To Me… It Was Wrong For Some Of The NYPD Police Officers To Turn Their Backs On New York's Mayor De Blasio.

To Me… It Was Wrong For Some Of The NYPD Police Officers To Turn Their Backs On The Mayor Of New York….

The one aspect that should make a Traditional Christian stands out from the crowd is his or her objectivity in evaluating all situations - even situations involving self. For the Traditional Christian, he or she does said evaluation from the prism of his or her beliefs culled from the Bible that are void - or supposed to be void - of Political Correctness and bias. It is why that, even though I could never vote for New York’s Mayor, De Blasio, because of his positions on certain pertinent issues, I can still be ‘Christianly’ objective on opining on the current issue on whether police officers should have used the funerals of their fallen comrades to show disrespect to the Mayor.

Twice, so far, many in the ranks of the NYPD have turned their backs on the New York Mayor when the latter paid his respects at the respective funerals of the two fallen officers. Such disrespect, at least to me, comes off as unseemly, in light of where the disrespect took place - at funerals. In the turning of their backs by some NYPD police officers, when the Mayor was honoring the fallen officers, at what was supposed to have been a neutral venue, underscores that it is not so much about the disrespect that the Mayor supposedly made against the NYPD rank and file by giving tacit assent to protesters, or moreover, the Mayor’s embracing of Al Sharpton, the proverbial thorn in law enforcement’s sides, but that it is borne out the Police officer’s union, ongoing, negotiating tactics with the city….

Yes, I can see where the NYPD has a right to be upset with the Mayor, but the venue where this is played out makes all the difference in displaying this; and, make no mistake, the NYPD has a legitimate cause to be upset, especially with the Mayor’s cozy, conspicuous relationship with Al Sharpton. Permit me to digress momentarily in saying that Mr. Sharpton has no objectivity in matters concerning the police and those they protect… this is a so called Civil-Rights-Leader who usually comes to fan the dying embers of racial conflicts into flames, and if he could, a downright holocaust. I have often used the lyrics from one of David Bowie’s songs, because, frankly, it is the only fitting apt analogy that I know, with the apropos lyrics: “… Putting out fire with gasoline.” Of course, while our Black homes are burning and our Black lives are being threatened… Mr. Sharpton is ensconced in his gated community, with Monsoon rain at his beckon call, if there is a spark.

Back to the issue at hand that with the position of Mayor, being that he was duly elected, requires a modicum of respect. As a Christian, I personally am compelled to give such respect to whom respect is due (Romans 13:7); and if the Mayor is at a funeral paying his respects to fallen heroes and in the presence of their families, should not the families be respected during that somber time? If the two families of the fallen officers had a problem with the Mayor being at the funerals, one would think that they would have noised their objections, but they, apparently, welcomed him, notwithstanding the fact that many a police officer thought that the Mayor contributed indirectly to the milieu that led to the officers’ deaths.

In writing this blog, I had one of my colleagues, Rina, make sure that I was not butchering the Queen’s English and not only did she corrected my grammar, but she also said that by police officers turning their backs on the Mayor, whom they are sworn to protect, was tantamount to neglecting that protective duty. In essence, these officers placed the Mayor and family in jeopardy - suppose, Jesus forbids, at that juncture when those officers turned their backs on the Mayor that someone had tried to harm him or his family?

We have seen this phenomenon before where athletes have refused the President’s invitation because they had issues with his policies - I am of the humble opinion that if one is invited by the President to the White House, one should go. Those of you who read my blog know that I often criticize the President’s policies, especially if they run afoul of Biblical tenets - but getting personal is not Christian! It was rather unusual to hear what some Christians had to say and are still saying about President Bush, the younger and even President Obama would often, disrespectfully refer to President Bush by George Bush, instead of calling him President Bush.

I am not going to follow the tactics of those who hurl personal insults on our Presidents or local dignitaries like Mayor De Blasio because I have to answer to Christ Jesus. Even in the Bible, respect must be given to whom it is due, even to Satan - please do not twist what I am conveying because I know some of my fellow Christians are waiting to pounce - this respect is recorded in the Book of Jude when Satan was disputing with the Lord’s General, the Arc Angel Michael, of the Angelic Army, about the whereabouts of Moses’ body, whom God had buried after showing him the Promised Land. Instead of Michael saying anything disrespectful to his fallen brother, Lucifer, he simply said, “The Lord rebuke you” (Jude 1:9)!

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graceinus 23 months ago from those of the Ekklesia

It was not so much the idea that the NYPD Police Officers did not want to show respect to the Mayor but more of the idea that they did not want to show respect to the Mayor's hypocrisy. It's amazing how people hold police officers to a higher standard than they do a city Mayor.

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 23 months ago from New York Author

My position is rooted in my belief in what a Christian should do in such a situation - I have the Apostle Paul as an example when he dealt with Noble Festus....

graceinus 23 months ago from those of the Ekklesia

And I have an example of how Jesus Christ dealt with Pharsisees and scribe who where hypocrates.

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 23 months ago from New York Author

Wasn't it Jesus who spoke about giving honor to whom honor is due in the Book of Jude - Wasn't Paul an Apostle of Christ Jesus speaking on the same topic; and did not Christ say render to Caesar what is Caesar's - once again dovetailing back to rendering honor to whom honor is due.

graceinus 23 months ago from those of the Ekklesia

If Jesus Christ spoke in the Book of Jude then this is news to me. Feel free to point out the verses or verses where He did so. And the comment " render to Caesar what is Caerar's" was in referrence to a coin that Jesus had in His hand which you will note in Matthew 22:20-21. So I don't know the point you're trying to get at.

Verily Prime profile image

Verily Prime 23 months ago from New York Author

Come on Sir, you know the Word says all scriptures are inspired by the Lord - so when I said He spoke... you should know that I meant through His conduits.

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