I have to agree with, Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr., when he asks the question why has there been any charges of war crimes against the Bush administration. Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had said at the last convention that, when he was thirteen, his family went to Europe. In Europe, the United States, had earned their respect, and diginity. They wanted the United States to lead them, and help them toward a Democratic Society.

     Now, in the first time of our country's history, Bush and Cheny, have lost our country's respect, and dignity in the eyes of our allies, in their eight years in office. In the United State's history, dated from the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I and World War II, the United States were known as a country who don't torture their prisoners. We were suppose to be a country where our Bill of Rights were not ignored by the leader of our country. Our civil liberties taken from us, and the weapon of fear was being spread through out the country.

     Also, that the number of investigating reporters's numbers were less now because of cut backs, and that we only get a certain time on television for serious news. I know more about certain celebrities, than I care for, and nothing on what is happening in this country, or in the world. You can find more information, on what our government is doing to this country, on television ,or publications, in Europe, or Canada, than in the United States of America, and that scares the stuffing out of me.

     I feel that we are living in a police state and that I am living the story of Fahreinheit 451. Where the government controls everything from what the people read, watch on television, and the subject matter taught in the schools. This is something to get really serious about, because in 2009, our government takes control over the air ways, and what else do they want to control next. I know this is too much, but if you really think about it. It should scare the stuffing out of you too.

     I agree with, Senator Robert F Kennedy Jr., that the new president, Barack Obama, and vice president, Joe Biden, must show the American people, that we are a united country again, and have Congress press charges of breaking the laws of the Geneva Convention, that help watch any action, or attack against another country, or it's people in the act of war, against Bush,Cheny, and their administration. I strongly urge that each of us contact our State Senators, and voice our concern on this issue.

     This is a country that was built on new ideals, and the voice of the people must be heard again. We have been silenced too long and now is the time to act. The future of this country not only depends on the new president, and vice president, but us, as well. Speak up for your rights, defend our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Listen to what is being said around you, and read what the investigator reporters are finding out about what is really happening in this country. They are dying breed, and we need more of them.

     There are less investigator reporters now, in this country and Europe, than, in the last 28 years. Take up reading more on the issues affecting the laws in this country from respected newspapers, and listen to the radio shows, that are telling you, what is happening to this country, and what our state senators or government are doing to change laws that affect our daily lives. Stop watching gossip and entertainment news that is being shown on TV, and open your mind to what is changing around you.

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blangrehr profile image

blangrehr 7 years ago from Spartanburg SC

Ha, ha, ha, Robert kennedy...lol that is great fun.

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