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Today the AP news wire reported that the top ten bailed out firms spent a combined nine and one half million dollars ($9,500,000.00) on federal lobbying efforts in just the first three months of this year.

If they continue to spend at the same rate for the next nine months they will have spent thirty-eight million dollars ($38,000,000.00) for the year, just to lobby and influence legislation that is pending in congress.

Question: Why are we giving money to companies so they can lobby the government (we the taxpayers) for more money? Are we the taxpayers really that stupid?

December 17, 2008 Pancho Villa warned the public that those actions bordered on criminal conspiracy

(see )

At that time Pancho Villa suggested that any company receiving government bailout money should eliminate all federal lobbying, and further more the top executives of those firms should be replace.

Again on January 28, 2009 Pancho Villa again decried the use of lobbyist by companies receiving bailout money

(see ).

Now the AP news has compiled the numbers and they too are asking questions. Not to outdo those that make predictions for a living but at this time I hereby predict the answer to that question.

The answer the companies will give, if they give any at all, is that they need to “communicate” with congress for the good of the people. They will say that they have a right under the laws of this country to donate monies to a candidate for office of their choice.

To anyone satisfied with that answer, let me say that I have some wonderful investment property that will interest you greatly.


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