The World of Sarah Palin

What is Happening in an Alternative Universe?
What is Happening in an Alternative Universe?

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The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America was truly a fantastic event. Observers of the American nightmare under George W Bush were certain that his relay baton would be passed to McCain and Palin and that the world would continue its race to destruction. We expected the worse.

If there's an alternative universe, where the duo succeeded, the planet will be close to Armageddon if it isn't already dust particles. In that universe the religious extremists have met with their ferocious Gods (they hoped) but History is no longer available to write it up.

Meanwhile, back in our parallel universe, Barack Obama is striving to make the most of the miracle of his election. America at last has a president who is truly representative of everybody including those who were, as recently as the 1960s, disenfranchised; a president who is not prepared to continue the race but is prepared to remove the barbaric apparatus which started it.

Obama is teaching by example: torture is wrong, slaughtering innocents is wrong, being greedy, grasping and unquestioning of actions and consequences is wrong. Obama rejects teaching by threats, bullying tactics and going down to levels set by those with no respect for the lives of the rest of us.

Meanwhile also, Sarah Palin is about to start working for Fox News. Let her! We need reminders of what the world would have become and her new position will spew those out.

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