Three Core Values of Development Economics

Three Core Values of Development Economics

Three core values serve as standards of development.

Sustenance. This refers to the capacity to meet basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. Lack of even one of these means that a person's life is not progressive. A country develops if its citizens have enough or more than enough for their basic necessities, there is growth of income, extreme poverty is addressed, and there is equality among members of society.

Self-esteem. The quality of life is good when there is respect, trust, and self-value. Each person has needs which can be achieved through the presence of respect, dignity, and a good reputation in society. A person's worth as an individual cannot simply be measured by the ownership of material things which is often given emphasis by progressive capitalist countries such as the United States. In the Philippines, material wealth is not the only important thing but the love for one's family, the family's reputation, and a person's dignity and self-esteem. A country is developed if this unique need of the people is addressed.

Freedom from Servitude. This freedom is drawn from liberation from oppressive systems in society, poverty and abuse, slavery, ignorance, and the absence of the freedom to choose one's culture or religion. This freedom can be seen in the range of choices in a society. What is good about development is not only the joy of being free from poverty but also the availability of a wide range of choices. In general, freedom prevails if people live a comfortable life, if they have the freedom to choose their religion, to vote and to express their opinion about administration and governance, and if they enjoy equal opportunities for education and employment.

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this must be applied in Africa

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very good notes

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this are the best notes ever 5 years ago

the core values of development are realistic and helpful for the policy implementation..........

Morrycate 5 years ago

All i can is kudos and only hungry minds can grow.

Esther 4 years ago

Very wonderful it really assist us as students,,,,,,

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this is taken from the book of todoro book addition 10th ,,, defiantly its good for Students of economic.

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A very impressive thought, really like it and it is very help full to student especially those that are studying geography. Kip it up sir.

jaziirah 4 years ago

to what extent is it true to say that development is not constant

jaziirah 4 years ago

the book of todoro book addition 10th

my anne 4 years ago

how could we attain these for having a goodlife if we don't have any oppurtunity? 4 years ago

very helpful 4 years ago

very helpful

mathew 3 years ago

all the ideas are good, however it applies in an ideal situation which can be difficult to apply in the real world

Quitewell Peter 3 years ago

very applicable to everyone ether economics or other field but add more on self esteem and sustainanance

Anthony from kampala. 3 years ago

I appreciate your good has made it easy for esp students.

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Helpful notes

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for basic idea it is good.

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