Tiger Woods Speech at Obama's Inauguration

Wow. So the last line of this hub is sooo not true anymore. I don't like Tiger Woods anymore... Just, for the record.


Tiger Woods Speech at Obama's Inauguration

I got this in an e-mail last week and found it pretty interesting. Listen to the video and tell me what you think.

"You'll Never Walk Alone"

If you didn’t notice, Tiger never even once mentioned Obama. Instead, Tiger made a tribute to the United States Military. Tiger went up and gave his speech, but it was not what the Democrats had in mind when they formally invited him to give a short speech. Tiger did not say anything (good or bad) about Obama, he just paid his respect to the military and his father. I was very proud for this. Tiger Woods was under a lot of pressure to be there, because if he did not go, the Liberals would have been mad at him. You see, for about a decade the Liberals had been pounding on Tiger for not joining their side. In the end, the Liberals were upset with his speech, but he made me, millions of Americans, and his father, with God in Heaven, very happy.

I always new I liked Tiger Woods…

Did Tiger have a good speech?

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johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX

Wow, great hub. I thought Tiger Woods was a jerk in some ways, but this speech obviously soffens up this feeling. Turns out, he might not be a bad guy like I HAD thought. Thanks for the great hub.


parkerk393 profile image

parkerk393 7 years ago from Arlington, Texas Author

You're welcome! I'm glad I could change your feelings about someone for the better.

dennis1SG 7 years ago

Tiger knew where his priorities were! A very professional tribute to the United States of America and her real Leadership! God Bless America and all of the Armed Forces Service Members, Retired and Active Duty!

parkerk393 profile image

parkerk393 7 years ago from Arlington, Texas Author

Great comment! Thanks! I agree 100%.

dave wessel 7 years ago

He's reading it. Now you need to ask...who prepared it and what was their motive and whether it really reflects Tiger Woods. It might just be so....but I always know that in Washington someone is always in control of the puppets.

C-shank 7 years ago

Tiger Woods lives on Jupiter Island in case you guys didn't know. If that means nothing to you, look it up.

ChipM13 7 years ago

Tiger is a class act and this was a class moment.

Teresa 7 years ago

I am so proud of Tiger Woods, I would love to shake his hand. I know his family must be very proud of him..God Bless him and his family..

Korey O'Day 7 years ago

Tiger Woods is a the definition of class and I am proud to say that he is one of my role models. My grandpa served in the Korean War and I know that he was honored when he heard Tiger's speech. It was a bold move for Tiger to give such an eloquent speech and I am so proud that he went against the liberal grain. I always knew that Tiger was a classy guy, and this just strengthens that thought.

parkerk393 profile image

parkerk393 7 years ago from Arlington, Texas Author

Thanks guys!

james Michael 7 years ago

http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/barackobama/a/tig... Republican/Democrat, I think we can all agree that our military is the best we have to offer, controlled by the worst we have to offer in America-self serving political Congress and Senate. It would great it we could just debate individual issues instead of demonizing along party lines.

Sulaiman Solano 7 years ago


Tiger Wood was/is concerned about the injustices against the people of Palestine (Jews that over l000 years ago converted to either Christianity or Islam) and was going to go public.

We know the rest of the story.

Many Cook 7 years ago

Do you think he was actually born in Vietnam and that is why

he can't run for President?

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