The collective sin

The Collective Sin

The trial of General Pervez Musharraf for breaking the constitution or putting it in abeyance and calling him ‘Ghaddar’ (one doing treason) for that is a collective sin of the prosecutors of the General. The word Ghaddar is used for a criminal who has been unfaithful to his country and his countrymen by joining hands with the enemy or aiding the enemy. But the abeyance or the suspending of the constitution under conditions needed to save the institution of the country responsible for its safety and security is not treason.

The cause has to be determine for the effect to have been caused by it. If the cause is malafides the effect brought about to undo it is justified. And Mian Nawaz Sharif was the cause, whose track record brought the effect in motion. The track record is as under:

The cause for bringing the Army in power in 1999 and its collective will to remove the fascist PM Nawaz Sharif was right, because of Nawaz Sharif’s repeated farcical acts. Mian Nawaz Sharif divided the judiciary in 1977 and caused the sitting Chief Justice Syed Sajjad Ali Shah removed from his office for his contempt of court trial by his panel of judges with him as CJ, presiding it. Mian Nawaz Sharif then attacked the Supreme Court of Pakistan sending his cronies there to attack the CJ and beat him up. They attacked and smashed furniture and chased the judges.

Nawaz Sharif clashed with the President when he refused to de-notify the CJ and the president had to resign. Then he sacked one Chief of Army Staff in 1999 and in the same year tried sacking the other Chief of Army – General Pervez Musharraf and that in a situation when the Army Chief was in the air in the aeroplane returning after his visit from Ceylon. He ordered his plane not to be allowed, landed anywhere in Pakistan – this act was a treason, looked at it from the angle of the right enshrined in the constitution to the citizens of the country to live and use the spaces of their nation. The Army reacted at this abrogation of their constitutional right by the PM and he was arrested from the office as a result of coup even before they arranged the safe landing of the plane carrying their Army Chief. This was a right act of the army overthrowing the sick minded Prime Minister who even tried his hand ar to be called Ameerul Momeneen, in the fashion of the Taliban Ameer Mulla Umar of Afghanistan.

Mian Nawaz Sharif was bankrupting the country of morality and ethical good governance. He owed the nation 6 billion in loan which he did not return. He took bribery to deprive a political party win a mandate and election to form their government – this refers to Mehran bank scandal as it is called. His present stint of governance is full of breaking the constitution. He is trying negotiating terms to mutually rule the country with the terrorist who every day kill innocent citizen. They threaten the judiciary with consequences if they dare sentence their criminal under trial and they walk out of the trial courts scot free.

These terrorists openly say they do not accept the constitution of Pakistan and kill and bomb blast army personnel and call them Nari – hell bound. A legitimate government on this point alone should initiate action against them for calling their Shaheed, Jahnnami – belonging to hell, but here is the traitor government which is sending the biggest Taliban Maulana, Samil Haque – who calls him father of the Taliban to smoothen the road for talks with them. This is all a conspiracy with the free nation of Pakistan. A conspiracy hatched by the Punjabi block-head using the offices of the terrorist against the other classes of the citizens.

This unholy move to outwit the peaceful citizenry, hatching conspiracy to force them later to change their faith and convictions, using constitution and parliament must be stopped right now at this stage of its take off. Nawaz Sharif must be removed at the earliest from his office and action against the Taliban should be taken at the double. And who else is best for it than General Pervez Musharraf whose track record is to stand for the interest of Pakistan in all events and at all cost. The traitors trying to negotiate with the terrorists should be tried for their conspiracies and the country and its people saved from ruin. Any political party head speaking to appease the terrorist Taliban, should be tried for treason and crime against humanity.

A true leader does not have to worry about making his country rich, loaded with gold and jewels. He has to worry loading his country with ethics and morality. The Senior Superintendent of police in Karachi on the fifth attack on his life by the Tehreeke Taliban Pakistan was killed in suicide bomb blast yesterday on 9 January 2014 by the Taliban, because this officer was pursuing the Taliban criminals and arresting them. They immediately proudly claimed of their killing the officer and no political party like TIP, Jamaat-e Islami or PMLN condemned the Taliban and asked for action against them. This is the state of their bankruptcy of their moral standing and lack of human values in them. In these circumstances all these political parties should be tried for treason in Pakistan.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia


10. 01.2014


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