War spelled backwards is raw
raw wounds with splintered bones protruding
raw meat of human flesh spoiling in the sun
raw nerves as men dash into hails of
shrapnel and hollow point projectiles
screaming till their throats are raw
once turned from....then returned..back home brings
raw eyes from crying galllons of tears
shed by all the loved ones left
raw earth upturned to cradle the fallen warriors
~~~~~~~~~+\ /~~~~~~~~~~~~~+\ /~~~~~~~+
Peace that is reversed is meaningless
it knows only one perfect interpertation
and yet it can be American..Islamic
or world wide in any tongue
and still be understood by all
\|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/
Love spelled backwards is evol
most reversal of love is evil
but the reversal of love is necessary
to fight war with raw hatred
the most impassioned side wins
but it is a passion without love
except for your brothers-in-arms
a passion stripped of the niceness
that most passions evoke
war spelled out in any way
means death... thus begins
our spell of war
we must endure.


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