Will You Still Use Electricity Producing from Coal

What we made to this world

Its time to WAKE UP

What you think, how much humans are selfish? You can think of it when you will read this post.

From last several decades, there is huge demand in electricity due to economical and business changes. Now a days most of toughest work are performed by machines. And still in the whole world, more than 90% electricity is produced by Coal. Even after when we feel the resulting effect of this huge amount of pollution, we still not takes care of using electricity. My many friends waste their consumption by turning on most of their electronics machines like T.V., Lights, Fans etc. I am not telling that one should stop him/her self from using these machines. But careful utilization can help to reduce Global Warming.


A 500 MW coal fired plant serving 1,40,000 people costs more than $400 Billion to build and burns 400000 kilograms of coal in 1 hour. This is fed with 3-5 train loads of coal per day. Also it uses 2.2 billion gallons of water per year which is enough for a city of 2,50,000 people. The process also releases 3.7 million tons of CO2, 10,000 tons of sulphur dioxide, 10,200 tons of nitrogen dioxide, 1,25,000 tons of ash and 1,93,000 tons of sludge. This is not enough as 30% to 40% of this electricity generated is lost in transmission. Coal reserves may not last beyond 50-60 years. US, China & Australia get around 70% of their electricity by burning mountains of coal. India also generated around 70,000 MW of electricity using coal.This is neither healthy nor sustainable.

On the contrary a 500 MW SOLAR POWER PLANT would cost less than Rs.100 billion and needs nothing more than general cleaning of solar panels.

What are the results of this pollution?

Well, every year more than 2 million, i.e. 20 lakh people dies in India due to pollution related diseases like asthma, lung cancer, blood pressure etc that related to this polluted environment. This may be a small number of people as India produces 20 million children every year. However the cost to treat pollution related diseased in India is estimated to be more thanĀ  100 Billion.

As mentioned in the documentary "AN Inconvenient Truth" an island called "Tuvalu" between Hawaii & Australia has already succumbed to global warming., forcing evacuation of its inhabitants. This documentary is available on ebay and more details of "Tuvalu" can be seen here


India conusumes more than 400 million tonnes of coal. Around 60-100 million tonnes is imported. The import bill for coal is thus likely to between Rs, 300 Billion to Rs. 600 Billion. Coal mining in itself a major environmental problem. There are around 8,00,000 official workers in mines registered with Directorate General for Mines Safety. Of them around 190 workers die every year in mind accidents. Many suffer from coal miner's pneumonia. More detail can be seen hereĀ  http://www.hinduonnet.com/fline/fl1813/18130810.htm

Again I say, " WAKE UP HUMAN", to save this beautiful and awesome world.


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