The Wisdom of Thought Balance


There is a time in every season for change...

The Wisdom Of Selflessness

‎"Wisdom is the intuitive insight of a selfless mind..." One's selfless soul delivers positive inclusive and civil messages to the right side of the brain.

The id is the metaphysical servant of the mind self which operates the physical body; one's selfish-ego may send negative myopic messages to the id that operates the left side of the body's brain. These negative messages influence the id to behave badly. Care must be taken to monitor the id and ego's relationship within the self, to balance the polarity of their activity, so as to gain a relative positive self-esteem. This is where humanity has acquired a propensity for wrong doing by not being prudent, pragmatic and diligent in this matter of balancing its negative behavior. Some minds develop an infatuation with using their brethren selves as objects, for their self interest and selfish gain, if they are let to wander into the negative traits of selfish behavior... This selfishness can be seen both through the eyes of the poor and rich alike; and it is detrimental to both in the long run.

Selfishness is in the eye of the beholder, it festers the potential for the greed which blurs the vision of one's wisdom... With clear sight one may see their sacred gift of intuitiveness - The wisdom needed to formulate the end for the contest of wits, so that the balance of energy, nature and spirit might fulfill our life experience... lpa 2/2012

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loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

darrenworks, Thank you for the feedback. I get this remark quite a bit. It is not that the writing is too difficult, it is that people are not use to taking the time to grasp the scope of the meaning, knowledge and understanding in the words.

Words are here to confuse, they are the gauntlet of understanding... I have written a simple poem that spells this out. You might take a look at it an see if it provides the means to understand any written script...

darrenworks profile image

darrenworks 4 years ago from Lake In The Hills, IL

Your subject matter is one that has always been facinating to me also. I went and read your profile material and then returned to this hub to post this comment so I could extend my remarks. I thought I had a pretty good relationship with the english lexicon until I began looking at your use of jargon. I have always liked the notion that if I can choose the right words, I would have to use fewer of them to concisely relay my thoughts to others. However, the reality that I have experienced is this, not everybody has a well developed vocabulary, and often times we overestimate our audiences ability to grasp our meaning when not using "everyday words". The reason I wanted to make mention of this was because I would like to see your message reach everybody, and so would you I'm sure, but your use of vocabulary, in my humble opinion, is a bit overkill.

For example, one of the reasons Dennis Miller did not work out for Monday Night Football and never really became mainstream was his ability to make a brilliant metaphorical observation only to leave most everybody viewing at home thinking "what the hell is that suppose to mean?" , including me quite often.

You obviously have great intentions to reach people, and I believe in your message, but I suggest less jargon when possible and more easy to grasp vocabulary so that more readers will stay engaged in the subject matter.

Glad I found you! I look forward to exploring more or your material. Keep up the crusade!

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