U.S. Marine Tank Training



U.S. Marine Tank training is conducted by the Marine Corps Detachment at Fort Knox in Kentucky. The training is specialized to instruct students in the operation and maintenanceof the M1A1 Tank. The detachment trains enlisted members, senior enlisted members, and officers of the Marine Corp.


To be a part of a tank crew or tank crew support, you need to have a high degree of mechanical aptitude. Other attributes of a good tanker are a high level of teamwork and the ability to work in cramped or confined spaces with a group of people.

Tank Gunner

As a tank gunner, the tank student will learn how to inspect all weapons systems on the tank before any missions. The training will ensure that the Marine will know how to acquire targets and deploy weapons against the enemy. The gunner is responsible to ensure all personnel are prepared for training or combat.

Tank Crew Support

A U.S. Marine tank crewman is trained in various jobs that assist the tank crew. This can be in the capacity of mechanic or armor specialist. The tank crew is in charge of the complete maintenance of the tank before, during, and after a mission


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