To know death is to control the dangers

End Evil

From my world travels, many people have ask me what is the most dangerous animal to watch out for. Man to Man then take all animals combined, Man against all animals. Many people are worried about some wild animal might kill them, nothing is more far from the truth. I wrote in priory order of causes to human deaths

Number 1, trying to End Evil

WAR is only at number 59th place on the list of actually direct death, of most cause of death. Over all the number one greatest cause of death is poverty world wide and if we took a fraction of the war budget which is the greatest waste, most expensive cost and solves nothing It would conquer most of the problem of poverty. Believe me, lawyers, the greedy and Politicians would not want you or the vast majority to know this number one cause of death is poverty, tooled under the name of God.


Cardiovascular diseases cause of death account for 29%.After the next highest deaths on the list 18 illnesses of different disease, cancers, stokes, and infections then come in at number 19 car accidents. Suicide deaths are at no. 23 and are. After more illnesses on the list come in at no. 31 is violence more illnesses go down the list no 39 falls, no. 40 drowning, and no.41 poison then next a few more illnesses Is fires no. 45.

World wide suicide account for 56 million deaths per year, keep in mind you are more likely to kill your self than all war, murder terrorist and the mosquitos combined. When is suicide highline in the media compared to just murder.

Be far more concern on what you buy at the supermarket (ignoreTV violent) and than all other animal roaming around. Per year farm pigs kill more humans than sharks do, yet people are more afraid to swim in the ocean than to feed a half ton pig by hand at the local fair ground exhibition.  The Movies like Jaws would out sell a movie called Frankenwiene, I guess. The Polar Bears is the largest and most carnivorous animals on earth and the most dangerous if confronted, being only 5 recorded human deaths, by polar bear, between 1900 and 2003 in North America, it make much of our fears, out of whack.

If you must fear animals, watch out for these most

1. Mosquitoes cause 2-3 million deaths a year worldwide.

2. Deer or hoofed animals ( mainly by car accident) kill more people than Lions, Tigers, Bears and Sharks ... Black bears and grizzly bears Worldwide there are about 1.2 million deaths each year.

3. Snake bites account for approximately 125000 deaths annually worldwide

4. Dogs are the source of 99% of human rabies deaths, estimated 55000 human deaths annually, not including protective dogs and wild dogs.

This hub is an on going study please give comments to adjust the data, open to all opinions.

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pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

How does one control or prevent the dangers of poverty? I agree that money used for wars would be better directed to feeding the poor. Will this however, control it? The awareness of the other causes of death is for sure useful.

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 6 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

Just give wisely 30% of the USA (Offensive) War budget and it will cure most of poverty.

pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

Wow that simple huh? They must have their priorities in the wrong order. Sad.

Oh and by the way. Thanks for the fan mail. You are too kind my friend. How are you doing? Are you still healing? Missing your presence in hubpages.

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 6 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

Getting to my busy season, I'll try.

ACRichmond profile image

ACRichmond 6 years ago from Brooksville

The deeper we have gotten into war in the last few years, the closer to poverty many of us have become.

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 6 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author


Yes, the rich and media like war the people do not. The People will slowly change it.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

WOW.. I loved this hub. I did not know that mosquitoes were the number 1 killer. I really enjoyed this.

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 6 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

Mrs. J. B.

I live in Belize; people ask me, should they be worried about, Crocks, Jaguars, Sharks and Snakes. I say the mosquitoes are more deadly than all of them combined.

Mimi721wis profile image

Mimi721wis 5 years ago

like your hub.Informative. Is that the George Bush photo after a fall from the bed or the famous flying shoe.

Castlepaloma profile image

Castlepaloma 5 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada Author

He would not admit to either one

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