UK Is Set For Recession

UK heading for recession

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Britain heading towards recession

British Prime Minister David Cameron has to tackle UK slipping into recession
British Prime Minister David Cameron has to tackle UK slipping into recession

UK Is Set For Recession

Loss of Fighter Aircraft Deal

A heated debate is going on in British political circles after the loss of fighter aircraft deal, which India has awarded to the French company Dassault, bypassing British Eurofighter Typhoons. Now a UK firm supplying bank note paper has been banned by India. This has been done after detecting that the British company had been supplying currency note papers not conforming to the agreed security features. The British company in question is De La Rue. But from the name, it appears to be a French company. Maybe, it is a French company registered in Britain. Technically it will then be called as a British company.

Falkland Island Issue

Ravi Shankaran, an important person accused in the Naval War Room leak case faces an extradition request from India. The decision of the British court will be vital on this case. But the British people are not interested in this petty case and are more interested in what is happening in Falkland. Britain has already issued a warning to Argentina not to doubt its determination. Argentina once tried to test the patience of Britain and paid the price in the eighties. If Argentina plays foul this time, there is no doubt that Britain and USA will punish it militarily.

China and India Do Not Deserve Any Aid

British planned aid of 280 million pound sterling to India has attracted criticism from some quarters in Britain. They argue that as India is a fast growing economy, it does not deserve any aid. This is very true. In fact India is in a comfortable position to aid Britain to come out of its economic difficulty. Some times in the seventies or may be till eighties, Aid-China consortium used to meet every year in London or Paris to decide the aid to China. But today no one is hearing about any aid-China meetings. China has grown and is comfortably placed. China Investment Corporation (CIC) has bought 8.67% stake in Thames Water, which is England’s largest sewerage and Water Company serving about fourteen million clients. China is capable of purchasing entire Britain as USA purchased Alaska from Russia in the last century.

British Women’s Concern about Their Breasts Land Them in Trouble

British women are concerned about cancer threat from silicone breast implants. Around 40000 British women have worn this breast implant to enhance their breast looks. In India, no woman goes to a doctor and asks for a silicone wear. Even if her husband permits it, the woman will refuse to wear because of cultural reasons. But Britain has a different culture and its women are not afraid to demand and wear one to enhance their breast outlook.

One Cannot Understand another Person’s Culture

By the way, talking about culture, I should touch the Clarkson matter. There is a furious reaction in knowledgeable circles in India about BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson ridiculing Indian culture. This was a totally unnecessary programme and in poor taste. The truth is British people (white people) cannot understand Indian culture and Indians cannot understand and appreciate British culture. When Princess Diana died, Prince Charles attended her funeral and expressed condolence. Before this, there was news about Diana spending time with her boy friend. In India, this would never have happened. There are British women divorcing their husbands, marrying again and introducing their former husbands to their new husbands. In India this is totally unthinkable. British women smoke and drink in public and private. In India this simply will not happen. British people do not save money. Indians save a lot. This also has to do with their culture. Therefore there is no point in ridiculing a culture which one does not understand and appreciate. But at the same time I feel there is no need to insist on obtaining a qualified apology from Clarkson. Indians should simply ignore him and his BBC programme.

Alcohol Scores over Ginger

A British company’s bid to patent ginger has been foiled by India. Indians have been using ginger as a medicine and as a food item in various forms for thousands of years. But more than ginger, it is alcohol and drugs that are widely in use in Britain now. The British police have been told not to have late night drinks and boozy lunches with the media personnel.

Britain Going Solar

But some good news is also coming from Britain. Its solar capacity has shot up ten fold last year inspite of Energy Secretary Chris Huhnes’ effort to cut the subsidies for the industry. In India also there is an increasing use of solar power. Several state governments like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu are opting for wind power and solar power. They provide clean energy at lower cost.

Britons Losing Jobs to Immigrants

What has the New Year offered for the British people? Nothing. People in Britain get ready to face another difficult year in the midst of fears that unemployment problem may be compounded further. Perhaps the measures taken by the British government indicate the fear in the employment front. Foreign students have been asked not to enter shops. Shoplifting is cited as the reason for this. But this will also prevent foreign students from taking up part time employment in shops. 160000 Britons have lost their jobs to the migrants in the last five years. There is anger raging against the immigrants among the Britons.

Will Scotland Go Free?

At these difficult times, Scotland is opting to become independent. David Cameron has advocated a referendum on Scottish independence. When there are indications that Britain may slip into recession (or already it has slipped?), there are ominous signs that the Scotland issue may create more problems for Britain. A whisky war is also in the offing over Britain’s support to Scotch whisky, the famous and costly brand in the world manufactured by Scotland. Bank of England is expected to pump more electronic cash into Britain to combat depression by easing money supply. London’s banks have fired more employees last year than any other country. The British banks are facing attacks from politicians to reduce pay, falling revenue and effect still more job cuts. The British economy has shrunk 0.2% in Q4. Britain’s trade diplomacy has not matured with economic change. UK Treasury is to decide about bailout of British banks in future. UK Chancellor of Exchequer (in India he is called Finance Minister) George Osborne has proposed laws to grant this power to the Treasury.

India and Britain Can Cooperate

There is a wide scope of India-Britain partnership in areas like healthcare and education in the coming days. Britain also seems to be slow in investing in India. When European economy is in trouble, one expects the British Prime Minister to look eastwards towards China and India. But Cameron seems to be having other preoccupations.

UK Is Set For Recession


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