The Novice Journalist

The Novice Journalist

Those who are aware of the hypocritical politics in Pakistan, know how Rana Sanaullah the Law Minister of Punjab roams in the company of the Sipah Sahaba who have been banned by General/President Pervez Musharraf, but the same people have adopted a different name and carry out the same trait of killing Shias, blasting bombs in the processions with the same zeal. And in this same Punjab the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif courts the terrorist, who calls him Maulana. Then one day on the 20th September this Rana Sanaullah has a pang in heart against Firqah -Wariat - the sectarian degeneration and dramatises politics by banning entry of the federal Interior Minister Rahman Malik and the Law Minister Dr Babar Awan in Punjab during the month of Moharram, accusing them, they fan ethnic rift between Sunnis and Shias.

In the same breath he declares that he will consider house arresting the Governor Punjab His Excellency Salman Taseer, he says the fear was he is equally prone to conspiring and fanning sectarian fighting. I think the level of abyss in abusiveness to which this man in Punjab has taken politics to, he really deserves to be immediately removed and admonished. He is only expert at using foul mouth and no other display of administration. And with his monotone on and on he is like, among the Bhaainsas – the buffalos, a Dungar – the bison wild beast, and among the Khars – the domesticated asses, a Khota – the braying useless ass and among the men a daredevil. He has no inhibition calling a PhD (his press talk on 3.10.2010), Kali Bherd – the black sheep and it is surprising where he gets the guts from to say these things. Is the judiciary backing him, is the terrorist backing him, what is his secret weapon, is it his gene? But whatever it is we as a nation are the sufferers to have to hear his foul talk.

The trouble is such people as Rana Sanaullah do not behave 100% Muslims. They like to live in a suspended state of Muslim, half Muslim, tyrant, and outright stupid.

When the federal government for some reason is so weak that it can take no action against such daredevils who challenge the very bond of the federation of Pakistan, the army core commander of the area must immediately move in and take the man in custody and some federal authority with power should immediately ban him from politics and punish him for causing disruption in the running of the state. It is not the hereditary right of the politician to rule if he is not behaving. Never mind he has been elected by the people. The people have jointly elected a host of people and together they have to take action against a miscreant otherwise they are failing in their duty. And we say put the constitution in abyss, only God can make a perfect constitution not man[1] and issue day to day, problem by problem verdicts. The only requirement will be when the constitution is put in abyss and a judgement is passed the relevant reference of the Quranic Aayet must be provided and no Muslim dare differ; they so love and trust Quran.

And this same kind of hypocrisy and obnoxiousness we see in Rana Sanaullah we see adopted by the other upcoming journalists on the loose in our hub pages. One such little journalist, smartening on writing hubs on natural disasters, definitely has a foul mouth. He called Asif Ali Zardari the President of Pakistan and they - Senator Faisal Raza Abedi, the president’s political adviser ‘Bastard ‘. This was violation of article 19 of the constitution of Pakistan. And he said they are the ones who planted bomb on the day of the Ashura in the Moharram Procession in 2009. What he said, of these, the first was Gheebat – back biting and the second lie. The bombing of the procession was first claimed to have been done by the Tahreek Taliban, then finally Lashkar-e Jhangvi have owned the responsibility of doing it. This rash journalist says I have small brain and says I am a beneficiary of the Bhutto and the follower of the religion Bhutto have invented and he will continuously call them Bas...d and nothing will happen to him in this world or in the hereafter. Now this kind of extremism is alarming. These little guys have severed all links with Islam and day by day they are going far from it.

Kaisay Kaisay Yeh Khurafat Liyay Baaithday Haain

Apnay Afkar Kay Daman Mein Makr Liyayay Baaithday Haain

Bhag In Sub Nay Mulk-o-Qaum Ka Phorda Haai

Nafrat –o – Heqarat Mein Inka Kalam Dooba Haai

Yeh Haqeeqat Mein Adawat Ki Sheh Nasheen Per

Bughz - o - Keena Nechhawar, Reshami Tanti Chardhatay Haain

Khak Yeh Khidmat-e Khalq Kareingay Oodhrday

Yeh Haain Aamada-ay Nang Yeh Ibn Wahab Khotay Haain


What bevies of thoughts they are sitting with

They are sitting with deceit behind their harvest of thoughts

They have smashed the fortune of the country and people

Their narration is dubbed in hate and disdain

They in fact on the lodge of enmity

Sprinkle acrimony and malice and lay crude silk on it

Naught these de-robed will do service to humanity

They are set at rowdiness, they are sons of Wahab, are deficient.

I would suggest the government must request some Aayetullah from Najaf-e Ashraf or Qum to come and live in Pakistan and give lectures to these way gone half Muslims. There is no use having Allama Tahirul Qadri on the hot sizzler as just the enough commodity of reform, who says for ten years one thing then one day turns back to his once lost courses and repeats that, hurting the entire Shia people all over the world, or having Ameer-e Jamat Islami Syed Munauwar Hasan who has a varied record. Imtiaz Alam, Chairman SAFMA accuses him of using unfair means and making wealth - TV Talk of Kamran Shahid on 11.9.2010.

And in fact rather than the judiciary allowing this little journalist calling Asif Ali Zardari what he calls, it should immediately issue Zardari with a certificate of appreciation for:

1 His bringing amendment and restoring the 1973 constitution in verdict and form.

2 His bringing in NFC award consensus among the provinces.

3 His giving citizenship right to the people of Gilgit Baltistan and creating a new province.

4 His maintaining the Media freedom in spite of their onslaught on him.

5 His respect for the judiciary in spite of their going out of way and bypassing constitutional constraint and forcing the government to send letter to the Swiss Court for his trial in an unproved case of corruption against him.

6 His good relation with the army forcing them to maintain healthy relation with the executive of the government.

7 His claim of the Pakistan Khappay slogan from out of his system forcing the unity of the country on the people of Pakistan.

8 His smile and optimistic looks in spite of the dooms portrayed and predicted by seasoned politician and the wretched media, the journalist, and the gloomy commentators.

9 His sustained policy.

10 His policy of reconciliation.

The self discipline and respect for the elders and the elated has to be generated in the Pakistani. These fellows: Rana Sanaullah, Shahbaz Sharif and the little journalist on the hub pages are hit by the luring power of running the government intoxicating them and twisting their anvil and former. They have got to be brought down to earth. Humbleness is the medicine for them; they ought to be given the first potency dose of the lessons of humbleness to enable them to walk steadily coming out of the wide wilderness they are being chased in by their whims and notions.

And if the Media wants to do constructive service to the country and to the people, they should dedicate a programme entirely to terror reporting and its follow up that how the investigation was progressing, whether the criminals were arrested and whether the court sentenced them and whether the sentence was carried out. And to give lessons to the terrorists and make an example of them, their masterminds, financiers and the quarrelsome clergies, should be hanged in Public Square.  Soon we shall begin to see the nose dive end of terrorism.    


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


23 September, 2010

[1] Please see my hub the King of Pakistan and the Pink Safa


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