Uuuuuh Come on Mahmoud Uuuuuh you’re making me look bad!

So how’s all that Hope and Change going when it comes to America’s relationship with Iran? Remember the last Casper Milquetoast President we had led to the American Embassy being overrun and 70 Americans held hostage for over 400 days. Well this time around it appears to be going much the same way. Tehran recently abruptly rejected Hussein Obama’s diplomacy as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad decided that it was not enough for the U.S. to trash four binding Security Council resolutions demanding that Iran cease enriching uranium. With France and Russia prepared to convert Iran's existing stockpile of low-enriched uranium (LEU) to a grade of 19.75%, a hair's breadth shy of the 20% needed for a crude nuclear device, Iran refused to export its enriched uranium! They simply told Jimmy Carter the Second no!  

This is this simply more posturing by Iran as Ahmadinejad has stated on more than one occasion that as long as his government is in power, it will not retreat one iota on the undeniable rights of the Iranian nation! He sees Iran’s right to a nuclear weapon as an undeniable right! He further thumbed his nose at our President Hussein when he publically stated; "a few years ago, they said we had to completely stop all our nuclear activities, now look where we are today." The truth is despot dictators such as Ahmadinejad understand one type of diplomacy only, strength; Bush understood this as he effectively dealt with Iraq’s Hussein’s posturing!  

 Iran has a history of such posturing in order to buy time and complete their illegal projects. In October 2003, France, Germany and Britain extracted a promise from Iran to suspend most of its nuclear work and promise "full transparency" in its dealings with the International Atomic Energy Agency. In exchange, they offered commercial and technological incentives. It soon became apparent that Iran had no intention of becoming transparent, as then-Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi unequivocally stated: "We won't accept any new obligations. Iran has a high technical capability and has to be recognized by the international community as a member of the nuclear club, this is an irreversible path." So they thumbed their nose at France, Britain and Germany then, just as now they are thumbing their nose at Hussein Obama!

A year later, in November 2004, Tehran made a second deal with the EU3. This time there was an even sweeter package of incentives for Iran. This so-called Paris Agreement lasted a few months, until Iran again spurned the Europeans as former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani said in March 2005, "Definitely we won’t stop our nuclear program”! A  second resounding "No."

And yet, the wheels of diplomacy kept spinning as Russia offered to enrich Iran's uranium for it. The Iranians "studied" the proposal and reached basic agreement with Moscow. But again they turned it down, stating that every country has the right to be in charge of its own fate regarding energy; the third No

In April 2006 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Iran had successfully enriched uranium. This announcement resulted in four successive Security Council Resolutions over the course of the next two years demanding that Iran cease enriching and imposing some mild sanctions. Ahmadinejad replied that all the Security Council resolutions in the world couldn't do a "damn thing" to stop Iran from developing its nuclear programs. This would be the fourth and clearest "No." Only a narcosis like Hussein Obama would think he could successfully negotiate a verifiable deal with this country. 

Now American negotiators are dealing directly with their Iranian counterparts. Still it's  hard to deny the truth that for all of Iran's stalling and cheating, the regime has been crystal clear about where it means to go. Just as Hussein the First made a mockery out of the U.N. Security Councils 28 resolutions until George W. Bush effectively dealt with the problem, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is making a mockery out of the entire free world and all we have to confront him with is Hussein the second.




greatAmerican profile image

greatAmerican 7 years ago

I hate to say this but before Iran has a succesful nuke test, I would guess some Islamic Radical will detonate a low level nuke in the USA. Iran would be a threat to Israel but it would be suicide for Iran to attack Israel since they could retaliate with vengence. Middle east moderate Muslims would not want that to happen.

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago

Great American

How perceptive you are! The next Islamic Radical attack will occur in the USA. Based on the latest charade by the Obama crowd to try Khalik Sheikh Mohammed in New York it will undoubtedly occur in New York!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

Either Obama is the dumbest, most naive incompetent to come along since Carter, or his plan for America is working perfectly. You decide... Great Hub Patriot..

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

partisan patriot 7 years ago

Great American

You are right on with your prediction, an Islamic Radical will detonate a low level nuke in New York City now that this bunch has decided to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as a criminal in order to expose W2aterboarding and in their twisted minds embarrass Bush! Also, I believe Israel will take out Iran’s Nukes before they complete the project; they will not allow a second Holocaust!

partisan patriot 7 years ago


Unfortunately; I believe his plan is working as intended!

What's News profile image

What's News 7 years ago

Iran needs uranium like America needs another Obama in office. Never under any circumstances should a country under dictatorship be allowed even the slightest chance at obtaining a weapon as powerful as nuclear warhead.

It is irresponsible to help set in motion the steps necessary for Iran to obtain uranium. It will come back to haunt us in the long run.

partisan patriot 7 years ago

What’s News

Obama is America’s Haunting. And yes it is irresponsible to help set in motion the steps necessary for Iran to obtain uranium but tell me one responsible thing this crowd of delinquents has done so far, why would anyone expect responsibility to surface now?

What's News profile image

What's News 7 years ago

You're right.

Tax and SPEND like money grows on trees.

Pushing policies through as fast as they can like a kid in a candy store wanting it now.

Bowing to people to show they are subservient so they get their way.

Yep, pretty much sounds like a bunch of children at play.

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