tesla the man that changed the world

a change to come

if you do not know who Nicolas Tesla is google his name.Tesla literally changed the world with his inventions and his ideas.Tesla was a super-genius.to all you up an coming inventors out there check him out learn his story.that being said in this age of information where knowledge rules,man clones animals,and send robots to mars, where is the next Tesla?with all this information floating around there should be thousands of them.you see we are at the beginning of a new era,THE GREEN AGE.as a result of the climate change the green age is born out of pure necessity for survival of the human race.necessity is the mother of invention.all you inventors and visionaries out there in your garages tinkering away on your latest gadget,focus and believe and bring you visions into reality now is the time.don't wait for someone to approve or validate your ideas make them reality.the government rule the world but they really don't have the power to change the world,we as a people moving as one can change the world.because like it or not the earth is changing and it is changing fast.this subject i am speaking on was inspired by the scariest video ever. i agree about what will happen if we do not act but i do not agree about what will happen if we do act.by acting we will create new jobs new technologies a new green economy that will run in stride with with the Internet and the digital revolution a new market will be created worldwide,new captains of industry will emerge new opportunities for everyone in the world.I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN THOUGHTS creating reality.DO NOT embrace the doom and gloom of the fear mongers.THE CLIMATE IS CHANGEING BECAUSE OF US.IT IS UP TO US TO FIX IT AND REVERSE IT.we can not avoid it.we can not ignore it.WE CAN NOT BE AFRAID OF IT.we can only embrace it,and move forward and make a positive change with confidence.we had the ozone problem in the 80's we faced it and we solved it.so we will solve this problem as well.we know whats causing it,knowing is half the battle.WE MUST FACE THE FUTURE WITH VICTORY IN OUR HEARTS,NOT FEAR OF WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN BUT VICTORY IN KNOWING THAT THE FUTURE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT.

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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

Good answer, bill. I agree; there can't be any more hesitation or fear today. Hooray for the green age!

ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

carpe diem?

Sounds pretty hedonistic to me.

Yes, the "Green Age", if it ever gets off the ground will help. It would happen much faster if we learned to act from compassion rather than the desire for profit.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall Author

it is not about profit with me.but profit is a very strong motivator to get people to move.

ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

It may be strong but it is also immoral.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall Author

i can't win

ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

This isn't a competition. I believe that cooperation is more productive.

Certainly you can "win" bill.  You have established your own criteria for what constitutes "winning".  You have set your goals.  If you achieve them, you win, don't you? 

Just because I disagree with your philosophy doesn't necessarily mean it won't work for you. 

In the fullness of time no one "wins".  We all reap the same reward eventually regardless of how rich, poor, good or evil we are.  Death is impartial and life is uncertain.  Only being is eternal.

If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall Author

Life is a wonderful gift that comes along once.IT's best to enjoy it because when it's gone it's gone.whether you live in defeat or whether you live in VICTORY is all up to you.

ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

Unless you believe in reincarnation.

To the victor go the spoils, right?

Why do we have to beat someone in order to live a decent life? Why is competition required? Much more can be accomplished through cooperation and no one must be defeated to do it. Competition is a highly negative activity. It takes its ultimate form as war. No one needs to lose. All we need to do is grow up, stop acting like a bunch of spoiled children, learn to work together and share.

People have no sense of value. They live vicariously through their useless material possessions and a bunch of “celebrities” who are idolized for doing absolutely nothing of value for society.

I have learned to accept the fact that the human race is not deserving of survival in the present form. We will continue to consume with reckless abandon until Earth is barely suitable for human habitation. Hopefully a few survivors from the extinction event we have enabled, if indeed there are any, will finally evolve to a level capable of creating a true civilization. That’s something we haven’t managed yet.

Do you have children or grandchildren? Think about what we’re leaving for them to inherit. All the money and material possessions in the world won’t quench their thirst when there is no potable water available. Nor will it help them breath when the air is a toxic soup, or find food to eat when the soils are nothing but barren, poisoned wasteland.

So, enjoy your spoils bill. Get your slice of the pie before it’s too rotten to eat.

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