Update: Twas The Murder Before Christmas, Jan. 3, 2011

Left: Mona Yvette Nelson Right: Jonathan Foster
Left: Mona Yvette Nelson Right: Jonathan Foster
Militant (who calls himself an Activist)  Quannell X with bodygaurd.
Militant (who calls himself an Activist) Quannell X with bodygaurd.

Suspect Mona Yvette Nelson appears in court.

Capital murder suspect Mona Yvette Nelson appeared today, Jan 3, 2011, in the 182nd Harris County District Court, where Judge Jeannine Barr advised the defendant of her rights. Nelson will continue to be held in the Harris County Jail without bail.

Self-Proclaimed Activist (whom many refer to as militant) Quanell X was present in the courtroom at the request of the defendant's family.

In an earlier statement, Quanell X has stated that he believes the motive to be a drug related debt but did not elaborate further.

The defendant is still denying that she murdered Jonathan Foster as of this writing.

I will continue to update as the case goes on.

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habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

Please keep us updated!

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 6 years ago Author

Will do, habee. I'm following it very closely. This case has touched so many hearts. Still so many questions.

Rebecca Olesen 5 years ago

No way should Quanell X be listed as 'activist' by his image or in writing. He is a racist hate mongering sack of shit. He will defend any black person regardless of how guilty or how heinous their crime, and has called for the extermination of white people.

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 5 years ago Author

Actually Rebecca, having looked at your quote I'm inclined to agree. I'll be changing that to militant. Thanks! ;)

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