Tiger Woods - The God

It’s amazing how we have nothing else to focus on except who Tiger Woods is sleeping with besides his wife.  According to the news media most of the population would rather read about Tiger’s sexual escapades than about children with nothing to eat.  Millions are losing their homes and we devote endless airtime and newspaper articles to Tiger’s social life. Even the economy has to take a back seat to Tiger’s sexual appetite. 

I know some people that are truly upset that Tiger may have been unfaithful.  One young lady I know is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  She feels that Tiger betrayed her.  Others are affected to a lesser degree but still affected to the point that this event does interfere with their normal daily life.

Tiger Woods is a sports celebrity. He is not vital to our national security. His actions in no way affect anything that happens in our daily lives.  His sexual activities have nothing to do with anything that happens in our daily lives.  Regardless of whom Tiger has relations with nothing will change for any of us. 

Although I am not an expert I do not think that Tiger’s wandering ways affect his ability to play golf.  Therefore, his private actions should remain private. 

Somehow I fail to see the fascination the public has with Tiger’s private life.  I for one have nothing to gain or loss from his private behavior.  I am not related to either him or his wife or even any of the young ladies with which he is alleged to have had relations.

We all live our lives according to our faith and beliefs.  We are each entitled to our mistakes. We are each entitled to forgiveness as our loved ones see fit.  More importantly, we are, or should be, entitled to our privacy.

The biggest lesson to be learned here is that everyone has a private life.  Everyone is human and capable of making mistakes.  And, as long as the private life does not interfere with one’s chosen career it should remain private. 

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Bail Up ! profile image

Bail Up ! 7 years ago

Thats quite of few mistakes Tiger made in a row. I can appreciate your view but come on, its juicy gossip. I could care less too...but here we are talking about him.

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 6 years ago from Washington MI

I think it is a shame the amount of media, and the so called news channels devoted to his infidelity. I can see print media going hog wild, but shows like CNN that is supposed to be a respected news channel devoting hours and commentary to how many mistresses he had.

We have so many real news stories out there that would be much better news than Tiger getting caught with his pants down. I just change the channel because I think it is absolutely stupid to be reported in such depth.

Well written hub by the way.

bigboy 6 years ago

So big deal....I wish I was him, gettin all that poontang.....that man is my hero

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