Truth is a Shock to the System

      I started to read The Shock Doctrine, Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein and was disturbed on the events that are happening now in our own country. At the beginning you read about Milton Friedman's rules of economics at the University of Chicago, who believes that you need to get rid of government funded programs, and allow the government to give private agencies the contracts to these programs. Than, deregulate the strict guidelines to free up the market and clear a path for profit.

     This is where the word "Chicago Boys" came in and who decided that everyone needs to follow these rules to make money for certain interest groups. There target was South Amercia countries such as Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. The US government paid for young men from these countries to be taught Milton Friedman Economics at the University of Chicago and introduce this new idea to their countrymen.

     You can guess what happened. The number of employment dropped, wages were cut, benefits non existant, citizens couldn't afford food, gas, owning a car or home. Only certain companies who were brought in from the US were profiting because they believed in Friedman's idea that you don't have to pay someone a decent wage or benefits if you want something done, just use fear to control them.

     This caused the citizens to fight back and it caused a full flege war in these once peaceful countries. The Chicago Boys held unto their political allies and helped them use torture or imprisonment to try to control the citizens. Rumors of bodies being seen in fields, rivers, oceans, and in trash bins began to circulate in the local communites. People who spoke out against the current administration were now disappearing or being dragged out of their homes, or their businesses.

     So, here we showed these once peaceful countries who took care of their citizens and encourage programs funded by the government to help their communties, in jobs, healthcare, or daycare. Instead, our government showed them how to torture, kill, and spread fear toward anyone who chose to speak out about the injustices that were being done. Eventually like our own country the market crashed and the only source of income that wasn't contracted out to private interest corporations, was copper. This small enterprise helped these countries to rise at a slow pace out of their circumstance and try to reinstate a steady income of employment to their people.

     "This book gives us a disturbing look into the corporate world of America, special interest groups, businesses out sourcing to third world countries, and how our government uses a disaster to rebuild into their own capitalist utopia." "You must read this book and believe me you will not put it down, till it is finished."

(Valerie K Read, &


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