The Extreme Right Political Views Of Boston Bruins Goalie "Terrible" Tim Thomas

"Terrible" Tim Thomas
"Terrible" Tim Thomas

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas made headlines this week, declining an invitation to join his teammates at The White House, where they were welcomed by President Barack Obama. Much to the disappointment of his teammates, Tim wasn't around to answer questions about his White House snub at the morning skate the following day in Washington, prior to their game against The Capitals. Thomas eventually released a statement on his Facebook page saying "the federal government is out of control.This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL."

Hockey fans have since been left wondering, what exactly is it that Tim is talking about? Is he sympathetic to the "Occupy Wall Street" movement? Is he concerned about people that may be less fortunate than himself? After all, he has made an average of 6,000,000USD for the past three seasons, so we presume he is not feeling the pressure as a result of the recession. Well as it turns out, Tim wasn't exactly being honest when he said "This was not about politics or party", in fact, Thomas has some very extreme "far right" political views.

According to CBC Sports, Thomas is a staunch supporter of The Tea Party, and has made donations to an organization called Freedomworks, a group that is focused on ousting President Obama. Thomas is one of only two American born players on last years Stanley Cup championship roster, hailing from Flynt Michigan. Rumors out of Michigan indicate that several friends and family close to Thomas have ties to the famed "Michigan Militia", whose most notorious member is another terrible Tim, Timothy McVeigh.

The Canadian media has also branded Tim Thomas as a racist, speculating that he is affiliated with racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. Dave Hodge of TSN, took to Twitter, sending this tweet: "Don't know if it's fair to point this out, but Tim Thomas has three children named Kiley, Kelsey and Keegan". The Montreal Gazette, also printed a story in which they labeled Thomas as a racist.

With a capable backup goalie in Tuukka Rask, The Boston Bruins are said to be seriously considering trading their veteran goalie, as the firestorm of controversy surrounding the team has not been welcome by ownership, management, or the players themselves. Rookie Tyler Seguin says "I don't agree with his political views but I'm not going to let this affect our team". Cam Neely, and the Jacobs family have also issued statements suggesting that they do not agree with Tim's White House snub. Tim's days as a Bruin just might be numbered, as the controversy surrounding The Bruins shows no signs of going away quietly.

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Sooner28 4 years ago

I found him to be ridiculous, especially since the recession and last administration are mostly to blame for the deficit. But it is what it is. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author


He makes 6,000,000USD per year, and he probably has absolutely no sympathy for those desperate people who are speaking out in the "occupy" movement. He has shown his ignorance, and he comes across as quite selfish. He is not very popular in Boston's locker room right now!

Longhunter 4 years ago

It never ceases to amaze me how people get so worked up when a man stands up for and sticks to his principles rather than just going along so not to make waves. Tim Thomas stuck to his and now everyone wants to tear him apart for it.

I have no idea what the political ideology is of the owner of the company I work for nor do I care. If I were in the same situation, I, too, would have turned down the invitation as I simply don't like Obama and have no desire to meet him. It has nothing to do with his skin color but rather his principles, or lack thereof, IMHO, and his Socialist ideology.

Great hub, jerseys4kids, as it provided the information but I saw little, if any, bias on your part. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author


I think Tim Thomas acted quite selfishly, and I don't at all agree with his point of view. He might have "the right", to do so.. But equally I have the right to condemn him for it!

Thank you for reading

Longhunter 4 years ago

You certainly do have that right, Jersey. My last comment was a compliment as you presented the facts with VERY little commentary. That's something very rare in today's news.

We may not agree on how Thomas handled this situation but, IMHO and for what it's worth, it was still a great article. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author


I appreciate you taking the time to read, and I thank you for paying me the compliment!

Gusser 4 years ago

How dare someone in America express their opinion & actually stand up on principals. Especially since he stated BOTH political parties are responsible for the problems. He is NOT the biased one here. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

It is not a matter of "how dare", I don't think anyone is questioning whether Tim Thomas has the right to his opinion, I simply think that hockey fans, Tim's teammates, 99% of Canadians, simply disagree with his hard core political views. And while you might not think it matters what Canadians think, since Tim plays hockey, and works in a Canadian environment, his boss is Canadian and the bulk of his co-workers are Canadian. Now he has ostracised himeslf at his workplace...

Way to go Timmy

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 4 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

Interesting that Tim Thomas didn't get the start after the all star break, instead the Bruins started Tuukka Rask. At first I thought all the talk of a trade was just "crazy talk", but after reading about how all his teammates and coaches are furious with him, I think there is a REAL chance the Bruins may trade Thomas!

Sooner28 4 years ago

This talk about the "right" to do something is completely nonsensical. I have the "right" to deny the holocaust, make racist statements, and protest anything I see fit. Whether I SHOULD do it is the question. Hiding being the "right" to do something, without actually defending the action, is a cowardly way out.

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 4 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia


I couldn't agree more .. well said!

Bludwiczak profile image

Bludwiczak 4 years ago from Western New York

I'm glad you wrote a hub on this topic and couldn't agree with you any more about the selfishness of Tim Thomas' actions. Championship teams take a trip to the White House every year, and it's a team event. I personally don't care about the Boston Bruins goalie's political views, but am disappointed that he would abandon his team like that

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 4 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia


I think there are quite a few people in The Bruins locker room, and The Bruins organization that feel the same way you do. Cam Neely certainly has expressed his disappointment. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

@ Sooner28,

Your comments are the most sensible so far: "Hiding being the "right" to do something, without actually defending the action, is a cowardly way out."

Thank you

Gusser 4 years ago

Your rights are listed in the Bill of Rights. HOW many leftists join the military to "defend their rights"? Who are taking the COWARDLY WAY OUT?

Gusser 4 years ago

I don't like Hooters Restaurant. I have a right NOT to go there. There are places everyone here does not like. You have the right NOT to go there. Start leaving nasty comments to each other for that. The world if full of Hypocrites.

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 4 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia


I think a lot of leftists feel that joining the Occupy Wall Street movement would be a better way for them to defend their rights. Politics and religion has no place in hockey, and until Thomas brought this attention to himself, nobody cared what his views were. Now there are a lot of people that think he has "radical views", that is fair enough as far as I see it.

Gusser 4 years ago

OWS is not defending anything. What a stretch. OWS is attacking the very Business's that the Leftists leader Obama is giving bailouts to. Absolutely irrational. How is shutting down a roadway used by others to travel to their work defensive? It is intefering with that persons RIGHT TO WORK. Taking away the workers right, is not defending your right. Also before OWS, leftist still avoided the military. They want others to do for them what they won't do for themselves. IE Military, Provide Healthcare, Food stamps, Welfare, ALL are having someone else do for you what you won't provide for yourself. There is NO other way to define it. Socialism is for LEECHES.

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 4 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

Gusser, you are straying a little off topic don't you think?

Gusser 4 years ago

Not at all. I shot your OWS reply full of holes. You brought up OWS not me.

pod4477 profile image

pod4477 4 years ago from Massachusetts

I love the fact that Thomas stood up for what he believes in. To accuse him of being racist is simply ridiculous. He just doesn't agree with how government is being run, and can you really blame him? profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

I don't blame him for wanting to voice his opinion, but I think he would have showed more class by attending the ceremony, it wasn't a political event. He is entitled to his political views, but when it disrupts his team and his locker room, then it has gone too far. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

I just read that Tim Thomas took time to visit Freedomworks, while in Washington, in the middle of the NHL playoffs? He posed for a photo, as reported on yahoo sports :

I wonder what the rest of the Bruins, and his coach think of this? It is unorthodox to say the least, to be participating in political events in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs. He should be focusing all his attention toward winning as a member of a team, and not promoting right wing politics!

Gusser 4 years ago

Are you STILL crying over this? His team cares about winning the Cup. They could care less about Obie and his minions. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

I think his team is focused on their Stanley Cup run, and they don't want to hear anything about politics, or answer any questions about anything other than hockey. So when they see their starting goalie making a public appearance promoting a political organization, I am sure they ask themselves where his head is at? And when reporters and sports writers begin asking questions about it .. it becomes an unwelcome distraction to the team ..

Way to go Timmy

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 4 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

Looks like Timmy is gonna have a lot more free time for his political events, he is one gm away from being eliminated in this season's playoff. I wouldn't be shocked to see Tim Thomas benched for the next game. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

I can't say I would be sad to see the Bruins eliminated from the playoffs .. I hope Washington sends them golfing ..

JB 4 years ago

This is ridiculous. Why wasn't there the same "outrage" when Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and owner John Henry skipped the World Series celebration at the White House in 2007 because of their campaigning for John Kerry and hatred for George Bush? 4 years ago

By God! Jersys4kids you're an ass-sucking, blind shit eater. Shut up with your hipocracy and nonsense about "class" and "disrupting the locker room" yada, yada, yada.

Thomas didn't go. He didn't want to. It made a statement. Deal with it. You couldn't and wouldn't have the balls to do likewise.

We need far more athletes to stand up and speak truth against power. And stadiums/arenas etc. should echo empty until they do. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

Well, "ass-sucking, blind shit eater", how can you argue with that? You put it so eloquently. Very diplomatic of you as well. I suppose your idea of politics, would be that America's foreign policy should be to tell every country in the world, you either do what we say, and agree with us, or you are an "ass-sucking, blind shit eater". That is just golden, I will remember that next time I have a disagreement with my wife, boss or neighbor .. from now on .. anyone who disagrees with me is a "shit eating, ass-sucking, blind betty"

Or maybe I will just carry on being a reasonable human being ..

Actually.. that sounds much better ..

I will leave the "ass-sucker" labelling to you ..


babette 4 years ago

Aside from your obvious neuroses you also seem to have a reading comprehension problem. Many hydrocephalics do.

gnite. profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author


You went deep into the dictionary for that one! Very impressive, however I don't think there was any comprehension problem. I understand completely that you are an ignorant and arrogant ego-maniac, and I don't even need a thesaurus to figure that out! profile image 4 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author

JB .. George Bush is guilty of war crimes .. it's a different story

Marquis profile image

Marquis 3 years ago from Ann Arbor, MI

George Bush was never impeached or charged with any war crimes. Stick to facts and not Leftist stupid conspiracy theories. profile image 3 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok Author


Not being charged, isn't the same as being innocent. There are plenty of facts that support my statements. It is factual that the invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law. The treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay is illegal, immoral, and unethical on all accounts. Using drones to carry out random assassinations is also illegal.

Those are all facts for you to chew on ..

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