This is My America - The Murder of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin / Emmett Till
Trayvon Martin / Emmett Till

Stand-Your-Ground Law / From Wikipedia

A stand-your-ground-law; is a law that allows a person to use deadly force when threatened without an obligation to retreat first. In some cases, a person may use deadly force in public areas without a duty to retreat.

Nearly every jurisdiction in the United States has the Castle doctrine, stating a person has no duty to retreat when their home is attacked. Some states go a step further, removing the duty of retreat from any location. Clauses that state this fact are called "Stand Your Ground", "Line In The Sand" or "No Duty To Retreat" clauses, and state exactly that the defender has no duty or other requirement to abandon a place in which he has a right to be, or to give up ground to an assailant. Under such laws, there is no duty to retreat from anywhere the defender may legally be. Other restrictions may still exist; when in public, a person must be carrying the firearm in a legal manner, whether concealed or openly.

"Stand your ground" governs U.S. federal case law in which self-defense is asserted against a charge of criminal homicide. The Supreme Court ruled in Beard v. U.S. (1895) that a man who was "on his premises" when he came under attack and "...did not provoke the assault, and had at the time reasonable grounds to believe, and in good faith believed, that the deceased intended to take his life, or do him great bodily harm...was not obliged to retreat, nor to consider whether he could safely retreat, but was entitled to stand his ground."

My comment: so bottom line some little old white lady on an elevator has the right to blow some innocent man/person of color away if she is in fear? Like the ladies we see now that clutch their purses in fright while in confine spaces with persons of color.

Amerian Reality vs Black Reality

It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others. . . . One ever feels his twoness,— an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warrings ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.
W.E.B. Du Bois (1868-1963) The Souls of Black Folk (1903)

Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till both black, both young, both murdered 57 years apart. Clearly showing that nothing much has changed except the name of the victims. Both children taken away by the evil that lives among us. This is the reality of blacks living in my America. A country that touts the freedom and equality for all that touch her shores, a lie to those of us who live here, and have the audacity to be persons of color. My America where black parents not only must school their children regarding stranger danger, but must also include the necessary precautions to keep themselves alive on a daily basis. In my America predators come in every color black, white doesn't matter, cause your skin is black you're a visual target for evil. In my America black children are taught not to seem aggressive when approached by police, stay away from certain parts of town, don't make eye contact and now be careful " walking while black". Trayvon Martin, just a regular kid, walking down a street he may have traveled a hundred times, in his own young world, minding his own business. His only trespass chugging ice tea with skittles a mild sugar high at most. But we will never know the truth of his last few minutes on this earthly plane, because there is no one left to tell the tale with exception of his murder. A grown man who felt threaten by a child, a black child, a child sporting the dreaded hoodie. This male who out weighed the child, who, if he felt so threatened, should have taken his stupid butt back into his home and dialed 911. This is what all "Captains" of neighborhood watch, are instructed to do. Not wander around loaded for bear like the Earp's at the OK Corral. A modern lynching no more no less.

The Scary Black Man Syndrome

Just another excuse for hate. Because of current 24 hour news coverage some of the false claims of folks against black men are quickly dispelled, mostly due to public scrutiny. The weak use so many excuses for hate. One party, on this very site, used the results from some idiot decade old poll as his reason to hate blacks. The poll stated that more black men are in jail than other races, so the results gives this knuckle dragger his reason to hate an entire race. A poll created by entities with an agenda. Used to scare gun toting idiots regarding "black fright", and generated in all probability, by the NRA to boost weapon sales. The same thing happen after President Obama's election, rumors flew that he was going to disarm Americans taking away their precious second amendment rights. The end result gun sales escalated, why because most are scared, fearful, cowardly sheep. Motivated and used as puppets by corporations . . gun retail outlets why . . money.

Amanda Knox had originally accused African bar owner, Patrick Lumumba, of the murder she stood accused of.  It works in the US so why not in Italy?
Amanda Knox had originally accused African bar owner, Patrick Lumumba, of the murder she stood accused of. It works in the US so why not in Italy?
In 1989, Stuart ignited a racial firestorm when he claimed a black man (with a "raspy voice") shot him and killed his then-pregnant wife. Stuart picking an assailant out of a lineup but his story collapsed when his own brother told police the truth.
In 1989, Stuart ignited a racial firestorm when he claimed a black man (with a "raspy voice") shot him and killed his then-pregnant wife. Stuart picking an assailant out of a lineup but his story collapsed when his own brother told police the truth. | Source

On Sept. 25, 1883, Frederick Douglas stated:

"Though the colored man is no longer subject to barter and sale, he is surrounded by an adverse settlement which fetters all his movements. In his downward course he meets no resistance, but his course upward is resented and resisted at every step of his progress. If he comes in ignorance, rags and wretchedness, he conforms to the popular belief of his character and in that character he is welcome; but if he shall come as a gentleman, a scholar and a statesman, he is hailed as a contradiction to the national faith concerning his race, and his coming is resented as impudence. In on case he may provoke contempt and derision, but in the other he is an affront to pride and provokes malice.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In this extraordinary era, where a man of color is the leader of one of the most powerful nations on earth, it's a sad connotation that nothing much has changed within it's borders. This is the America I know . . . a country that gives lip service to equality. Equality to some, but not for the many, no "liberty and justice" for all as touted in our allegiance. A technology savvy nation that can't stop the hate, or won't. That metes out justice to a privilege few, leaving the rest of us to our own devices.

One wonders if Zimmerman could have delivered a warning shot, or maybe shot his "threat" in the foot or leg . . why shoot to kill? We will never know the truth, why because no evidence was gathered, the cops call it a fair shoot. Zimmerman's background never checked the event was taken at his word. The victim has no voice, none but ours.

Yeah . . This is My America . . My Reality

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Askme profile image

Askme 4 years ago

Jamiel Shaw. Born in South Central Los Angeles, mother an Iran soldier, father hard working and dedicated to insuring Jamiel graduated high school, went onto college. Gunned down by a career gang member who was paroled just a day or two before he decided to go "hunting for blacks." Jamiel was on his way home to go looking for track shoes with his dad and was only a couple of houses away from home, still wearing his Spiderman back pack, when shot dead.

Jamiel was re-victimized when he was described in the press as having "gang ties." Truth is he tried to get along with everyone. This is typical of kids raised in known gang areas. You just try to get along as best you can. But Jamiel was far from a gang member.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

Hi, I remember seeing this on tv, the guy who shot the young lad was I believe hispanic? the reason why I say this is because they were so busy arguing over whether he was white or hispanic they seemed to forget that he had murdered a young innocent boy! Unbelievable! it makes me so sad to think this happened, when will we ever learn? I was actually talking about a similar thing today, not a murder but a woman who sat on the train insulting foriegn people, she was swearing and yelling 'where do you come from? go back home to your own country' and so on, she got jailed, but only because someone filmed her on his phone. The point I was virtually yelling at the tv was, 'you stupid woman, the men you were yelling at probably their families have been over here for generations' and one black guy who they interviewed was talking about it on tv, and I said, did you know that black people have been in England since the middle ages?! and thats my point, pure stupidity, sorry for going on, but as you can see it drives me mad too, take care nell

Royshub profile image

Royshub 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

This story has made me sad angry hurt infuriated and fed up.

Why does George Zimmerman walk free after HUNTING down and murdering an innocent boy?

I love my country I have served for my country people DIE every day for our rights and freedom.

George Zimmerman had NO RIGHT chasing and murdering this innocent boy.

cookies4breakfast profile image

cookies4breakfast 4 years ago from coastal North Carolina

This is a powerful hub to read. I honestly had made several attempts to express my horror and sadness at this poor child's murder and the continued problem of racism in the U.S., but it's just too painful for me to finish. Thank you for doing your part to bring awareness. Sharing this.

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 4 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

It just never ends. It was so bad here in NYC in the 70's with white police officers killing black boys that I packed up and moved to Long Island to save my son - a whole different mindset when it came to policing. Of course living on LI is no picnic either - crime is rampant in the white communities but for the longest time it was the usual comment - a black guy did it. Therefore much crime remains unsolved like the more than 10 dead women recently found buried along the beaches because there is a tendency not to look at white men as criminals. Well, in these segregated neighborhoods - seriously, who do you think is committing the crime.

Yet, many would argue that because my reality does not affect them or they are clueless - then it does not exist. And there lies the lies we continue to live with.

Speaking of that Amanda Knox thing - I just happened to be planning a trip to Italy at that time (changed my mind) so I was well aware of the murder. The first thing out of her mouth was that the black guy did it - Lumumba. How did she know - because she was there when it happened and heard the screaming - when they asked her why didn't she run - well, duh! she changed her story. This of course is rarely written into a US news account.

I'd like to remind many people that too many whites are too poor to be considered racists - they don't have the power. They engage in these killings because they are the kind of savages that know they can get away with it because it is a historical fact.

Thanks for another great thorough hub.

SantaCruz profile image

SantaCruz 4 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA

PMC, thank you for writing... I shed a few tears. The problems feel overwhelming sometimes. Surely you're not at a loss for examples of framing black men, but another is Jesse Anderson from Milwaukee - a white guy who murdered his wife... More of us need to use hubs for consciousness-raising. Thx.

idratherbe 4 years ago

Well written and informative hub. As a nation we are going backwards. We as a nation, need to come together, after all we are all Americans. It's time to put racism in the closet and close the door and hammer it shut forever! I can only hope.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah Author

Thank you for your compliment. You're so true re: our ugly face, and black secret. I'm an avid patron of crime TV and too many times have heard murders behind bars say they killed to see what it felt like. Makes me wonder about this cowardice creep. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read and comment. Peace to you and yours.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah Author

So true an incident like this sends mankind back decades in development. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah Author

So true and its so sad. As a mother of an adult black male, who has never been in trouble, a firefighter and gives back this incident angers me to no end. Thank you for your time and comment.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah Author

Thank you so much

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 4 years ago

Well done. When will we ever learn all of the lessons from this shameful, unnecessary, hateful crime. Zimmerman never should have gotten a gun permit. He should not have been allowed to carry a handgun or any weapon when serving as a neighborhood watch volunteer. He should not have even been allowed to servie on neighborhood watch. The stand your ground law is is insane. Strict laws regulating the manufacture, sale and use of handguns are badly needed. The laws already on the books aren't effectively enforced. Commonsense should tell us that indiscriminately arming the public leads to mayhem.

twaggoner profile image

twaggoner 4 years ago

very nicely written, it is a shame that todays "advanced" society still holds dear to its racist past. it is really scary to think that this could happen to a child walking down the street. without consequences for zimmerman it will only allow for more action of the same sort.

Cyndi10 profile image

Cyndi10 4 years ago from Georgia

Very well done. Poor Trayvon has shown America the ugly face it has when it comes to how African American men are looked at. Instead of this man, Zimmerman, seeing the handsome young man that Trayvon was, he obviously saw some kind of monster. Black men are vilified daily, with the media usually fueling the fire. If you look closely at the timeline, it took a while for this story to even break. Unfortunately, it happens all too frequently. Voted up.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah Author

Thank you again. Peace to you and yours.

Sooner28 4 years ago

No problem. I shared this hub so hopefully more people will read about this case and others. People's consciousness must be raised.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah Author

Sooner28 really appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. Thank you.

pmccray profile image

pmccray 4 years ago from Utah Author

Sooner28 really appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. Thank you.

Sooner28 4 years ago

It is quite sad. The backwards imbecile Zimmerman was instructed not to follow Martin. He continued to do so, and actually chased him. Then a scuffle occurred, and Martin was shot, all because of a paranoid racist.

Events like this show America has a long way to go. This shooting happened around the time that the bumper sticker came into the news, with the "DON'T RENIG" quote. Some people are just really disgusting.

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