The End Of Democracy As We Know It?

Corporations Granted Control of US Government

For the past 4 months I have discussed an issue greater than universal health care, our economic crisis, or domestic terrorism. Very few have paid attention to one of the most damaging Supreme Court rulings made in the history of this country. Why? Because the debate surrounding the long-term assault on democracy caused by the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down federal restrictions on corporate political spending would cause even the least active citizens to cringe and rebel.

"...Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth”

-- Abraham Lincoln

This statement by Abraham Lincoln became nothing more than a famous quote on January 21st 2010 as corporations will now hold the power of appointing and removing from office candidates of their choice. The American people will become nothing but pawns in a financial free for all controlled by the wealthiest Americans. It doesn’t matter where you sit on the political merry go round or what party one pledges allegiance, your voice has become nothing more than a sound bite for media defining corporate sponsored political insurgence.

As of January 21st 2010 the will of the people will give way to the desires of corporations. Corporate money will determine congressional voting patterns, political appointments, party agendas, and Presidential elections. Would we as a people find ourselves in the midst of a health care reform debate if the healthcare industry was able to dictate the terms by defaming those against it and promoting those who support them with no financial restrictions? Is this the America we want to live in? Then again do we really have a choice at this point?

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 6 years ago

I'm with you on this one. This is the worst decision by an activist Supreme Court since Dred Scott in 1857.

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author

Ralph - We spend a great deal of time debating the politics of the US because we believe that it can make a difference. No longer will that be the case. As a liberal I would rather have a conservative ideal win out in popular debate than to have a liberal ideal shoved down my throat because of special interest.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

Amen SOBF - I posted the article on another website. The "too big" to fail entities will now be the grand puppet masters and we the dummies pulled by the strings.

President Obama will be the last minority to enter the Whitehouse as head of state, from now on it will status quo. The next miniority who steps foot in the WhiteHouse better be carrying a mop or mowing the lawn. The only female on site will be washing dishes or sleeping in the President's bed.

Ever since President Obama upset the apple cart in an effort to force the "haves" to pay their share of the taxes he's been in their sites. Once he hit that beehive known as Swiss bank and Offshore accounts the rich have been pissed.

Our votes have never been worth much, the rich usually pushed in office who they wanted, but sometimes the democracy got in the way. Now they've cut out the middle man our votes will be worth zilch.

Folks talk about socialism, something this nation has never experienced, now we will have richism, truly a tug of war between the haves and have nots. Guess who's winning?

William R. Wilson profile image

William R. Wilson 6 years ago from Knoxville, TN

Time for the little folks to get together...

Good hub on a vitally important subject.

JOE BARNETT profile image

JOE BARNETT 6 years ago

now republicans will see what it means to be a republican and favor big business. see how much they do for you. there has always been the conspiracy theory that banks are trying to control the world. well here it is!we do have one other choice. find out what corp. is doing what. find out everything that they own. then do not spend a penny with them. we can shut them down!!we can control them. when they make a circle we make a bigger circle. see what corporation goes our way. everyone will have to stick together!!!!!!!!!!!!also is there anything that can be done about those justices? were they on drugs? is someone paying them off ? we don't need a justice that caters to a dollar.they are all republican appointees,sheesh!they are supposed to be the reasoned, educated, intelligent, fair ones. if we can see it, why didn't they? GREED . . . thats why! they need to be investigated and removed and in that order!

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author

Joe - I don't put this one squarely on the shoulders of the republican party. Corporations will influence democrats just as much as they will republicans. Imagine a world where salaries and surpressed, environmental protections are unheard of, and wars are waged based on a corporations desire to enter a foreign market. This is the direction we are heading.

William F. Torpey profile image

William F. Torpey 6 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

The Supreme Court's decision -- by the usual five votes of the right wing justices -- is a travesty. Free speech is for citizens, not corporations. Corporations are wrongfully considered "persons" by the court. I've written about this horrendous decision briefly on one of my blogs. Your idea, SOBF, of hitting back at corporations that take advantage of this travesty by spending huge sums of money to influence elections is excellent. We need to organize Americans to answer this challenge.

JOE BARNETT profile image

JOE BARNETT 6 years ago

i don't place it squarely on the republicans eventhough it was them that used to do their bidding.big business no longer needs them. now as i say in my hub. they have thrown the country out with the bathwater.why is it that if we can see and our forefathers could see the problems with this, that our experienced, college educated,lawyer,judge gate keepers couldn't or didn't, or didn't want too or did but didn't care to see through david bossies play on words. he is a conservative a polemist and the justices just happen to be conservative appointees. what a coincidence!this move was the only tool they had to circumvent the president and get back in the whitehouse lobbying.well now they,ll be able too and a whole lot more. but, for the people republican or democrat they have created a monster!

Warren Curtis profile image

Warren Curtis 6 years ago from Buffalo, New York

I second this .... But I seen it coming as you well know in my rant that you read ... But we still have power and we can do something ... There is an effort on Facebook to organize a Protest on april 15, 2010. PLease join us and spread the word.

Socialblu 6 years ago

When discussing this issue with a friend I joked (although without much humor) that the 2012 candidates would be announced as GE's candidate "so and so" and Fox's candidate "such and such" instead of democrat, republican, or any such party (has this ruling hurt or helped third parties? I would say it hurts all around but some might see this as a twisted victory). My friend topped me, since corporations pretty much have the same rights as human beings in this nation, he said candidate GE and Candidate Fox. Although I never thought that our representative democracy was for the people by the people (I agree with Chomsky's analysis) it seems the elite no longer see the point of hiding this fact anymore.

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


Then, what is your suggestion on how to get back into the game?

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago

We are blaming the corporations and maybe that is OK, but we are letting the politicians off the hook. The politicians and the political parties could refuse that money and set reasonable limits.

Ha, right, but if they would then we might have politicians that would do a better job, than the current rented ones.

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author


I could win the lottery and marry Alicia Keyes but I think it would be prudent not to count on that.

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


Now you are getting greedy, winning either one should be enough, anything more would be a bonus. :)

pburger 6 years ago

Alas, my friend, this shows the fallacy of the rhetoric of capitalism. Let us put Abe Lincoln's rhetoric in its historical context. '...of the people, by the people, for the people...' begs the question who are the people. At the time of the announcement the people were the law-makers, and the myth of Abe Lincoln had yet to reach it's culmination. So, I suggest that today the law-makers never did, never will, have the common people in mind; and your voice has never anything 'more than a sound bite for ... corporate sponsored political insurgence'. Abe Lincoln was no less a capitalist than any member of the US Supreme Court. With the capitalist ideology rampant within the halls of power, why are you surprised that 'capital hill' promotes the values of and acquiesces to the demands of capitalists?

American Tiger 6 years ago

Bwahahahahaha! The blinders are duct-taped so tight onto you people, and you've grown so comfortable in them, any light at all causes you to wince and cover your eyes with whatever is available.

Corporations, just like Unions, are made up of People. And Every One of you kool-aid drunk lefties are just fine with Unions having political access up the yahoo, right? When Andy Stern has more face-time with Obama than any human alive except Michelle -may her stylist mourn in Spain- the Moocher, well that's not a special interest lobbyist at all!

What's even more funny -and yes, I'm laughing AT you- is that those big corporations and evil rich guys you excoriate, are ALSO lefties. They give HUGE amounts to LibDems, in far greater amounts than they give to Republicans.

Big Government Bureaucratic Liberalism works best for the large corporations who can afford all the attorneys and accountants necessary to keep up with all the regulatory nonsense. Small Businesses cannot afford all that, and get crushed by the overburdening weight of all those political manoeuvrings.

Free Market Capitalism created the greatest country in the history of the world. Socialism has snuffed out every economy it's come in contact with.

If doing things the Liberal way was so very effective, why is it that Liberal dominated districts are marked by poverty and crime?

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