Unions, Government, Corruption: Wisconsin

It looks like the unions have rallied the troops for the long haul and will be digging in across the nation. It had gotten so bad in Wisconsin that legislatures can't roam the State House grounds without an escort. And the media is doing its share of filtering out the death threats to the legislators who have taken a firm stand on fiscal responsibility. No doubt we may re-experience the early 20th Century violence that engulfed the workplace as this disease spreads from state to state.

Judge Maryanne Sumi who has ties to the SEIU and ALF-CIO took it upon herself to illegally block Wisconsin law stripping collective bargaining rights from public sector workers. Her son, Jacob Sinderbrand, was a former union field leader and data manager for the involved unions. This is a fine example of how selfish ideals openly corrupt government.

Unions weren't a bad idea and though they had been around since the 1800s, their time had come in the early 1900's. Unions were sorely needed and helped the working men and women of this country. But it was an ugly beginning, it has been an ugly existence, and it will probably be an ugly end.

For all the good work the Unions have done in the past, and all the people they truly did help, it will now go down to waste. A waste best forgotten over time.

The Unions are the cause of their own demise. Unions have become too powerful and too wealthy for their own good. Unions have forgotten their mission and lacked good business sense and balance. For too long it has been about the Unions and no one else.

In the private sector union membership has steadily dwindled. When business decides it can no longer afford to deal with a union they just pack up shop and leave for friendlier territory in another state or country.

In the public sector where unions are strongest government has been giving away the store for years. Even on tight budgets politicians and bureaucrats readily give in to union demands and would rather cut back on fire, police, and other public services while raising taxes and fees.


For years and years the unions have taken their members money and spent it on politics. Very successfully too. Unions have given millions and millions of dollars mostly to democratic and to a lesser extent republican election campaigns. In return these cronies have written laws requiring public workers be unionized with the government collecting mandatory union dues.

If unions can afford to give away millions of dollars maybe union dues are much higher than they ought to be? How much does it cost to be a paper processing plant?

Unions have the best office buildings in the country all over the country. Their offices are littered with the finest furniture money can buy. Union executives make great money, up to $400,000 annually. Yet when members are instructed to strike, too many are left out in the cold with no income.

Is there anything wrong with this picture? You bet there is!

While producing nothing, unions have used membership money for their own interest, power, and control. In the public sector that money comes directly from the taxpayers. It is unearned money forced by government law and regulation.

If you are in a union why are you not looking your union’s activities and finances. It’s not to hard to find out what unions are giving to what politicians. Information can be had online from various watchdog groups. After all once you get that paycheck - it's your money. And what convinced you that joining a union was the right thing to do? Was there a choice involved or did you have to join to get the job you wanted?

Over the years politicians have wasted taxpayers money through unending spending. Government has not had the cash flow to sustain itself and has nothing to show for its past actions except broken promises. Public unions will fight to the death to maintain their elite positions, power, and cash flow and so will the politicians who take their money.

The bottom line is that most taxpayers have had enough and refuse to be pushed any further. That is where the money trail starts and stops. Union backlash isn't against politicians or republicans as they make it to be. It's against the taxpayer.

Curious, if government really wanted to protect worker's interest why didn't politicians give bargaining power directly to the workers. Workers could then control their own destinies without loosing their jobs and having to pay a union with a completely different agenda.

Does government ever do the right thing?

On the other side of the coin, business can and should do more. Business must realize that they can not compensate their workers 100%. They can only put a price tag on what their employees bring to the table. A person’s time and intellectual input can not be given back yet business is a direct beneficiary through profit and reputation. Business owners, executives, and workers are equally important because the business would not exist without one or the other.

Most business executives, board members, and even owners lose track of what really happens as the business grows, expands, and changes. They are clueless as to what their employees have to tolerate due to policy that just doesn’t work. But somehow employees make it work no matter how difficult.

What holds for business is even better for government. Government politics, regulation, red tape, and workplace rules are even worse costing taxpayers millions per year. Public services are no longer “public” but an endless stream of political control.

Thanks to government, unions have had an effortless free ride. Across the street, business has had its share of gold digging on the back of others. The best solution might be for business to share more of the wealth and glory and rid themselves of the union middle man and government. This way business and employees can keep more of what they earn.

Government can save millions by getting rid of the unions and reducing salaries equal to union dues. Government employees can take home the same pay and the taxpayer wins.

But don’t hold your breath while government, unions, business, and employees are digging their trenches. Politics will rule with selfish childlike idealism for as long as it can. Meanwhile everybody suffers.

We all know what we don’t want to admit. Unions and government are like shoplifters, they cost everybody more. Follow the money.

Show me a good union and I’ll show you a good criminal.

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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 5 years ago

Bravo! What an intelligent spot on analysis of unions. Your last line is priceless. Voted up, useful and awesome.

joer4x4 profile image

joer4x4 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA Author

Yea! This one opened my eyes doing the research. Unions have too much influence and more money than they need.

My son and daughter are both in unions and they had no choice. When I was their age I was doing better had more control over my career and daily work. It's so obvious the their unions are not helping them. But the unions are sure taking their money from them.

eovery profile image

eovery 5 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

Unions hurt the good workers, and help the trash.

Keep on hubbing!

Harvey Stelman 5 years ago

Take um down, Joe. They're killing all of us. H

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