holds the same prejudices of hypocrisy and bigotry - as if your effort is worth more than mine or mine yours. Money is the object of the bigotry and hypocrisy within the group's ego. 

Ownership of natural resources demonstrates and is evidence showing the group prejudice, hypocrisy, and bigotry of the business community.

The resources of the world belong to all the world inhabitants. The exploitation of these resources with the benefits and the subsequent impacts is the reward and subsequent responsibility of all the people of the world. We need the resources of the world. We are part of that nature. All people should share in a portion of the wealth, in equitable proportion, in accordance with their right as being part of that nature, not their position or circumstance. 

Can the efforts of nature belong to man?

The propagation of this myth that man should own, has evolved societies, using this greed tactic; which is the greed that keeps the world community from organizing a central government for the betterment of the whole of humanity. Greed will not let it be. Greed is the root cause for all the prejudice, hypocrisy, and bigotry in the world.

All resources belong to all life. 

When will legislators become their brother's keeper an end the Cain and Able syndrome? 

The creator of this world has no need for religion. The diversity of religion is evidence of our prejudice, hypocrisy, and bigotry it has formulated the understanding of our fate. We wish not to understand, so therefore we do not understand the object or the purpose of our being and its significance. 

I hear people say things like, "secular views water down morals." Tolerance with respect to the actions and beliefs of others: Helen Keller is one who knew prejudice, hypocrisy, and bigotry. She has expressed that; "Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind." 

Tolerance is the official recognition of the rights of individuals and groups to hold dissenting opinions, especially on religion. I am not speaking of faith or belief, I am speaking of understanding, understanding of the purpose of Being; not whether there is a Power that propels our world. I attempt to weave an understanding of the emotional self in order to promote debate of the purpose of being. 

I ask again, "When will our selfish self realize we must be our brother's keeper to end the Cain and Able syndrome"? 


We have the purpose and responsibility of directing the energy of creation to a higher plain of existence. As apes, we evolved to the man animal that preyed on flesh and sought physical survival. We grew to understand the capacity of thought and applied this abstract understanding to plan future actions to control the group. The individuals of the group sought identity in their thought and found the understanding of self. The self probed the thought to understand its origin and found that it was deducing thought of the root cause of existence by deducing all that is before it could be created. 

The thought came first, before the chicken or the egg; it was thought that caused the chicken to evolve from the snake that evolved from the slug that evolved from the source of its origin. 

When will it be understood that humanity is the keeper of the will that can end the Cain and Able syndrome? I use pertinent sources of knowledge giving word meaning, scientific information and definition to religious belief for formulating the presented opinion. 

When will we understand we are our brother's keeper an end the Cain and Able syndrome?

The truth is in the understanding of the idea of God. God is the principal goal of faith and worship in monotheistic religions. We thought this definition to satisfy the query of our source. We are the source – "not our physical being - our thought." 

Being is a function of our thought that is a function of the thought of the source. God is founded in fear - the extreme reverence or awe as shown toward a supreme force of power. 

The singular God and Jesus the man are the manifestations of the emotions of the fear and love in the mind of the Jewish nation - ergo they are named as the chosen people. They wrote the story about man being his brother's keeper - In Genesis it is said, God asked Cain where Able was and Cain said he was not his brother's keeper.

When will people acknowledge they are responsible for their condition an end the Cain and Able syndrome?

All of the adjectives describing the types of beliefs reflect but lack cohesiveness and tolerance amongst religious beliefs implying separation of power of the source of creation, this is an unacceptable derivative because unity requires oneness; and the ability to resolve into one source the quality of the whole. 

The God of our thought encompasses all the civil and evil behavior of the world. The lack of any belief is in this God of thought, because the thought to conceive the idea is of the thought of this God - Thought. You have to understand the knowledge that holds this wisdom of oneness. It is in every expression of purpose. The term God expresses not only a deity but also the oneness of this deity. All beliefs refer to the God entity as if it is exclusive to their belief when in fact it is common to us all as an integral part of our emotional being.

Thought being the power of God, without it they are not. 

When will humans get the picture that life is the child creation of God an end the Cain and Able syndrome? 

I believe that source, GOD, to be the same for all in terms thought. Thought applies to every aspect of existence. Thought is more basic than the elements of matter and light. Thought is the Power of the God force. 

When, will humanity understand its conscience; and realize we are our brother's keeper to end the Cain and Able syndrome?

Understanding of the concept of Being is in the understanding of the blend of all faiths. The amalgam of these ideas does express the purpose of oneness and unity of our thought, energy, and power. It is the reason we must come together, to resolve our differences and form an evolved unity of our thought, and realize the super ego of the universal mind is the source of belief and truth.

We, our selfish selves, must work towards unifying the world to demonstrate we understand we are - our brother's keeper so we might end the Cain and Able syndrome. 


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

OT, glad you stopped in... Yes, humanity struggles at life as though it was getting around in an arcade full of nonsense; just some where to be to spend time and energy...

The only notion that makes efficient and effective sense is the inclusive civil and selfless existence... It allows the three dimensions of humanity to develop in the same sequence...

If you do not mind, let me know if you ever heard the reason for why we were constructed? It hints at why humanity is so frustrated that it primarily seeks individual gratification of the physical senses...

Organic Thoughts profile image

Organic Thoughts 6 years ago from North Carolina

very interesting.... a sure food for thought.

Human race truly needs to take a moment and ponder as to where we are moving and the very reason for our existence.

History is a proof that Self-righteous bigotry and hypocrisy has always led civilizations on a path of destruction. Hope we open our eyes to continuously find better ways of human living and constructive community.

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