Tips For Running An Effective Election Campaign

Campaign and Election Preparation

For most of my adult life I have watched as various campaign elections come and go. Presidential elections, local and state government elections; I think we all have experienced the big flurry of television spots, newspaper ads, and of course the lawn-promotions each and every time these elections are nearing. Until recently I never really put a whole lot of thought into all of the planning and coordination that it takes to run an effective campaign. However, as each day passes I learn more and more and I thought that perhaps my experience is worth sharing.

With the onset of my newly started marketing business at Liberty Web Marketing of Waukesha, I have recently accepted the assignment of helping my cousin run for a seat on the Wisconsin State Senate. Needless to say an undertaking of this magnitude and importance is a great privilege to me and I have already spent a great deal of time creating a user friendly website for his election. (See link below) However, this is only a tiny little piece of the overall campaign mission as there are numerous elements involved:

The Campaign Message

In this particular campaign his message is "I want your votes, not your money." Kind of catchy, isn't it?

Essentially, choosing a campaign message that is tactful and worth consideration is one of the most meaningful elements to any campaign objective. The message should focus on the candidates belief and attitudes of what he or she wishes to accomplish if elected to the position being sought. Moreover, when choosing the message it is vital that there be some underlying support to reaffirm the candidates standing. For example, Tim explained to me that he was advised that t would take hundreds of thousands of dollars to run a successful campaign -- the very element that he is against! Tim believes that he can have a successful campaign while only investing several thousand dollars and he intends to stick to this!

Political Consultants

Having a consultant who can provide objective insight into the campaign is vital. However, because political consultants often charge a lot of money it is important to be sure you choose the one best suited for you campaign. Some ways of doing this might include:

  • Asking detailed questions about the consultants’ previous campaigns.
  • Asking about the consultants’ specialties.
  • Have each prospective consultant provide a written price list for everything they might do in the campaign.

In many instances candidates will have friends of family members act as their consultants, but it is suggested that this practice be avoided.

Campaign Finance

Essentially, fund-raising techniques include having the candidate call and/or meet with donors, interest groups, and community businesses who support the candidate. Moreover, having a donation option on the campaign website is another effective means of gaining financial support.

In my opinion campaign finance always seems to be a hot topic that captures a lot of attention in the media. It seems as though so much money is spent by candidates to try and capture the most votes -- but that's just my opinion...

Campaign Advertising

This is where the rubber meets the road...

Having an effective campaign hinges on advertising and marketing resources.

In this day and age advertising has boundless limits for reaching people.There's the media, public speeches and rallies, and the internet. All of these resources are very useful and valuable ways of getting the campaign message out to the public in an attempt to gain interest and votes.


Media sources include:

  • local newspapers
  • local radio stations
  • local television stations

Public Speeches and Rallies:

Holding public speeches and rallies can be a very effective campaign tool. Events of this type with speakers is powerful because it shows visually -- though the number of supporters in attendance -- the support that the campaign has.

The Internet:

Invariably the internet has become one of the most effective means for sharing information across the globe. The internet allows campaign messages to reach large audiences with very little effort and cost. Some of the resources on the internet include:

  • Websites and Blogs
  • Social Sites like:Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter
  • Podcasts
  • Advertisements

Other Techniques:

  • Writing directly to members of the public
  • Distributing leaflets and/or displaying yard signs
  • Endorsements of other celebrated party members
  • Visiting local business owners and residents



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