Unemployment, The Sin of Our Times

Millions of people throughout the country are desperately trying to find employment to salvage their lives and those of their family members. Battered by panic and fear of finding themselves in the street, they're pursuing every path they can find to bring money into the home and place food on the table. They see their lives slipping away without the ability to do anything about it. There are simply no jobs to be had and because of this, people are now suffering economically, physically, and yes, spiritually by an inability to provide an adequate income for self and family.

While this suffering marches on, many of the peoples representatives continue to throw political insults at one another instead of doing something concretely to put an end to the crisis. Some have even gone so far as to accuse many of the unemployed of being lazy bums, who are not truly interested in finding work; but rather are content to live off of unemployment benefits as long as they are allowed to do so. Instead of taking responsibility and doing what's needed to bring jobs back to the unemployed, they have chosen to insult them with fairy tales that even a child knows are untrue and not worthy of discussion.

To cruelly suggest that men and women who have worked most their lives would opt to settle for less than half what they once earned for the sake of an unemployment check, is simply absurd and displays a lack of character and common sense. Such is highly insulting and should not be uttered by one who claims to be a representative of the people.

Unfortunately, some members of the Republican Party have made this claim in their opposition to the recently pasted unemployment benefits extension. Their remedy was to simply leave the unemployed without any help to rely on, based on the misguided notion that this would somehow forced them to find jobs where they simply do not exist. They gave little acknowledgement to the fact that most of these people have children and/or dependents who rely on them for support and that to simply end their benefits would do massive damage to all involved.

It is in this type of environment that the unemployed find themselves struggling to survive. It is one where politians are passing the buck in regards to their ineffectiveness to resolve the problem of bringing back jobs to the American People. It goes without saying, that everyday the crisis faced by the unemployed is getting worse, making the ladder back to the top further out of reach. Entire family units are at risk of breaking apart and the lost of life times of work is just around the corner for far too many households.

Battering the victims of the crisis and continual claims that better times are right around the corner must end. Politicians must begin to truly serve the people they say they represent, instead of giving one-liners and hyped up speeches written for them by high priced speech writers. Just as they found a way to bail out fortune 500 companies with the taxpayer's money, they can do the same for the taxpayer himself.


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