The state of nature

My Views about the State of Nature


In the enlightenment history, Locke and Hobbes describe the state of nature as a situation where man was born to be free but each of them has different perspective as the true manifestation of the concept. While their discrepancy remains unresolved I have my own views on the state of nature. Some of my views align with Hobbes, some with that of Locke’s while the rest is entirely my perspective which perhaps must have been influenced by modern trends of life and events. The state of nature is a situation where there is a central force at the hierarchy of events. Every other thing is a descendant of this object, and all descendants are controlled in a way by this force. Man by nature seems to be influenced by natural forces, but at the same time the forces of nature allow opportunities for individual to adjust or reshape their condition. I believe that man is born with complete freedom to choose, and to do whatever he likes. I believe that man has liberty to do whatever he chooses, but that freedom must be respected. The only way to respect this freedom endowed to every human being by nature is to think critically, study situation and proceed in doing the right thing. I believe that the abuse of freedom must not be tolerated in anyway and who ever defies the concept of freedom should be corrected by a way of punishment. The state of nature is seen to make it that man should live happily with his neighbor, and should regard his neighbor as descendants from one source and as nature controls everything in diversity so shall man coexist, collaborate and form a unified, and central government with constitution to keep laws, maintain and enforce it for safe keeping of all citizenry. By nature, everyone is born free and own nothing, but man came into the world, and acquire riches through personal effort. It is the true nature of man existence here on earth that he must work his way through the struggles of life; that the freedom is the freedom to pursue good things and not to perpetrate evils. This is why a central government is required to rule. Man is capable of governing himself but as the saying goes “two heads are better than one”. Relating the state of nature to the modern times, the formation of central body or government has made it easy to project and develop human innovation, scientific invention and technological improvement. All these developments in science and technology are proofs of utilization of natural freedom and natural gift - our knowledge and our thinking faculty. It proves that man has the ability to think towards the right direction but that man needs the support of another to achieve true success. I think and believe that every man is given equal rights at first existence and man is destined for something; however that the freedom given to everyone has made it possible for individuals to shape their destiny. In reality some people are born rich, some achieve riches by self effort, while others have riches enthroned on to them. Like wise there are situation where some people who were born into wealthy families had misused their freedom, recklessly handled their wealth, and ended up dying in poverty. The state of nature can be attributed to a situation where people reap what they sow. I can equally describe the state of nature as situation of acquisition of loan which has an unfailing depth repayment. We came from an unknown world to the known, and must go back to the unknown. The state of nature is ultimately a mystery because until date, no one has convincingly explained to the world how life after transition looks like. Life is a process which has beginning and unfailing end. There is no one who has died, and came back to live. Life is a loan without collateral but there is a deadline for payment, the day when individual lost control of his freedom but to surrender to transitional moment-the end time. Therefore the state of nature has made it possible for every individual to struggle within the limited lifespan which in essence is a period loaned to every body by nature. It is worthwhile saying that there is no actual freedom because the time and space has limited the freedom. that within the time which had been given to man and which he had the ultimate liberty and freedom to meet his expectations on earth that within this period man is able to be anything he wishes himself to me. There is time and space allotted to each person and these two entities are expected to be enough for every individual to achieve a great success because the advancement of technology has proved that nature has given us all we need. It is only left for us to utilize the wisdom, knowledge, comfort, and the resources abundant and which are available to us to properly utilize them for development. Humans only invent and develop; they don’t create because creation was done and ended by the Supreme Being. I therefore conclude that within my own perspective and experiences of life, nature has given us everything including the freedom which we can use to either enslave ourselves or liberate ourselves. To enslave ourselves is by doing the wrong thing such as going against the constituted government and be punished; while enforcing our liberty implies following the right course, seek for improvement in our lives, align ourselves with the enlightenment concepts, liberate ourselves, remain free and enjoy the natures whole free gift. Finally, while everything was created to be good, there are people whose aura has negative vibrations, and who seem to have come into existence as balancing forces. They impact their negative impressions upon the good to neutralize things and sometimes throw them off balance. Therefore, such people are agents of destruction. In essence, not everybody is good and not all are bad. The good are good, and the bad are bad, but some good people are influenced by the bad people and vice versa.

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