The 47th Weekly Pop Awards Acceptance Speeches

My response format seemed to go over so well yesterday I think I will follow it again today and respond as the recipients of my fellow conservative blogger breakfastpop’s 47th weekly Pop Awards. To get the perspective from which I opine you first need to go to Breakfastpop’s hub for today. I now give you the acceptance speeches from her award recipients.

Thank you so much; I am of course Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC Host. I enjoyed the fact that I profusely promoted allegations from the Congressional Black Caucus that ethics investigations into Democrats Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are racially motivated; if you haven’t guessed by now, I never met a racial allegation I didn’t like. Of course you realize I am speaking of White on Black Racism because all of us in the enlightened world know there is no such thing as Black on White Racism; that King Shamir Shabazz trumped up incident was just another attempt by FOX News and Andrew Breitbart to further enslave Black People. Having said all that have a lovely day and I would like to leave you with this thought Socialism in and of itself is not evil it is those greedy Capitalist that continue to resist by holding on to their own money that are evil; so go out into the world today and open your wallets; let’s help this President Succeed; I’m doing my part it’s time you did yours.

Tank you tank you tank you; I am Don Lemon; pronounced Don Le’ Moouund’ as they say in France. Of course I gave Reverend Al a big leg up; what did you expect me to do? You are aware I work for CNN and we at CNN realize it is our sacred duty and responsibility to promote the agenda of the left. I’m sure you will agree there is none further to the left than Reverend Al. Remember Twana Brawley, well that’s when Reverend Al got his start; he didn’t let a small matter like Truth get in his way in that instance and I don’t intend to let it hinder me here. Finally, and I know I’m running a bit long here but I would like to say just as our most famous anchor Chris Mathews has come to be known as old Wee Wee Leg because of his self proclaimed warm feelings every time he hears Obama speak I would like to be known as Don Leg Up Le’ Moouund!

Wow; what a proud day for CNN; two Pop awards; that’s the most recognition we’ve gotten since Ted sold the Braves. I’m Rick Sanchez and for the record I didn’t hint around that Fox News wasn't a legitimate news organization I came right out and said it. I’m sick and tired of all those smug conservatives at FOX rubbing our noses in the fact they have more viewers for the one hour Bill O’Reily is on than we have for the entire 24 hours we’re on. As for how bitter I looked; someone had to take the place of Helen Thomas; now that was one bitter old lady!

Hello Darlings; I am Diane Sawyer and yes I was a former Beauty Queen so don’t expect much objectivity from me. I made it this far on my looks and now that they are fading somewhat; well I have to do as I’m told and those in charge here at ABC tell me what to say. I know I’m not as skilled as our Premier at reading the teleprompter but I do my best. When the old Tele flashes Fort Hood's Nidal Hasan was "just another worker with a gun and a grudge that’s what I read. I haven’t had an original thought in this pretty little head of mine in well over 20 years. Oh as for that "soldier of Allah" stuff, who’s Allah?

My name is Boutros Boutros Ghali; I was Secretary General of the UN from 1992 to 1996. My real name is just Boutros Ghali but as a child I stuttered so the name Boutros Boutros stuck. Anyway I guess I’m best known for that famous Christmas Carol Burl Ives wrote about me, you know the one; Boutros Boutros Ghali he decorates the UN with Holly! But moving right along being from Egypt I have to ask what’s wrong with a bug diet for humans. I grew up on bugs and you’ll have to agree; I turned out alright. If you greedy Americans would eat more bugs and less livestock you wouldn’t be so fat. Not to mention the greenhouse gases you personally produce from eating the livestock; pwheeeew wee.

O.K that’s all for today; let’s have a round of applause for our winners. The two from CNN are welcome to stay for awhile since no one would notice if you showed up for work or not because no one’s watching. As for Ms. Sawyer good luck in the upcoming Ms. Grandma Pageant and Boutros there are lots of bugs out on the lawn so feel free to graze as long as you like.


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

I applaud the show...and the winners but only because they are the winners not because of what they did to win. WB

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Thanks Wayne

We all wish they would take their road show on the road for good.

SheriSapp profile image

SheriSapp 6 years ago from West Virginia

good job Patriot. I like these latest hubs and your new temporary response "style". You are so creative!!!

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Thanks sheri

Hopefully we can create our way out of this mess come November!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Well done Patriot. Is this the show after the show?

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Good job Patriot The hub is very entertainment with your new style of writing. Keep it up!

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author


As Ed Sullivan used to say; this is a really big Shooooow!

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Thanks Pamela;

As long as Pop doesn't mind me piggy-backing I'll write some more.

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