The Wisdom of Pragmatism

Nine Facts Why "The Pragmatic Evidence Of Eclectic Proof" Is Important

The Wisdom of Pragmatism is a succinct statement of fact: Eclecticism is the inclusive diversity that evidences the proof that states, "Practical Pragmatic Efficiency of Consensus Decision Reasoning Derives Positive Change." "Consensus-Wisdom is the Reasoned-Opinion and Agreement-Judgement." It takes "All the People," not just the motley crew of simple minded opportunist, to make "Practical Pragmatic Decisions" ...

Read the nine facts to verify the succinct statement of fact that derives unity ...

Our conscious existence-reality-system universe is composed of an infinite set of probabilities that are caused by the permutation effect of our energy, nature, and spirit animations...

The inclusive-capacity, ability and potential of our collective body, mind and soul provides the positive order, from which logic rules the probability of response, because it is the stabilising potential of our civil nature.

Exclusive capacity, ability and potential generates the negative disorder of chaos and disarray of probability response.

The exclusive iterations of life's impacts are simply part of the big inclusive picture of our infinite existence reality... All theory that fails to account for everything fails to account for all the probabilities, of our inclusive open existence system and universe, by virtue of not including all the variables.

Exclusive attitudes and behaviours are shortsighted attempts at divesting oneself from itself; one's management, stewardship and responsibility. One must understand, the individual self is simply part of the inclusive consciousness of the higher self, the God of our existence universe of permeation change, evolving towards perfection...

Change is due to the outcome of some chosen reasoning ... Choosing the reasoning requires chance; this chance

produces subsequent functional change. Reasoning is the probability-logic which forms the choice that results in functional-change...

There are all sorts of ways and means for producing change; but in the end, the result is a function of our essence, sense, and expression produced by our Karma, our -Yin/+Yang individuality.

Our Individuality is our personality-selves that source, feel, and form the spirit, nature, and energy of self and its animations. We create, evolve, and perfect what we sense, envision and see, this is what we get; or is it what goes around comes around, whichever, the end result, it is the same, "Karma"...

Karma is the consciousness deed punishment and reward mechanism that monitors each action, deed and endeavour of self-existence and its universe-animation.

The conscious universe employes Karma to guide and balance the choice, reason and change the selves of existence promote; Karma is the expression-qualifier of the choices that the self reasons as deeds and endeavours that produce the positive and negative change within the sphere of the existence spectrum; where inclusive, selfless civility is in the positive spectrum of change and exclusive, selfish evil is in the negative spectrum of change; here in the realm of the polar spectrum of bias is where balance is formed and singularity takes place as change modifies the polar attraction of yin and yang into the equilibrium of singularity..

A change is a decision, a choice brought about by the polar probability bias of some reasoned-chance; whether or not we wish change or not, it is ultimately the choice of the collective karma of the All which we are a part...

Implementing "A Pragmatic Approach" is not going to be easy; but when and if it is implemented it will become evident that the "Pragmatic Approach" is a win/win correction, for "Deriving the Best Solutions" needed by "All the People."

When and if the "Pragmatic Approach" is implemented it will then become truly understood to be most beneficial for all and not just a few... It will then be understood that, the practical pragmatic efficiency of consensus decision making derives positive change...

Now go to an sign the petition so the World can experience "The Pragmatic Evidence Of Eclectic Proof."


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