Trayvon Martin: A bag of Skittles, a can of tea and a cell phone vs. a 9mm Handgun

Let's review what a dangerous weapon is class!

Wearing a hoodie: Not against the law, no matter what Geraldo says.
Wearing a hoodie: Not against the law, no matter what Geraldo says.
Skittles and Tea: Not a weapon
Skittles and Tea: Not a weapon
9mm: A weapon.
9mm: A weapon.

Trayvon was the one defending himself

I am so tired of those people who would blame Trayvon Martin’s death on Trayvon. Several people have commented that Zimmerman had a right to protect himself from Trayvon and that if this had been white youth and a white adult, the outcry would not be the same. Zimmerman’s lawyer has said that Zimmerman had a broken nose and a cut on his head so this was really self-defense. Let’s get something straight, George Zimmerman has no legal or moral recourse for killing this kid. A bag of skittles and a can of tea are not dangerous weapons. Wearing a hoodie and being black does not make you dangerous. Finally, if I had been Trayvon that night, and Zimmerman was following me and confronting me for nothing, I would have broken his nose too. George Zimmerman was not the law.

There is no moral or for that matter, legal ground for Zimmerman following Trayvon, accosting him, and then shooting him. Zimmerman’s responsibility, as a neighborhood watch captain, was not to follow Trayvon. His responsibility was not to confront Trayvon. His responsibility was to alert the police and let them confront Trayvon. However, Zimmerman broke all of those rules and his confrontation with Trayvon led to the teen’s untimely death. Zimmerman confronted Trayvon because in America, black men are considered dangerous until proven other wise. Zimmerman assumed Trayvon would be dangerous or carrying weapon simply because he was black.

Zimmerman had a 9 mm handgun. What was he doing patrolling the streets with it? Trayvon had a bag of skittles, a can of tea, and a cell phone. Where is the danger in any of these items? The dangerous person on the street that night was Zimmerman. He carried a weapon of deadly force. Why? Because he was looking for black kids who were “stealing” in his neighborhood and he knew that he would defend himself if he had too. His confrontation with Trayvon was unnecessary and it happened not because Zimmerman was scared, but because Trayvon was scared.

What about Trayvon Martin’s right to defend himself? This was a 17-year-old kid who should have had the expectation that he could walk to the store and not be accosted by some over zealous neighborhood watch captain. If Trayvon broke Zimmerman’s nose, he did it because he felt he was defending himself. If he cracked Zimmerman’s head open, it is because he felt that he was protecting himself. He had that right. Zimmerman had no legal right to confront this kid and that is what caused his death. Trayvon had the right to defend himself too that night. However, in American society, whenever a black man has defended himself against a white man, the use of deadly force has always been justifiable.

Trayvon Martin was not a criminal. His actions that night were in no way suspicious. Zimmerman, based on his other phone calls to 911, profiled the youth as dangerous because he was black and he had on a hoodie. However, Zimmerman’s lawyers and his friends are trying to spin this and make an unarmed black man appear dangerous for doing nothing but walking to the store.

Zimmerman had no reason to be afraid of Travyon, but Trayvon, as evidenced by his phone call to his girlfriend, felt he had every reason to be afraid of Zimmerman. Justice for Trayvon. Hoodies up!!!

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Julia 4 years ago

Great post! It is sad but true. I love when you said because in America, black men are considered dangerous until proven other wise. Hoodies up!

kkuma01 profile image

kkuma01 4 years ago

Check out my hub on Trayvon and some of the ridiculous comments.

Trayvon did nothing wrong. Love your hub.

feenix profile image

feenix 4 years ago

Hello, habueld,

When was the last time you hung out, late at night, around Vernon and Central, or Slauson and Western, or Jefferson and Crenshaw, or in Watts or Compton?

I'm just wondering.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

I was there in 1992, during the first night of the Riots and I was just in Los Angeles yesterday. You? I also teach high school in Western San Bernardino where there are three black and hispanic gangs. Next question.

feenix profile image

feenix 4 years ago


Well, all of that is real nice.

The last time you were in South-Central L.A. was 1992, and you travel from your home in a nice, orderly suburban area to teach in a San Bernardino high school that has three black and Hispanic gangs.

Well, it is no wonder why you have such deep insights into the Trayvon Martin case.

SpanStar profile image

SpanStar 4 years ago

I find the assertion George Zimmerman claiming to have the right to protect himself observed.

How can one create a condition and then claim to be threatened by it? To me that is like punching someone in the face and as they begin to approach you, you kill them!

People are focusing on what happened after this Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, the problem began long before that. WHAT WAS THE REASON this Zimmerman stopped a black male minding their own business? Does his stereotyping gives him the right to stop people of color?

I've heard people say if only Trayvon had answered a Zimmerman's questions there wouldn't have been any problems-BULL, BULL. Just think about this YOU are approaching your home someone from another race or a complete stranger stops you and demands to know where you're going-people I have been around too long to think we are simply going to let some stranger is one our business. Why do they want to know where I'm going? If I give them that information what are they going to do with it? Strangers asking people things they have no business knowing doesn't solve problems they create them.

Royshub profile image

Royshub 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas


habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

You don't read so well, do you? I was in Los Angeles, all of Los Angeles last night. So, your implications that a black man can't know anything about South Los Angeles without living there is ludicrous. It's time for black people to stop being afraid of other black people.

It is not my place to judge your motives. I would never presume to do so because I don't know you.

kkuma01 profile image

kkuma01 4 years ago

Why do people get so far from what the issues are?

Trayvon was shot and murdered in Florida by a man who chased him down with a gun.

This was compounded by the fact that the police did not arrest or investigate this murder.

Zimmerman had the right to own a gun (Not the issue) He had the right to call the police because he thought someone looked suspicious (not an issue)

He however did not have the right to chase anyone down and murder them. (issue)

The police did not investigate this murder (issue)

It is high time we stopped stereotyping people (issue)

I'm guilty of it. A black boy with a hoodie on doesn't frighten me.

I may look or move away from a white, bald man in fatigues...or anyone in a white hood (Not hoodie, hood). I however would not chase either down with a gun and murder them.

We all look at a person and immediately have an impression of who we think that person may be. It however is not based on our history with that person, but our own history with the world.

Zimmerman murdered Trayvon and that is the issue.

sam 4 years ago

Why is this black and white?? The guy killed the kid, it should not be self defense because he clearly went after the kid,boldly ignoring the police dispatcher. It is in this case murder,but why is everyone on the race issue?Im white and saying it was murder zimmerman was wrong!!!! He should not have pursued the kid, the police are wrong for not looking at the facts. justice will prevail. but the race issue should not be the issue, its the murder. black, white who cares if we cant get along and put the past behind us(slavery and all those wrongs) why cant we at least leave on another alone. A song comes to mind You do your thing Ill do mine.

Joy 4 years ago

This is so sad... This poor kid was murdered and they are trying to make the murder into a victim... It's bs in society today that depending on who the accused is basically is how the media and people decide whether they are guilty... In the end u killed an unarmed teen who did nothing wrong just because u have a stereotype in ur head... U deserve to be in prison for the rest of ur life

Laurie McKenze 4 years ago

As a parent I taught my children not to talk to strangers. I told them to walk away. There is no justification for stalking, confronting, and murdering this boy. This man was HUNTING not watching out for his neighbors. The boy was his neighbor. He was at his Dad's home conducting life as a normal teenage child. Going to the nearby store for candy, a tea, and a chance to get some fresh air on what should have been an easy and safe walk.

Allan 4 years ago

Martin was a six foot two punk. In trouble at school. Witnesses say they saw him beating the crap out of Zimmerman before Zimmerman was able to shoot him. From the location of the shooting it is now clear that as Zimmerman was returning home, he was stalked and ambushed by Travon. Did it not occur to you that there might be a good reason that even the Feds are not pressing charges?

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

I just have one question for you. If Zimmerman was going home, why did he ask the dispatcher to have the police call him so he could tell them his location?

detroitmare 4 years ago

When all the facts in this case are straightened out and, hopefully, put in front of the jury to decide, we will have to accept the decision. Regardless of how you or I feel and what we believe to be true, our Justice System exists for a reason and we have to put our trust in it.

Pryor 4 years ago

I dont trust knowbody but God this world is design by satan hes the ruler of this world as 1john5:19 says that. This is not fair because satan dont want it to be fair he wants people to hate one another and shoot one another. Geroge took that young man life because geroge already judge him. Trayvon was just coming out of the store with candy and ice tea in his pockets and walking to his dads girl friend house no where else but their so geroge did not know that he had candy and tea in his pocket because he could not see so all around geroge should have stay in his car and not disobey the law. Geroge should have not have a gun at work not with watch man security they dont carry guns if some one is doing something wrong you call it in not take it in your own hands your not a police man and if you are a police man you identify your self as one and ask what are you doing out here thats if that person is doing something wrong not just walking home or the store or where ever hes going. Thats where geroge went wrong he should just watch where hes going at not did what geroge did because he did every thing almost wrong that day but put his clothes on. And thats why I said the whole world is lying in the power satan because he put it in his heart im going to get this kid.

Pryor 4 years ago

Im not on any body side im not judgeing any body either I have eye and ears I see what went wrong it was raining out so trayvon put on his hoodie that would make alot of sents so I wont get my head wet not because I want to be cool or a gang banger some people are missing the point here if you put the puzzle together you will see what im talking about and the autopsy that they had look on trayvon hands. It just makes me mad when people like geroge lie and say things to make others hey this guy geroge is tailing the truth but hes not take a good look at him on tv or as my self would I come and talk to someone that is fellowing me with a gun or would I as a 17 year old that only weigh 140 pou.ds and hit him from behind or would I have enough power to slam his head on the ground why im trying to get home or would I try to get his gun and shoot him and I know that im going to jail if I shoot him. All im saying this guy geroge is a big fat lier and by the way geroge saif that he was screaming thats all im saying please put it together iys not hard this is not a hard case the autopsy says it all and gerge face and the back of his head and the hospital records says it all point blank.

Royshub profile image

Royshub 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

This video says a lot about what happened and I agree totally with what they are saying.

George Zimmerman purposefully got out of the car with the Glock in his hand. If you listen to the tape very closely you can hear him cocking the Glock as the police dispatcher(who told him that a unit was on the way)that they did not need him to do that after he said he was running after Trayvon Martin)

And htere was a very very gross miscarriage of justice here in the way the police innitially handled the case.

Rising 3 years ago


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