The myth of mind control

The Conspiracy Theory. Snapshot credit: Silver Studios.
The Conspiracy Theory. Snapshot credit: Silver Studios. | Source

It is proposed to continue research on problems critical to a clarification of the fundamental aspects of the stimulus-response relationship in biological systems. Studies will be conducted utilizing chronic animal preparations with permanent septal electrodes … reads a declassified document on the MKUltra project from December 1954.

Project MKUltra was disappointing enough to get closed in 1973. The behaviorist methods did not bring information.

Declassified MKUltra
Declassified MKUltra | Source

"Truth serum"

Beside other means, MKUltra used chemistry called "truth serums". The chemistry was to make a human being tell the truth. There have been reservations.

While acknowledging that "truth serum" is a misnomer twice over -- the drugs are not sera and they do not necessarily bring forth probative truth -- journalistic accounts continue to exploit the appeal of the term, reports the CIA.

One of the reasons MKUltra never had a chance to bring success is the nature of human language. Language syntax is essential for the negative and the affirmative. To think about question tags, we could ask,

The serum cannot work, can it?

Language elements as simple as question tags exclude any chemical substance from successfully mediating a yes or no. The affirmative may come only to strengthen the negative, and another way round. Neurophysiology confirms that the synaptic representation of language in the human brain does not depend on isolated neurotransmitters. There are no particular neurotransmitters for a yes or no. Naturally, there no affirmative or negative brain areas.

Not a sensible idea

Behaviorist methods remain unable to address the human language faculty. Their effect always could have been only torturous. Torture fuels resistance; torture on the brain can give resistance a higher cause. On the side of seeking effective torture, torturers probably consider recoverability. A person might not tell anything, without hope he or she can survive in a personally agreeable condition. Torture on the brain is the worst of ideas, in the light.

It is important to note that Frank Church worked for American intelligence before investigating on MK Ultra. Not all American intelligence, and not everyone within even the CIA alone, would have been part the behaviorist nonsense.

However I was frustrated finding out that MKUltra was real ― I took the Conspiracy Theory movie for entirely fiction until some 2010 ― sweeping abuse of power under the rug could only aid attempts to build totalitarianism. Fortunately, the CIA did not go for it. Whenever European aggressive surveillance practices become revealed.

Things I cannot stop doing

Psycholinguistics gained prominence in 1960s, in America. It continues to oppose behaviorism. I do not know if dissent to projects as MKUltra was part the background. Psycholinguistics is my university specialization.

Most people learn to make word maps at school. I can't stop making word maps. They help learn. I like them. By the way, neither chemistry, nor electrodes could read this relatively simple word map.

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