Totalitarian Government of Canada

What We Now Have in Canada isn't a Democracy. . .


"It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes." -Josef Stalin

On May 2nd, 2011, Canadians "voted". More accurately though, Canadians were under the illusion they were actually voting and their vote actually counted. Instead, all we had was a spectacle dashed before our eyes to quell the prevailing issue: that we have no democracy in Canada. Our inept electoral system has been deliberately manipulated and exploited by the Conservative Party of Canada. Disgusted I was watching the CBC triumphantly speak of "Harper's majority," while they kept their mouths shut as democracy is now dead in Canada, making the election out to be nothing but a gladiator event.

Make no mistake, the quote above used by Josef Stalin is appropriate to what has transpired here in Canada. Whereas Stalin will be remembered as the politician who altered results based on who is counting, Stephen Harper will be remembered as follows:

"It's not the people who vote that count. It's how the votes are counted." -Stephen Harper

The Conservatives have 39.62% of the popular vote, yet they own 54% of the seats. Assuming generously that voter turnout was approximately 75%, this would mean the Harper government only has 31% support of the entire nation. Effectively, Canada is now ruled by a party that has less than a third of the nation's support, yet has complete authority to proceed with policy unabated due to falling under the label of a "majority government." It doesn't matter that Harper has 31% or under of the nation's support, because according to our system, he has over 50% of the vote. Effectively, 31% of the votes become 54% of the votes. We need to seriously reform our electoral system, so that exploitation of this magnitude shall never repeat itself, but none of that changes the fact we're already too late and a crime upon this once great free nation has been committed. Canada has fallen down the path of darkness and totalitarianism by the few ruling over the wishes of the many.

I expect Harper's foreign policy to be merciless against anyone who opposes his views. Already, as a minority government, Harper has built a reputation of shipping people out of the country who disagree with his stance of supporting the tyrannical state of Israel. I hate to see what will happen now that he has a majority government. . . Harper is also looking to destroy the rights of women, and to bring the remaining Canadian native peoples on the brink of extinction through dislocation. Harper is a part of a religious sect that believes it's their duty to bring about the "rapture." The believers of this sect believe that if they meet certain goals and conditions, that Jesus Christ shall return. One of those goals is to bring Islam and the Jews into the Great War of our time, to be fought in the state of Israel, and for our blood to be senselessly spilled in a holocaust for the sake of hypothetically bringing about the "Messiah.” It's no wonder that Stephen Harper was found in contempt, as people who espouse such views are obviously not mentally fit to be running a government.

Stephen Harper could very well be leading us to a Great War that could spell the end of my future and my children's future. A risk, I find baffling, that any reasonable person should take. To the few who voted Harper, and to the fewer who voted domestically because you "liked your local Conservative candidate," you need to understand that domestic issues are mostly a provincial and municipal function. This is yet another reason why our electoral system is corrupt, we shouldn't even have local ridings, as local issues matter little at the Federal level. In the end, such people voted in the possibility of a green light to declare war just because "they liked their local candidate."

There's also many other illusions present in the May 2nd, 2011 "election." One such myths is that Elizabeth May's first Green seat means anything of significance. Another myth is that Quebec sovereignty is dead. Quebec merely did what they felt necessary for their own survival. The "orange surge" was a province wide tactical vote to at the very least stop the possibility of a Harper majority. Now that "orange surge" has failed, the question lingers as to whether Stephen Harper will make Canada so inhospitable for Quebec that sovereignty may not only be revisited, but a referendum could take place where separation is a real possibility. However, all of this is next to nothing compared to the greatest illusion of all, being that Jack Layton and his NDP accomplished anything of significance, and that Jack Layton has more power than he ever did before. The truth of the matter is the previous NDP cabinet had more political sway than their 102 seat counterparts of today. Those 102 members of parliament can pound their fists against their desks until their palms turn bloody, nobody is listening.

For a decade I have watched communities turned asunder due to corporate globalization that benefits nobody. I say we don't take it any longer. As a Canadian citizen, I refuse to recognize Stephen Harper with under 31% support as Prime Minister of Canada. I refuse to acknowledge this farce of a "majority government." I refuse to respect this farce excuse of an "election." On May 2nd, make no mistake, our democracy was tactfully stolen by statisticians and mathematicians working for Harper, who exploited calculated weaknesses in our electoral process. This wasn't a voting result reflective on the hearts and minds of the people by any means. We must oppose this illusion of democracy with all our strength, guile, and will. We must resist.

-Donovan D. Westhaver

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novascotiamiss profile image

novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

Isn't this a bit of a conspiracy theory? All I can say is the Canadian people I know did not know who to vote for. Because they did not like any one of the candidates, including Harper. So they re-elected one who is not overly popular but still doing an ok job, one who helped us overcome a major recession. Getting from ok to maybe worse was not an option.

DonDWest profile image

DonDWest 5 years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Author

I don't think it's a conspiracy theory at all if it's shown in plain sight. We don't have a democracy when you have at best 39% of the vote, yet control 54% of the house.

novascotiamiss profile image

novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm intrigued to hear what your solution would be. Or would you prefer something like the Swiss government consisting of 7 members? Switzerland's government is a team consisting of seven members with equal rights. Each member of the government acts as head of a department of the federal administration, but all major government decisions are taken in weekly government conferences either by consensus or by majority voting of all seven members. The members of Switzerland's federal government are usually (re-)elected every four years in December after the parliamentary elections by both chambers of the federal parliament meeting together as the Federal Assembly. There is no legal limit to the total term of office, some federal councillors have been in office for over 20 years. For more information go to:


DonDWest profile image

DonDWest 5 years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Author

I think it's probably for the best that we seriously analyze how the seats are divided. Currently, a rural voter essentially has two votes while a city voter has one vote.

novascotiamiss profile image

novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

That's interesting. Never heard of this before. Can you explain?

Nick 4 years ago

Canadian election processus was made for bipartisan system. Since we have more than 2 parties now, in circonscription where majority is not reach, a second turn should made out of the two leaders. This would ensure majority in each individual circonscription.

Brian 4 years ago

I agree that Canada is not a democracy. But this is not new. When was the last time that a "majority" government had over 50% of the vote? In our system it is possible to get a majority with much less than 40%.

francis5k 4 years ago

great blog Don! it's interesting to me.. keep it up! nice to read you're story...

tuteramanda profile image

tuteramanda 3 years ago from beijing china

Totalitarian ?how about china?

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