U.S. knows truth about Russian jet downing!

Why not tell the world?

I find it very curious that the United States has not released its recordings of the radio transmissions that occurred before the Russian jet was shot down by Turkish F-16's. Does it not want to embarrass one or the other? Might be better to do that than allow a war to start over such an incident.

The U.S. has AWACS planes in the air 24-hours a day, monitoring everything in the "war zone." I even watched the American General say the same on CNN, but he didn't add what was heard. I find that very curious. If in fact there were all these warnings, then Turkey may have been in the right, but it was still a bad idea. If there weren't any warnings, Turkey was making a show of force. The only reason why I can think that the U.S. isn't speaking up is not wanting to give away any secrets about its monitoring system. If that's the case, the General should never have appeared on camera.

Perhaps there's something more sinister at play here, but I'll leave that to the conspiracy theorists to float their ideas.

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