Twists and Turns

elderly woman

The elderly woman has arrived at the Senior Care of Rock Dells facility. She is placed in the room with her new roommate. It is nothing compare to how the elderly woman's home was set up. The elderly woman would now have to share a bathroom and a television, instead of being able to watch her floor model television or the use of her full-size bathroom. The elderly woman would no longer have breakfast in the kitchen or dining room nor have lunch on the outdoor patio, but she will now dine in the cafeteria of the nursing home. As the nurse's aide comes to help the elderly woman dress for bed, the elderly woman is asking when will she be able to go home. The nurse's aide can only say, not today mam. The elderly woman lies down and turns to the window by her bed and gazes at the moon. Slowly as the night continues to past, the elderly woman begins to cry herself to sleep.

The next morning, the social worker comes and introduces himself, and offers his condolences on the set back the elderly woman has suffer due to the hands of her own relatives. The social worker explains what action will be taken in trying to get the elderly woman back home. The social worker reminds the elderly woman that she has to do her best to answer all questions asked of her. Because the elderly woman's answers will help with the investigation as to how she got to this point.

The social worker's receptionist gets a call from the elderly woman's sister asking about visiting hours. The receptionist tells the sister visiting hours are twenty-four hours a day. Right a way, the sister goes to the nursing home to visit the elderly woman. When the sister get there the elderly woman is watching television in one of the visiting areas. The sister greeted the elderly woman and asked her what happen with the niece and nephew in-law. The elderly woman said nothing happen, they just left her alone. The elderly woman said the niece left first, she had to go and visit a sick friend. The nephew in-law said nothing, he just left. The sister told the elderly woman what the next door couple said about the nephew in-law bringing a moving truck and packing furniture on it. The elderly woman said she did not know the nephew in-law had taken anything.

Later that evening the sister spoke with the social worker, she asked what will happen to the elderly woman now. The social worker explained that the elderly woman had mention the sister, but the elderly woman said she rather have the next door couple look after her. The sister said she is right. The sister said she cannot take a chance on being put out again under false accusations. The sister asked will the elderly woman get her belongings and money back. The social worker told her, when people abandon the elderly like that, very seldom are they able to get back any stolen belongings or money. But if and when they do find the people who did this, they will be prosecuted.

Today, the psychiatrist and lawyer spoke with the elderly woman and found that she was of sound mind. They told the elderly woman that they will do what they can to find the nephew in-law and niece. They told the elderly woman to focus on getting better.

The social worker went to the elderly woman's house to examine what it looked like. When he got there, the next door neighbor, husband and wife met him as he got out of the car. The social worker requested the keys to the elderly woman's house. The husband hesitated, saying he was not sure he should give them to him. The social worker said that he has charge over the elderly woman, and since he was not a relative nor guardian, he is not suppose to have those keys.

The social worker proceeded to enter the house, as he step into the living room, it was very dark inside. The curtains were closed in every room. There was even a blanket draped over the back door. There was evidence of incents in every room. As the social worker move through the house, he checked off items the neighbor said was taken from the house and those that were left. The problem with this list is the items the neighbor gave as missing did not coincide with what the sister said was in the house.

After the social worker was through inspecting the house, he return to the office. The social worker called the sister to ask her about missing items on the list. The social worker found that there more items missing than what was reported.

On Tuesday of the following week, the sister went by the next door neighbor's house. The neighbor had called and told the sister to pick up the mail, they forgot to give to her. When the sister got there, the neighbor's son answered the door. The son opened the door and invited her in. Low and behold, in the living sat the couch and chair from the elderly woman's house. While the son was in the back room, the sister looked in the kitchen there set the dinette and the stove that was in the basement. The sister thanked the son for her mail and left.

Later on that evening, the neighbor called the sister, but she was already gone to the nursing home. The sister started to ask the elderly woman about the items in the neighbor's house, but she didn't. The sister just said goodbye and left. On her way home, the sister thought to herself, it is over. God be with my sister and take care of her. I am still alive and in excellent health. I must get on with my life.

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