US Presidential Race – Who Will Win?

Who Had Obama Voted For?

Who Had Obama Voted For?
Who Had Obama Voted For? | Source

Who Had Obama Voted For?

Who Had Obama Voted For?

Obama has become the first US President to cast his vote early. But will he also create history by becoming the first black President to retain his term? Let us analyse. By the way, whom do you think the President would have voted for? If you are keen to know this top secret, just ask Mitchell and she will let the cat out of the bag. This is because Obama leaked out the secret information of who Mitchell voted for. Will she not reciprocate the gesture to the media?

Americans Are Not Interested In What Is Happening Around Them?

After the first round of debate which centred on domestic politics, the knowledgeable US electorate looked forward for intelligent debate on October 22 about foreign policies and international issues. Of course the top foreign policy issue has in recent times centred on how to protect the jobs of US citizens which is a purely domestic issue. One who heard the debate could not find anything concerning foreign policy issues. Bob Schieffer could not be blamed for the result. You can lead a horse to a pond but you can’t force it to drink. When Obama and Romney were not keen on foreign policy issues, what can the moderator do about it? Or for that matter it is doubtful whether the American public are interested in what is happening around them.

China May Engulf USA

China is swallowing USA through its focussed extent of its domination in trade as well as in defence. In a decade or two, China will swallow USA fully. But the Americans seem to be least bothered about this big issue. Pakistan Talibans are keen to capture power in Islamabad and use the nuclear bombs in Pakistan to destroy USA and the Americans. This is also not a topic of concern among the public and the contestants. Romney had been campaigning day and night about more muscular action against Iran. But why was he subdued when it came to airing his views in the debate?

American Money Is Used To Kill Americans

American Money Is Used To Kill Americans
American Money Is Used To Kill Americans | Source

American Money Is Used To Kill Americans

American Money Is Used To Kill Americans

USA is pumping billions of dollars into Pakistan in the name of fighting terrorism. Pakistan is using this money to train the terrorists to kill the Americans and destroy American property. When the World Trade Centre New York was bombed and four thousand Americans killed, it was Pakistan which celebrated the event by distributing sweets. Here Romney could have attacked the policies of Obama and struck a blow to his stature by pointing out the blunder he is committing. Romney could have thundered in the debate that American money is being used to kill Americans. Yet, Romney meekly surrendered the advantage and went along with the President. This would have strengthened Obama’s support. Even the borderline voters would have come to a conclusion that there will be no difference if Romney occupies the White House. Thus status quo policy is likely to be adopted by the US voters in the Presidential election on November 4th.

Obama Is Almost Sure To Win

From the above, it is very clear that for an American voter, the domestic issues are more important than real foreign policy issues, howsoever important they may be. Looking at this context, Obama seems to score over Romney. Romney and his party are seen as a rich man’s party. American middle class voters, poor people, immigrants and blacks are likely to go along with Obama. Only the top twenty percent economically well off people may opt for the Republican. This means Obama is almost sure of retaining his post at the White House Oval.

Americans Burnt Their Hands In Iraq And Afghanistan

There is another reason why the Americans are disinterested in foreign affairs. Americans not only burnt their fingers but their hands also in the two major wars fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though the aims had been achieved, the cost proved to be enormous. Thousands of American soldiers were killed. Moreover the American youth seems to be less knowledgeable than his parents and grandparents. In a survey, one third of the British youth thought that Albert Einstein was a TV serial player! American youth will be no different.

Remarks About Women May Be Forgotten

GOP leader’s remarks on women stirred up a controversy and promised to give Obama a gender lead in the hot race. But as time moved on, the issue seems to be dying a death. Various poll surveys failed to come up with an answer about the results of the election. I have a gut feeling that Obama could scrap through. A clear lead for any one candidate is ruled out and whoever wins will be doing so by a cat’s whisker. Majority of Nobel Prize winners including the two Americans who won this year have backed Obama. Academicians and scholars have generally thrown their weight behind Obama.

30% Voters Are Fence Sitters

Obama’s ‘Romnesia’ comment has embarrassed Romney but this comment could only be taken as a joke by the electorate and will not seriously hamper his chances. Anyway the Republican voters are a determined lot and nothing can shake away their political convictions. On the other hand there are many Democratic supporters who are cats on the wall. Any last minute issue could sway their support this way or other. My guess is that around 20% to 30% voters belong to this category. Cyclone Sandy has done heavy destruction in the east coast but this issue is unlikely to play any role in the elections, in my opinion.

Romney Irritates Elderly

Romney Irritates Elderly And Aged
Romney Irritates Elderly And Aged | Source

Romney Irritates Elderly And Aged

Romney Irritates Elderly

Whoever wins, he would have spent a whopping $1.25 billion during the election campaign. The winner will have to repay his funder in a big way after the victory. Romney is honest at least as he openly supports the rich. Obama will also do the same thing once the issue is settled. But Obama is seen more as genuinely interested in solving American unemployment problem whereas Romney is seen as a person favouring tax cuts to the rich. Body language and not bawdy language seems to be the key to win the Presidential elections. Obama seems to have learnt it after the first debate and became more aggressive in the second. Romney played his cards well in the first debate by pointing out that unemployment raged at 8% or above for 43 successive months and there was no sight for the budget deficit soaring every day. Romney also attacked Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. But this will only go against him for two reasons. First, it will depict him as an anti-middle class. Secondly he ensured passage of the bill in his own home state Massachusetts.

Romney Let Go His Chance To Embarrass Obama

Romney also has no answers for how he could cut the budget deficit while expanding military spending and cutting taxes. Romney also alienated himself from the elderly people by his remark that nobody above 60 would need to think about health. Even in Beijing baiting, Romney is presenting himself contradictorily as he is reported to hold shares in Chinese companies. Obama is accused to be soft towards Muslims. Romney could have expanded this issue in a big way during the debate and embarrassed Obama. But for some reasons he let it go.

Had FDR Lived Longer, Japan Could Have Been Spared Of Nuclear Bombs

The most expensive race to the White House is getting to the conclusion stage. It is the most negative race also. Whoever wins will be doing so because of the negative points of his opponents. For example nobody can pinpoint how much the 47% remark by Romney would have cost him in the race. Actually there are innumerable positive issues for the asking. But nobody seems to be touching them. How nice it was in the past the Presidential elections produced excellent debates? Even media discussed many positive things. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (affectionately called as FDR by Americans) endeared himself to the Americans through his positive contribution. He followed true Keynesian policies and steered America away from the Great Depression of the thirties by creating massive employment schemes like the Tennessee Valley Corporation. He also steered USA and his European allies to a victory in the Second World War. No doubt he was elected as the President four times – in 1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944. His each victory was on a positive vote, whether it was in domestic politics or in foreign policy issues. Maybe if FDR had lived to complete his office (he died of cerebral haemorrhage in 1945 February) USA could have won the war without dropping atom bombs on Japan.

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abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

I am even afraid to say at this point lol....

Ganesh 4 years ago

George Bush junior was probably one of the worst presidents in the US history and guess what, the Americans re-elected him.

First of, Bush shouldn't have taken the office. AlGore won the popular vote. After the controversies in Florida and other stuff, Bush won the electoral. The rest is history.

Obama at least tries to bring in fundamental changes that is bound to help the US in the long run. He is a visionary. He is attempting to lift American standard of education and improve the broken health care system.

If Americans have any sense of reasoning they got to cast their vote for Obama. He needs time for his policies to take its effect. Republicans will kill the economic growth and go to war.

I am glad to see that a writer in India has taken the time to watch the US Presidential debates and write about it. Great stuff. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear Ganesh,

Thank you for your comments

abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

I can't wait until the election is over and I like your comment Ganesh. I am out of energy participating in these discussion but Obama I think gets the short end of the stick on some issues. As for Romeny, I did my research and listened to the supporters and just don't think that I can cast my vote in that direction, if I can even vote, I waited to long to reregister I believe...I was out of the country for the last election and couldn't vote because I also didn't register for an absentee ballot. as for Bush, can't stand the guy and I voted for him twice, hated Gore for the military issue and really don't think I like politics in any capacity very much. Though, its our duty to do what we think is I do hope that after the election whoever it is that wins, does something for this country in the long run.

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