Thinsulation Would Solve it All.


Thinsulation Would Solve It All.




With just a

little less effort,

all who hunger

will become dust,

dissipating in the
winds of despair.


All who are ill

and without health

coverage will die

soon enough.


No more wide eyed,

bloated bellies,

begging sustenance

from Sudan,


nor ghetto children

suckling government cheese


No panhandlers

begging change,

their cardboard

box mansions,

rendered into

dumpster mulch.


The well-off and

middle class can

gnaw the bones of

fatted calves,

without guilt for

lesser beings.


The Salvation

Army's red kettles

will become

flea market collectibles,

perfect for geraniums

to grace beach cottages.


Starvation will have

nothing to feed on.


The world will grow

plump and jolly as

the earthen holes 

fill with the thin

and emaciated.


Simply stop giving.

Just say No to the Po'

and the cries will fall silent.


Bleeding hearts will heal,

and poverty will vanish.


 It's easy enough to do,

So many already have,

Wanna start a club?

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