Vaginoplasty - Rejuvenate Your Vagina

Vaginowhat? What ever do you mean Doctor?

Is your genital region getting a little tired? Not quite happy with the way the folds fold and the creases crease? Wish you could make a few adjustments, or perhaps tighten things up? Well never fear, Plastic Surgeons have created niche surgery specially to address all your nether region related concerns.

Because we're such hard hitting people here at Hub Pages, I like to cover hard hitting news, news that makes a difference, stories that will warm your heart and change your life. Which is why this hub will be focusing on Vaginoplasty. Because it matters.

Vaginoplasty is plastic surgery carried out in the vaginal region. It may involve a labiaplasty, where the labia are modified to be more pretty, or it may involve internal work, tightening the walls of the vaginal passage, and on some occasions, even installing a bran new hymen.

There are several reasons a Vaginoplasty may be carried out, such as in cases of a congenital vaginal defect, absence of a vagina, and the occasional female to male operation. These all make sense to some extent or other, after all, if parts of, or indeed the whole thing it missing, it does makes sense that one might want a surgeon to see if they couldn't fix things up down there.

Unfortunately, this is not where the story ends. Vaginoplastic surgery is quickly becoming the new boob job amongst women who've had it all done and are under threat of having their faces cave in if they have just one more nose job, and amongst other innocent women lured by the promise of an 'as new' vagina.

Vaginoplasties are now being billed as 'Rejuvenation of the Vagina', a claim that has been rejected by several medical boards who claim that Vaginoplastic surgery is not held to usual medical standards due to its cosmetic nature, and may not have any effect on the snugness of the Vaginal passage whatsoever. The science is shaky here, and the jury is still out at to whether there is any effect at all post surgery. So it is very possible that many ladies go under the knife to no avail whatsoever, hoping to attain a more desirable set of genitalia, when simply doing some Kegels exercises might be a better way to go. Keep in mind too, surgeries can go wrong. In some cases, there is a loss of sensation in the vagina and clitoris, which means that the lady who just wanted to tidy her labia up a little can easily be left facing a life devoid of clitoral stimulation.

Still this isn't stopping stars such as Katie Price, AKA Jordan, from presenting their husbands with the "gift" of a "new vagina". When discussing her (rather extensive) plastic surgery plans, Katie said: " I´m going to have my fanny (vagina) done, too. I want to be a virgin again. That´ll be a treat for Pete."

A treat! Fancy having your body surgically altered as a treat for someone! I find it interesting how women scoff and make horrified noises when they read manuals aimed at housewives in the 1950's where there is advice such as: "Take 15 minutes to rest so that you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. Be a little gay and a little more interesting. His boring day may need a lift."

That may sound sexist, but at least they don't advocate going under general anesthetic and slicing and dicing your most delicate of lady pats for his pleasure.

Progress eh, what a lark!

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notorious_HAI 7 years ago

add to that pubic liposuction. yep. forget entire nations of starving people, let's spend money on getting our vajooch slimmed and lifted.

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TheSablirab 7 years ago

Thank you for writing this. It was actually an interesting read. I have heard of Jordan and watched her show that aired on E!, when it was on, and can easily believe that she would do that for her, then, husband Pete.

I can understand WHY she did it, she wanted to do something for the man she loved, but I know I wouldn't want to go so far as to be a "virgin" again. It hurts enough as it is, depending on the woman.

Doug 6 years ago

Whatever floats their boat, I guess. I knew there was a reason I don't watch "E!"

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